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How do we qualify the nature of our meditations? Is it transcendental meditation or conscious meditation, is it meditation into consciousness or meditation into higher self, or meditation into soul? Is it full consciousness meditation, mindfulness meditation…?

The Man in the Cave told us many times that we can’t help but categorise everything, compartmentalise everything, put everything in boxes, name everything and then make up stories around it. In fact, we are continually separating, and the more we separate, the more difficult it is to understand what we are…

So, does it really matter how our mind will rationalise and prioritise all this? For The Man in the Cave, no it doesn’t, unnecessary for our journey of awareness…

What would you do in a world without problems? Ask yourself. What would you think about? What would you create? Ask yourself if there was no problems in my world, what do I do today?

Excerpt from session 11

Meditation with The Man in the Cave
Philippe and John: Meditation with The Man in the Cave


For a large part of my life I have been actively involved in business and commerce, the latter of those years have been in the technology sector.  I was married at the age of 23 and I am still married to the same person after 36 years. I have 3 grown up sons and 5 grandchildren who all reside in the United Kingdom.  I was also born in the United Kingdom but I now reside in South West France where I love to be involved and appreciate the culture the community along with the sunshine.


From when I had memories I have had faith in the existence of something far greater than this one life we focus on. My faith was a knowing that God or as I now know to be the Source, was absolute. 


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I started my professional career as a sports educator. When The Man in the Cave later tells us that we are teachers, of course that made sense to me. I went on to work in industry. It is the exchange, the sharing, the transmission with others that gave me my greatest satisfaction. And yet I am not a communicator.


At that time, a little by chance – but as The Man in the Cave keeps repeating many times, there are no coincidences -, I discovered parapsychology. I do not have any particular gift, but simply intrigued, I wanted to know more about it and registered for a workshop of applied parapsychology, with Jean-Pierre GIRARD, famous French psychic subject. I was the only one in the group who didn’t have a gift, and what I saw changed me forever. There was clearly another reality, I had no doubts anymore.


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Meditation - Channeling - Consciousness

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Meditation with The Man in the Cave
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