Session 102 – 04/07/2023

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 102

Time, your created illusion. As you watch the clock, as see the seconds tick, what is it you are seeing? You are seeing your created illusion of time. You are wishing it away, you are creating time. You are looking forward in your creative illusion to see what is going to occur. Tick, tock. A space, a visual space on a clock, a second of which you have created 60 seconds in one minute, of which you have created 60 minutes in one hour. An illusion, because there is only one moment for all and everything and with this illusion you have created, you manage your life. You build your life around time. You organise it, you put it in files, you arrange it. Your life, this is your created illusion, this is time. What would you do without this illusion, where would you be? How would you even function without your time created illusion? You can see all within a moment, within one moment. Past, there is no past, future, there is no future, only one moment. There is no clock, there are no seconds, no minutes, no hours, no days, no weeks, no years. None of this exists.


You have built a whole story around time, and you have made your physical life fit into time, the story, the illusion. And without the illusion, you will experience reality, you will truly experience life, energy, formation of energy and you will fly, you will be free from the entrapment you have bestowed upon yourself, free to feel only love, free to experience only love, God, Source. Through time, the illusion you have created, you develop fear, you resent, you hate, all encompassed within time. Fear, the biggest energy you create through time. Tick, tock, there it goes again. And why have you chose this journey again? You have chose to lift the vibrational energy into light and away from darkness. This is pure source energy, and this is what you chose. And you chose a physical form to do this because within the physical, there are two and without two, one cannot be lifted because one is all, it is source, it is love, it is light. Whilst in physical form, two is in fact, one. It is a choice, separation, a choice illusion to become physical and to work.


Work is not work. And to experience this, you have to retain, in your words, one foot in and one foot out. A difficult choice and often a confusing choice. Not an easy path to choose, but an incredibly rewarding one. There is only source, there is only one, and you are all a part of that, all and everything. And because there is only one moment, position is all important, a point, a position within a moment. Your physical logic would make no sense of one moment. It is not within your physical logic that you will know one moment, it is within metaphysical where you will know this feeling. It is vibrational energy, and it is the formation of vibrational energy and the physical will continue to expand based on the creation of vibrational energy by the physical entities that lie within it. This is infinity, another illusion created by you, created by many physical entities within the ever-expanding universe that you are a part of, a part of their illusion, and your illusion, the same. And you can feel as one and you can feel alone. You are all, your isolation is by choice, another illusion created by your ego, your mind. The burdens that you experience within this life are what you chose to experience. The word burden is not correct, they are your chosen gifts to become aware, to know. You are free to choose whatever you like, you just don’t know it and you are free to be whatever you like. You just don’t know it. This is your experience, your journey. With a blink of an eye, you can wash away all those fears, all the baggage you have created within your many lives, within one moment.

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