Session 111 – 11/09/2023

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 111

You are correct to say no one dies. If one dies, all die because one is all connected in an infinite time illusion. Time is your illusion, it is all in one moment, all connected as one. So, one cannot die because one is all, it is everything, it is source.


Once again you have indulged in your conditioned life, one foot in and one foot out. And you will always find it incredibly difficult to reconnect to consciousness when you allow your conditioned life, your mind, your ego to control you. The reality is one consciousness is all that exists for each and every that has chosen to separate, to create cycles, to experience cycles. A chosen journey by self.


So, one foot in and one foot out is a very difficult journey. A difficult journey to understand, to work through, to know what is real and what is not. And you have chosen to work in positive. You have chosen before to work in negative, but now you are working in positive. Two is one, the same thing and one is love, source.


Your conditioning will tell you, tell -it is a strong word, when in reality it is nothing-, your conditioning will tell you that you must stay with it. It is a created illusion. You are listening to your own creation of ego, of mind. You must rise above this, you must listen to your inner self, your real desires. Your knowing within never leaves you, it is you, not your insignificant self-created delusion.


And you do now understand this although you frequently get lost within your conditioning, within your time created illusion. And your time created illusion in your time created world is rebalancing.

8 billion is one, one is 8 billion, the same. So, if there is only one, there is still 8 billion or an infinity. For you to understand, your logic, your condition logic has to apply volume and mass for strength and power. There is no strength and power in a physical volume and mass.

There is only one. Consciousness is source, is God. You are not isolated from this, you are a part of this, separated by choice, your choice.


Your words, our words -the same thing- are already working within one moment in a positive solution, situation. Many words can be applied to these words you have created, we have created. We are you, you are us, you are I. It is once again the same thing. There is no separation. It is an illusion, and you are both developed enough to understand this, whilst many are not. And in your number game that is most are not, but your numbers are insignificant. One is all, one can change all as all can change one, volume does not exist.


Life is chosen and created to experience. Time is a created illusion, to experience many lives within it. It is cycles, continual cycles of experience. Good, bad, all one experience is what it is. Within reality all of these experiences are happening within a single moment. You cannot imagine how many experiences you have created. You have chosen within a single moment. But there is a precise, a calculated reason why you choose to focus on one of these experiences. This is your Higher Self. This is your point, your position. Whilst you harness all of the experiences within one moment, the one you focus on is for you the most important.

You are both with us now within one moment, not just within this space, but with us within one moment, within this dimension we come to you from, you sit with us.


Your religious teachings will call this your higher self, it is not your Higher Self. It is self, it is you, it is one, it is us, it is not higher, it is not lower, it is. You must remove the perception of higher and lower. There is no higher and lower, it does not exist. It is one moment for all, for every.


Physical form is vast. Whilst an illusion, it is a vast illusion of a number of energies created which you cannot put a figure upon, you would say infinite. It is ever expanding and growing, it is the complexity of physical creation. A highly complex scenario, many universes, many worlds of creation for many egotistical reasons, created from the minds of many species, you cannot count the amount. You do not have a number for this, but it is an illusion, nevertheless a highly complex creative illusion.


Physical logic will never be able to make any sense of this because with physical logic there is no sense to be made of it. The only way to understand this is to apply imagination; Within imagination all answers exist. Within physical logic, it will only confuse you as it confuses your greatest scholars. It is all consciousness, and it is all created from source. It is not complicated, it is one.


Your mind is the most powerful form of physical creativeness, and your consciousness sits above this. Your mind is created by Self, which is consciousness, which is source. You are a machine, you are a biological machine, and you dwell within your machine. You are eternal, you are light, you are a pure form of energy created from source, which has no beginning or end because there is no time.


Love all because all is one. It is you. Fear, do not fear anything within the illusion you have created because there is nothing to fear.

Continue on the journey you have chosen to remember.

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