Session 115 – 02/10/2023

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 115

It is your mind’s focus. It is your mind within this space that focuses on one moment, one point, one position, and it is your ability to be able to focus on this one moment, this one point that allows clarity and that is meditation. It is clarity of information because of focus on one moment, one point. This is what you use frequency for, a single point of clarity (1).


When you use your eyes, when you focus on a film, you are in this moment, you are within this film, within this story, a story that has been created to pull you into it, and you become a part of it. Your mind indulges within it as though it is it when this is also the same for your life, your conditioned life. You use all of your physical senses to engage within the game, within the film, within the illusion. And it is your mind that creates the film, the game, the illusion and with your eyes and your ears and your smell and all your senses, you are participating within it. And it is your mind that creates it and when you learn, when you know this is what it is, this is how you can be free of it.

You can then be consciously aware of what you are creating, what you are seeing, what you are hearing, what you are touching and smelling, and all of your senses is creating. And this is awareness, and this is the point or the position you are at, knowing it is an illusion.


But to enable you to know this, you must participate within it. How could you know if you do not experience this? And the more you experience it, the more aware you become of what it is, and you can drift in and you can drift out of this within a moment. And it is time that you have created to manage this theatrical performance. For your mind it has to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It has to go from A to B because that’s what an illusion is, it is a journey, it is an act, it is theatre. For your understanding, it is theatre. And you can play many parts within the theatre you create. You do play many parts within it, and all of those parts that you play are occurring within a single moment. And you can gain much wisdom. The wisdom is within, but you can remember many things whilst participating, and you do.


In simplistic terms, this is all it is, and it is ever-expanding, you are ever creating within this physical world. Layers and layers of depth, of creation, but there is only one, there is only one form of true creation, and this is source and source is love, it is God in your words.


So, all and everything and anything is possible within your time created illusion, your theatre. All and everything is happening. If you have a thought, you have already created it, from the mind to the imagination.

You will, you have, you are creating it within a single moment. And as you become aware, you will observe. Observation is what you will do, you will observe. When you become an observer, you will less become a participator, and through observation, you will awaken. There will be no necessity to participate any longer and you will feel the vastness of one. You will know more source and you will know less fear. It is your illusion that creates fear, it is your mind, it is you. There is no A to B. Your journey is a creative illusion in the physical world. You are.


A to B is a story created by you, and we are all one. Self is one and separation is deliberately created by ego. It is necessary for us to repeat these things to you. You are constantly drawn back to conditioning. You are constantly creating, experiencing your physical existence within this moment you are choosing to focus on, and you will continue to do this.


This is why within this space it is necessary to remind you of what you really are. You are a pure form of energy and within here, you can feel that you can know it. And out there, you will fall back to a conditioned life, a conditioned experience. But you can know, you can know positive, your interpretation of good, of love. And this is what you chose to know positively, your interpretation of God, of love, and this is what you chose to know within this particular moment you are focusing on. And none of this is complicated although your mind will make it complicated. It is very simplistic. It is a cycle, and it is a cycle that you repeat many times in your time created illusion.


The sadness you feel, it is a reflection of self (2). It is sadness for all, it is sadness for your world, but you created this. And it is warm, it is sadness within self. When you feel sadness for others, it is a reflection of sadness for self because they are the same thing. They are you and you must learn to love all, feel love for self, and feel love for all because all is one, it is one, it is the same and it can all change in a single moment.


Lift, lift it, from dark to light, lift the energy. There is no sadness, it does not exist, it is your created illusion, it is self. It is source energy, as is all.



  1. As we were about to meditate, John asked me to turn up the volume on the 528 MHz frequency a little.
  2. One of John’s sons is currently experiencing problems with his health.
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