Session 116 – 05/10/2023

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 116

Your ability to be able to cross the bridge from the mind to the imagination to the consciousness is not a gift. They are not gifts, they do not exist. It is an ability that all and everything can and does possess. Does possess naturally, can if awareness is progress, so, this is for all, and all is one. Recognition of this, is awareness, is knowing. Ignorance is not knowing, which, of course, will be altered, it will change. And in your time created illusion, it will change. Will, it is changing within each and every moment of which there is only one moment.


And within this particular time you have chosen to focus on there is not as many true entities as you would like to think that access this information, that can or allow self to access this. And within this time created illusion, what you are recording will force more energy to access the information you receive. And within this time created illusion, what you are recording, this will create massive opportunity for all and every, when in fact, it is happening now within one moment (1).


It is merely about position and that is all it is, position, position within the moment which is ever changing. Position is not a constant and you must try not to confuse yourself with the amount of information that you have received. Whilst you understand the process, whilst all is written, you must not attempt to use your physical logic in a time created illusion to make sense of this. You will not make sense of it, applying a physical logic in a time created illusion. It is impossible.


You must step outside of this to understand Source, to understand the origin of all energy. And the only way you will do this is to step outside of your time created illusion, of your one life that you are now focusing upon. And outside of this, there are no limits to your own creation. There are no limits to your thoughts. There are no limits to your flow of energy. And there is no need for you to think of life in terms of judgment, of good, of bad, no necessity whatsoever, you will not.


The small world you are in, the time illusion within the small world you are in is changing its position within each and every moment in a positive way. It is changing its position. And within this time illusion, it is being forced to change position with the application of negative. And positive being the driving force of negativity is forcing a positive solution of which is love, alignment, the ultimate creation of Source. In reality, both negative and positive, is created from source. They are the same. And this world, this small place you term to Earth is dramatically changing within the time illusion you have created within. With this change will come understanding of consciousness, understanding that all is created from source, and all is a pure form of energy, and origin is not diluted. Many changes are happening now.


Your conditioning that you have chosen to apply to yourself within all the lives you have chosen to be a part of will also change whilst you remain in a physical form. It is necessary to apply a conditioning for you to understand that this is but an illusion. It is necessary for you to apply a conditioning within a physical form. But there will be a point, a position where you will become aware that conditioning is unnecessary for you. And at this point, this position, you cannot now realise the potential of self as a pure form of energy. Your potential is endless, limitless, creation is infinity, when in fact it is one moment of creation.


Simplicity is necessary for you as not to entangle yourself with physical logic. It is necessary for you to understand that within consciousness there is one source. It is not complicated, and you will find this simplicity within meditating, within this space that you choose to enter. This is where you will understand. This is where you will know. And this is the reason you will be here.

And whilst you are there -here, there being the same place-, whilst you are there, and you will understand this, you will experience, you will apply physical logic, you will create and you will form. Your energy will form physical creations, situations, because this will drive you further to source to consciousness, to understand what consciousness truly is. And this will eventually bring you back to source, the origin of all creation.


You do not predict, you create. You do not remember other than within a single life focus, you do not remember, you create. You create within a single moment, which allows you to rest within a point, a position where you will naturally strive for a different point or position once you have realisation that you achieved that particular point or position, until eventually you will reside in all points and positions that exist, of which there is only one. And then you will know all.

And this is what you are now attempting to achieve, step by step, although you are not going anywhere. It is a process, it is a perfect process, and it is designed by you, and it is manufactured by you, and it is carried out by you, and it is deliberate, and it is precise, and it is exact, and it is what you chose to do.

And for you to understand this, you must understand self. You must know self. You must know what you are. By knowing self you will know all and every.


No one is manipulated. As separated within illusion each and every is positioned at a different point. There is no manipulation other than a specific journey chosen to reach a position or point. There is no good or bad. Each and every one separated is working to that particular point of knowing. Your interpretation of good and bad separates, when in reality there is no separation. It is one, you are all one.


There is no differential between any species or physically created world of which there are multitudes, too many for your brain to calculate. They are as you are the same, their journey is as your journey the same.

There is no ulterior motive behind this or them. There is no them, there is only I. There is only one. And their journey is your journey, and your journey is their journey. It is the same.


The expanse of your brain, which is where you store all your memories of past -which is not past-, the expanse of your brain has to step into consciousness. Your brain is a machine, and as a machine, you limit its expanse. There are no limitations.

Once again, this is by choice. Your brain is a computer memory storage facility, and you have to connect to consciousness of which there is an infinite amount of data for you to access. And access is given through your imagination. You have to know this, it is not limited by anything, and neither can anything limit it. It is infinite and yet it is one, because one is infinity.


And you still challenge, you still question that. It is the challenges and the questions that are the driving force behind the inquiry, behind the ultimate awareness, the game, tools within the process of the enlightenment and understanding.

Less by less, you challenge. Less by less, you question. This is proof for you that there is no necessity to question so much. Your questions are being answered, and within, your knowing is becoming stronger. Again, by choice, by your choice, within.


A magical journey of the enlightenment and awareness is what you are experiencing within your time created illusion. Both, within this space are experiencing the same, but originated from a different creation of their own. Different energies apply to come back to the same point and eventually back to source. Positive production is what you are applying. Again, this is what you chose to do, to apply positive always. It is the production of positive energy that within your time creating illusion will propel you quickly to source. It is the production of negative energy -within, it is important, within your time created illusion- that will slow you down. But it is an illusion, remember this.


A feeling is a powerful form of energy and your feeling of being slowed down will inhibit you. It is only a feeling that is generated, and within a moment you can change this feeling into a different form of energy, which will accelerate you.


You are a pure form of energy, working within your time created illusion within the positive, within the light, within the love, the ultimate love from the source.


Stay in the love. Stay in the position you chose until you reach your destination of which you never left.



  1. We are in the process of publishing volume 2 of our meditations and John has just produced another book popularising this material. It may also be about the audio recordings. I’m quite surprised to hear TMITC say that making these recordings will represent a massive opportunity for all and every. I thought awareness came from within. But perhaps we have created this awareness in one moment. Once again this difficult notion of the one moment in which everything happens…
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