Session 119 – 17/11/2023

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 119

Just in the same way as you build a video, is in the same way as you build your life, a uniform construct, a uniform pattern of layers, layers of illusions, of creations (1). Numerology, numerology and words. You relate to each and every piece with a sound, an emotional reaction to each and every letter of your alphabet it evokes, it inspires. You make a sound, a vibrational sound, each language that you create within the illusion that you live in, that you have created, each letter creates a different sound for each of the different languages that you have created. This is all communication, and it is all precise construct, and it is interpreted by others in a completely different way. If they apply their mind, their ego, their fears, they will interpret it in a different way than it has been transmitted. Because they are not accessing their true emotions, they are not crossing the bridge to the consciousness to understand what is truly being spoken or what is truly being written. They are choosing to stay within their time created illusion. This is through fear of travel, through fear of exit. Through fear, this is not knowing, this is not understanding, this is self-entrapment. It is not bad, it is what they choose to do. When you allow yourself to connect to the vastness of consciousness, it is here that you will understand the vibrational energy you receive. It is a feeling, it is not mathematical, it is not made of the same construct you have created. It is not a uniformed pattern in the way you understand it to be uniformed within the physical world you have created. This is when you expand self, this is where you become aware of self, of what you are.


You two are a vibrational energy within the conscious world and your interaction with other energies is infinite. Infinite and yet within a single moment, it is the same thing. You must feel, you must not interpret or translate. You must feel the vibrational energy of the words that are spoken to you and you must apply that to understand what it really is, not what your mind will think it is. And you must keep moving forward, you must keep developing this, you must keep questioning this to allow self to grow. If you do not water the garden, it will not grow. And this is what you chose to do.


You give everything a name (2). When you give anything a name mean you are restricting its growth, your growth. By naming something, you are putting it in a box. You do not live in a box. You might think you do, but you do not, this is an illusion. If you attach a name, a label to anything, then you will insist with your mind that it remains in a box. Words, names, insignificant, you are all, and you are everything. And for you to understand this, you have chosen to separate. You have chosen to separate so you can return knowing what you are. By observing self, you will know self. By observing others, you will know self because others are self.


If you worry what others think of you then your fear will stop your growth. It is irrelevant what others think, others are you. It is not what they think, it is what you think, it is the same thing. Their fear will become your fear, and this will prevent growth, development, and it will retain attachment, attachment to fear. We are only pointing out to you the way it works. This is the way it works, we too are learning from you, remembering from you. It is of benefit for both, because both is one.


You are exactly where you chose to be. All and everything is within one moment and it is perfection, it is correct. And it is your choice, and it is our choice. And if you apply negative, if you apply fear, this will prevent your awakening, your growth. If you apply positive, if you apply love, this will accelerate your growth, it will change your position.


Do not fear anything, there really is nothing to fear and you are a pure form of energy, you are a part of the source, as are we all, and all is created from source energy. It is one the same.


People will desire to brand you, to name, to name what we are. When they brand, they box. Do not allow the branding of anything, do not put things in a box. There is no box, it does not exist, it is their illusion. You must raise above this, and you must work through it, you are limited by language, it is the tools you have to work these energies.


Stay on your journey, stay in the light, stay in the positive. Your will is what you chose to do. It will become easier for you, have the energy of faith, use your imagination to create your reality. Cross the bridge from the mind to the imagination, to the consciousness. This is where you can free yourself.



  1. John is currently busy creating videos to illustrate the messages given in the cave.
  2. This session comes just after John made a video about akashic memories. Is he referring to this?
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