Session 125 – 15/02/2024

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 125

I have spoken to you many times about two becoming one. Two forms of energy, positive and negative, exist within the physical and the metaphysical world. One is source, two is your journey and source is your interpretation of positive. One and two are actually the same, created from source.


It is you, it is your journey to understand this and to recognise it. And you wrongly interpret this as good and bad, when the reality is, it is the same. And your journey is back to one, back to source. And within all and everything during this experience, you will recognise two sources of energy, positive and negative. And they are not fighting each other, they are working together to understand, for you to understand what you are, which is a pure form of energy, source energy, one energy. And with your mind, you have created both for you to understand this.


Every element of mind created illusions comes from you. Every complexity, every single name, word, every complex situation has been created by you, of which is endless, created by you to understand self, to understand what you are.


And this continuous cycle evolves and grows, ever expands, until the point of realisation, of realisation of what you are. You are a pure form, you are a pure formation of energy.


And you can apply positive and negative, and you do, and you have within your life, in every single scenario that exists, within everything you see, everything you hear, everything you touch, everything you smell, you will apply two to reach one, and this is what you do.


So all of these complexities, these languages, these names, these brands, these stories, this theatre you have created to understand self. Everything you hear, you read, you consume, is created by you to understand self. It really is that simple.


But if you go down, in your words, a rabbit hole, and you get engulfed with your mind, down in the depths of a hole you have created, it is very difficult for you to return, because you will create time. Your mind will create the time for you to remain in this hole you have created. You cannot see truth or light, you can only see within this hole you created darkness.


When in reality, you don’t have to see anything, you merely have to feel the energy, you merely have to feel the positive energy around you. And within an instant, hole, the dark does not exist anymore, it is gone.


It is so much more simple than your logic, your mind allows you to understand, far less complicated than you allow yourself to understand.


Energy, energy is source, it’s pure. It cannot be destroyed. It can change from one form to another, but it cannot be destroyed. Even the word energy is open to interpretation. What is energy?


This is where you apply faith, faith is energy. This is where you apply your imagination, imagination is energy. It has the ability to change physical formation of all and everything. It has the ability to change genetic structure, particle structure. Everything you perceive to be real in a physical form can be changed with energy, from one form to another. But recognition of such, the ability to be able to cross the bridge from the mind to the imagination, to consciousness, is only achieved through understanding this, more importantly, knowing it. You will not succeed in changing this reality you have chosen to focus on without knowing. Thinking you know does not initiate process. You only believe, you are only thinking you know. Know! Know will initiate change. Know and apply!


Theory, theory comes from your mind. Imagination is application of theory. This physical world you have decided to focus on is an illusion. It is an illusion created by you, and it is a journey of experience. You must experience what you have chosen to experience. And you are exactly, within your time created illusion, where you should be. But you must continue the journey because there is much more for you to experience, you would say, to advance yourself. This is not correct because everything happens in a single moment.


And you are experiencing much more than this within the moment but within the moment this is your chosen focus. It is tiny, it is minute within all possibilities, all and every is a tiny focus but you chose within this focus, positive. You chose love, not your physical illusion of love, you chose love from the source, all encompassing all and every because all is one, is source.


And of course, during your focus, your journey, you will get distracted. The biggest distraction for you is fear. You must remove fear, it will inhibit you, it will prevent you from experiencing.


There is no good or bad experience. Yes, I know it’s difficult for you. It is not difficult for you to understand the theory of this, but it is difficult for you to practise this, but necessary. And I know you chose this because you are us, the same, one. This is how I know, this is how we know. Remember, two is one, the same.


Your scientists are looking for what their perception of 95% -your words- 95% of their perception of what the world is made of, of what the physical world is constructed of. Is that not incredible, that with the science you are looking at, they do not know? They term this dark matter. 95% of all physical creation, including you, is dark matter. It is not dark, it is source, it is energy, it is more than 95%, it is all, it is everything, it is one, it is 100%. But they only can understand in their life 5%, is that not incredible? No, it is true. And this is how little they do understand with their logic, with their applied scientific logic.


It is because 100% of a physical creation is an illusion. It is precise, it is specific. It is constructed through mathematics, it is constructed through physics, through logic. It is defined and precise, precisely created from the imagination to formation, through numerics, through every formation that you have created, that they have created. It is an illusion, it is not real, it is self-created illusions, journeys.


It may be fascinating to study, it is fascinating, but it is also an illusion. The truth is above this, the truth is simplicity. The truth is source, one source which encompasses all and everything in love, in light.


There is little more I can tell you. You are on the journey of awareness. You are aware of many things. It is more a question within your time created illusion to put into place. It’s not a question of any more than this, there is no more. It is a question for you to experience, to immerse yourself within your experience, for you to know what you are.


When remember two is one, is all, is everything, your fear will hold you back by thinking that a part of this is bad, is negative. It is not, it is correct. Because your mind and your ego will not want to experience this negative feeling, it is a driving force for you. It is necessary, it is necessary for you to know, to understand.


You must continue, you will continue your journey. You will stay positive within your journey. Now you must relax.



I’m back in the cave, after 2 sessions held by John alone. The Man in the Cave will make no mention of this. But we now know that John is capable of channeling alone, and not just in this space (cf session 123).

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