Session 136 – 23/03/2024

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 136

Particles, matter, ever-expanding, an ever-expanding creation of your illusion, it is not the real world, it is an illusion that you create. It is an illusion that you create to experience, to know what you are, to experience what you are. It is natural, it is life, it is destruction and formation of energy. It is created all, the origin of source energy, and you will continue with the cycle of creation and destruction of particles, of matter, until you know what you are, and what you are is source energy. You are love, you are light, you are pure, and none of this is, as you would term correct or incorrect. It is what you create and what you destroy, and you are all one. You are one that choose to separate, to experience all different kinds of energy, to create new forms of energy and to destroy old forms of energy. New, old, it is the same thing, it is energy. It is simplistic, it is not complicated. And to allow you to take part in this journey, you create your ego. You use your mind to create ego, and with your ego, you set out on this journey many times, many cycles, to know self, to know what you are, until eventually you will return to source, knowing what you are. Source is what you are.


And all of the crazy situations and all of the contradictory information you receive is created by you, by your ego, and you cannot make logical sense of this because it is not logical (1). It is your choice of formation of energy, your choice, your ego’s choice, of which you created your ego. There is no way to logically understand this, unless you step outside of it, unless you understand why you created it in the first place. And until you understand this, you will remain within it on the same cycle over and over again. So much confusion within each and every one that has separated, within each, all and everything that has separated, not just your species, many species, an infinite amount. There is no end to it within the time you create to belong to it, your choice. It does not exist in reality, it is not real, it is an illusion created by you. What within your conditioned illusion would you do if you had not created it in the first place? To do, what would you do? Why would you even exist? For what reason would you create this illusion? To know what you are, to experience, to understand what you are. This is source, source is experiencing self in every way it can, in every form, in every physical form, in every time created illusion, and it is ever expanding, more experiences, more creation. You cannot even imagine the levels of creation that exist within the physical world. It is beyond your ability to understand the levels of physical creation that exist within an infinite amount of universes. But it is not necessary for you to understand, it is only necessary that you know it exists. And it is necessary for you to go within self, to know self, and to know what you are. It is that simple.


And I can see on your journey, you are far more aware of this now. Within a short space of your created time illusion, you have become more aware of this within every part of your life. And you will seek love, and you will feel it, and you will know it, and you do know it. And what more is there to offer other than the all-encompassing love that you receive from what you are, which is source energy, origin of energy, simplistic energy, not confusing energy (2)? One is necessary to understand the other but ultimately, it is only one.


This is why you cannot possibly judge it or condemn it, it is your creation. You cannot either stop it, it is ever expanding, ever growing, ever experiencing. And it is much, much deeper than this one life you have chosen to focus on, to understand this. And what an incredible journey you are on. And as you fly high, and your ego will constantly try to pull you back, and this is why you created it. And there is no higher, there is no lower people or entities that exist within the universes that you created. They are all at a different point, a different position, nevertheless the same as you, one, source energy.


So, your future, your past, all irrelevant, one moment is all, is both of those things. And you can and do constantly change the moment within the illusion you sit. You are constantly changing all and everything, as are all the same. It is formation of energy, and within this space is origin of energy to form into energies of different creations, of different particles, to come to the same conclusion. And it is a cycle, a constant cycle, right the way from the beginning and back to the beginning, to source, to love, to the all-encompassing love of one, of self, of knowing.


There is nothing you cannot create, and ultimately, there is nothing you will not understand. But you will come to a position, to a point, where you will see little point of creating many things. In fact, you will see it all so insignificant, insignificant in what you are attempting to understand, insignificant within that world, which is insignificant in terms of understanding self, which is all you need to do.


And you can see clearly now. I have repeated myself many times to you, but you are slowly understanding why. And you can see more clearly now what it is I am saying to you, and you chose this, a step-by-step process.

You could not possibly understand this without the time you have created to understand it.


And you will continue to experience, to love, to feel the love from others, which is the love from you, it is the same thing. And you will continue to work in the positive because this is what you chose to do. And one can change all, and all can change one. It is difficult for you to understand this, but there is only one, it is the same thing.


Through detachment, you learn one. There is no detachment, there never was. But through applying this method within your physically time created illusion, you learn there is only one, so you never were or are detached in the first place. But again, this is a solution that you give to yourself to understand what you are. And ultimately, the word detachment does not exist, another illusion created by you to help you understand one. No separation, no A to B, no journey, only now.



  1. This morning we were discussing the speculation surrounding yesterday’s terrorist attack in Moscow.
  2. Faced with the distress and confusion of his friend William, John felt helpless. How could he help him, without interfering?
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