Session 138 – 04/04/2024

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 138

(1) It is important for you to recognise, to understand the word ego. What is ego? Ego is the part that you created to understand self. It is not good, it is not bad, it is a tool. It is a tool you created and with this tool, you create the physical world, you create the stories, you create the drama, the crisis in your life. And if you understand self, if you understand this, then you will know what you are. And you are a pure form of energy created from source, a part of source, so therefore, you are source, you are source energy. You are not a physical being, you are a machine within the physical world. And with ego, with recognition of ego, you will understand this. And you have chosen this journey. You have created as much time as you need on this journey to understand what you are. This is the reason for the journey, this is the goal.


All is one, all is connected, everyone is connected. All entities of which there is an infinite amount of entities, all connected, all created by source. Source is love. It is not your interpretation with the words you use of love, it is much deeper much bigger than that. It is all-encompassing love, pure, and you are a part of that. Your journey is source understanding self, because you are source, a part of. It is as simple as that and with your ego, you make it complicated.


And to understand self, you need to understand all because it is the same thing. To look within is to see outside, to see others because they are the same as you. And there is only positive and negative, it is not good or bad. You must forgive, you must be tolerant, you must analyse, you must look at all. And often, you will recognise within others what lies within self. And often, what you do not like about others is what you do not like about self.


You cannot Imagine the power of ego. You could not possibly imagine the power it has to control self. You created your ego, and you created it for a specific reason. Everything is by design, by your design. You have created an illusion, and you live within it and it is all and everything within a physical life, created by you for a specific reason. When you understand this, you will understand more self, you will free yourself.


And you have chosen to work in positive, you have chosen to work with love. And you must remove all fear, fear is negative, it is the creator of all negative energy. It is not bad, it is another tool that will drive you to a point, to a position. There is no time, there is only one moment for all and everything.


All three energies in this space have chosen to work in positive, this is not the same for all. But neither is good nor bad, neither is higher or lower, it is specific, it is a part of the same thing, one.


And as you focus within your time created illusion, as you focus on positive, you will slowly, slowly, another word, you will slowly see how your life changes, how the people around you change. It is absolute, it cannot be any other way. You are the creator of your life, of your illusion.


It is impossible to destroy energy, and you are a pure form of energy. Energy can change from one form to another, but you cannot destroy energy. Your life, as you call it, your life, it is infinite, and yet it is only a single moment, this is difficult for you to understand. Time is not linear, this is ego created by you. Your scientists are beginning to understand this, but they allow their ego to control the process of understanding. Consciousness is one, everything is one within a single moment.


Go within self, know what you are, know what your ego is, analyse, rationalise. Through knowing self, you will know all, it is a natural occurrence.


Remove all fear. You can create, you do create within a single moment, all and everything. Remove fear, every possibility exists, and it can change within each and every moment.



  1. We welcome our new neighbour Duncan to the cave this morning. And once again, a relatively short session, pointing out important elements of understanding needed by our guest. And once again, at the same time, information of a universal nature.
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