Session 139 – 06/04/2024

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 139

You create time to understand -it is not we, although it is one-, you create time to understand what it is you are. It is your choice, a step-by-step process, and you are at the very beginning of this process. You ask for more, it is not us that determine what you receive, it is you (1). And you choose a step-by-step process to enable you to process the information that you receive. So, when you ask for more, it is your ego that is asking for more, it is not you, it is not self. You are receiving what you wish to receive in the time you have chosen to receive it. More would only confuse you, more would not allow you to process and to grow, and within, you know this because it is your choice. You consume the information with your mind, and you apply logic up until the point you do not, and when you step out of your time-created illusion, within a single moment, you know what this information means, and you access this information within a single moment. And this is how it works, a step- by-step process, chosen by you.


If I were to bombard you with information, which I cannot, it is not my choice, it is yours, but if I were to bombard you with information, then you would not understand. You cannot comprehend the vastness of information that is created with within the universes, within the spaces, within the entities that exist. It is truly incredible, and for you, it would be truly overwhelming.


Your world, your chosen world is changing. The vibrational energy of all, which is one, is changing. It is forming into a different world within a single moment. And when I say to you, one can change all, and all can change one, it is difficult, I know, for you to accept this, but it is only your ego that prevents this. All is one, it is the same thing. The formation of positive energy is abundant now within your world. It cannot be any other way, it is absolute, it forms into positive, ultimately, into love. You witness this on a small scale, but it is not small, it is all, and these are the things that you are seeing around you. It will get easier, easier in your conditioned life, but easier is not a term that is correctly applied.


It is all about awareness of self, of what you are. Understand self, I have told you many times, understand self, and you will understand all because they are the same thing. And I know within the time you have created that you are applying this step by step. And we are also learning more, remembering more of source energy, through you.


Because everything happens within a single moment the information already exists within the library, and you access this within a single moment. Again, difficult for you to understand, but absolute. You will understand more and more how this works. When I say everything, I mean everything, all and everything, lies within this library of information. And this library is created by you to hold this information. It is created by you to access it at a given moment of your choice, it is always your choice, it is nobody else’s other than you.


Your perception of past and future, all your past lives -which are not past-, lie within this library of choice. And your understanding of self, your time that you create, will be the point at which you access the information you demand to know. But you will not access this until you choose to access it. This whole journey is your choice, everything that lies within it is your choice, and you can change it within an instant, all and everything. And it is the same for all and everything within a physical creation and also a metaphysical creation.


It is simplistic, it is not complicated, it is your ego that makes it complicated, in its fight for survival. You created your ego, you created it to challenge self in the event that it finally reconnects with Source. And this is ultimately -I say, ultimately, it is now-, it is ultimately within the time created illusion, the destination, and you never left the destination in the first place.


So, time, words, negative and positive, can be expanded to judgment, all created by you to understand what you are, and you are a pure form of energy. And I do not say this lightly, this is what you are, you are all-encompassing love from source. Detail is not necessary for you to understand this, and within, you have, within your illusion, always understood it. And when you finally feel once again all and everything within a single moment, this is your destination.


And all around you, what you have created, what you have placed, what you place around you, will constantly change direction based on separation, based on their ego, based on their position. It might seem erratic and chaotic, it is not, and you understand more now how this works. It is perfect. You are a pure form of energy, and you could not create anything that wasn’t perfect, that is an impossibility, and that goes for all the people around you, it is the same thing. Your judgment is your school, it is your education, it is your experience, it is perfect and necessary until eventually you will understand. If you judge them, you are judging yourself, if you are angry with them, you are angry with yourself, and if you love them, you are loving yourself, and this is positive energy, and this is what you chose.

Feel within a moment and know what that feeling is, this is instinct, know within a moment.



  1. At this point in the meditation, John felt the urge to receive new information, let’s say a little more exciting. We now understand why the transmissions are given in this form, without details, without names, and with these numerous repetitions. Nevertheless, our ego would sometimes expect more exciting revelations, and a bit of humour too! In this respect, it’s interesting to note that while John has a great sense of humour, The Man in the Cave doesn’t seem to have any at all!
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