Session 35 – 23/08/2022

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 35

The question you ask is fundamentally simple. Why is the position you sit in a good place for communication? (1) You only have to know of your own experiences in life where the energy is knowing to you or it is not knowing. You can feel the different energies when you travel across what you have created. It is the same, it is the same for this place. It has a different energy. Energy, what is this? It is you. It is everything you have created. Different energy is more acute or it is more subtle. It is more, as you would say, powerful or it is less in its appearance. So this is the place where energy can come together. This enables a clearer communication.This is what you are experiencing now. Your physics would explain a lot of this. But, again, it is a process, a simple process, a formation of frequencies that collide in a position that allow you to open the vertical. It allows you to correspond with, to communicate with a channel. You are a receiver and a transmitter of energy as we all are. And in certain positions and places this energy is what you would call stronger. We would call focused, there is a difference. There are indeed places of the same in the physical world that you created through matter, through frequencies. There are indeed other places where this occurrence is possible. But this place has a strong energy focus, a coming together. You would ask why this place? It is an accumulation of many things. Your own energy has a play in this, both of you, as does ours, it is the same. Your own choice has a focus in this. It is a process. It is a correct pattern of the formation of what you call matter. All elements have a play in this process. It is not the first time you have been in this area. It is not the only life you have visited this cave for the same reason always, to communicate.


We prefer not to give names for places. They are insignificant to us. Many other energy forms will want to give you such information, precise information of their terminology, of their existence, of their creation. But it is the same thing. We do not have names in the same way that you prefer to give everything a name. A name creates another illusion, another story which for us is incorrect. Of course, we know what you are referred to in this particular life you have chosen. Of course we know what your names are. We prefer not to express your energy form in names. It has no significance. It feeds your ego. It feeds your human desire to be wanted, to be needed. We prefer not to feed this desire. This is the reason we do not use your language of names. Whilst you are still working within this world you have chosen, then we will do all we can to prevent you reverting back to your conditioning. Using names will only encourage you to remain in your conditioning. It is very simple. (2)


When you can accept that everything happens in one moment, when you know this is the case, you will be fully aware of all that is occurring at the exact same moment. The balance of energy in the world that you have created is volatile. It is up and down. It is volatile. It has to be rebalanced. It will be rebalanced. It is inevitable that it will be rebalanced. There is no escape from this. Escape, there is nowhere to escape to. But this has no significance. I think you are aware now it has no significance in the real world, not your created illusion. The metaphysical world is the real world, and your awareness of this will prove. Do you need prove, do you need to prove anymore your awareness? So long as you remain in the world you have created, you will always need to prove.


It is true that within the space you are now sitting in that you can create different types of energy. There are many things that you can do within this space if you desire to do so. We desire to communicate with you. You may desire something different. It is very possible here for you to create whatever you want to create, to do whatever you want to do (3). You merely have to be aware of this. There is nothing to fear. But also be aware from us that it may shock you. It will surprise you. Once again, this is your conditioning, your inability, your inability to want to understand. You must know.


It is also true to say – yet again more questions you ask -, it is also true to say that from the creation of life in the world you have created that it is necessary to go through the whole process. The whole process is the creation of life within this world.  So to become a form of the same as you, then we too would have to go through the process, the whole process. But we are also aware that the whole process has no time. So for us it is irrelevant (4). You would measure the process in time. We would not, but we still have to go through the process, the same as you have gone through the process many times because, after all, the process is the human form of life.


Reward is not measured in the metaphysical with any type of material gain. Reward is not measured in the way you would perceive reward to be measured. We would say that reward is awareness, it is wisdom, it is a closer relationship with the source. You would say reward is recognition, it is valued in material form. The only reward that we recognise is a reward from the source of the understanding of love for all and every. This is the ultimate reward, as you would term reward. For us, the search for knowledge and wisdom stands at the highest point. There is nothing that we can be rewarded with that is greater than this.


Self-awareness is a part of this that allows you to know, to know what I am saying, what we are saying, what you are saying. It is the same.

Everything in your life here, in this life of which you have had many lives in what you call time, lives that are continuing now in what you do not understand as time, many lives and experiences are building to the same position, a position of awareness, of knowing, self-awareness, self-knowing. You must experience all things to get to this position. You have chosen to do this. There is not one thing that you cannot create. There is not one experience that you cannot experience. All and everything is available to you within a single moment. You must be aware of this. You are learning to leave behind your conditioned life within this particular life you have chosen. This is good. You are learning how insignificant what you once treasured and thought was of most significance is now only an illusion. This is good. And you are also learning that the repetitive cycle that you keep applying to your lives is not necessary. We too are learning from you. The position you are creating for yourself is the correct position, always. The path you are choosing is the correct path for you, always.


When you look into the darkness you must look deeper. When your eyes are closed you must look much deeper, and the darkness will soon turn to light, and the light will become brighter and brighter and brighter, until eventually it is so bright you cannot look any longer into the light. This is the source. Your initial vision is darkness, and the darkness forms into a pure brilliant white light you can see. This is the illusion, the analogy of the illusion you created. The continuation of the creation of darkness and your awareness of the light that lies beyond the darkness is extreme. It is so extreme, it is so powerful you cannot even look at it for so long. This type of energy is formidable. There is nothing to fear to come deeper into the metaphysical, deeper into your consciousness. There is nothing to fear. You must travel as deep and as long as you can. You must remove all of your reservations. You will not lose anything. You will gain much. You must not hang onto your ego, to your conditioning. You must move into the light to experience, to gain wisdom.

Yes, you have but a taste of the feeling (5). This was your choice of journey, and you are experiencing all you chose. It is only emotion. It is a process. It is a release of energy.


You must go back now.



  1. This notion of position is important and delicate, is it the geographical location, the cave, or also the state of consciousness, or both?
  2. Clear explanation of why we feel a cold, clinical side in him, in addition to the explanations given in the previous session about their management of emotions, and their adaptation to human emotions.
  3. During my personal meditations in the cave this week, I tried, in vain, to bend a fork by thought. Probably my ego needed to prove something…
  4. Answer to my question of whether they need to go through the birth process to physically manifest themselves to us.
  5. John had an extremely intense visual experience during his trance.
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