Session 37 – 29/08/2022

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 37

If you are an artist and you take a pallet of colours and you mix two colours together, you get a different colour. But the colour you get is never the same. It has a different shade. And if you take at random the colour, you can never repeat the same colour you got in the first place. It will look the same to the human eye, but it is not. It is different. The particles you have joined are different. The shade is different. This is using only two colours. Imagine if you take all the colours on your pallet and you mix them together, and you create the shade of colour that you create, imagine how many different shades you can create by mixing the colours.

This is energy. Imagine the infinite amounts of strands, of colours and shades from all the emotions that are taking place in your world at the same moment. Imagine how many combinations of colours you can create. This is what you create constantly. You mix so many colours together, you never repeat the same colour, you always create a new colour. Whilst the old colour still exists and the layers and layers and layers are endless, endless forms of energy you create, and these energies come together to create more energies, more emotions, more confusion.

You have to understand the basic fundamental of the original colours on the pallet without mixing them together. You have to understand the basic fundamental of those colours, of those simple energies. The confusion you create is unrecognisable from the origin of what it was created with. You have to understand the origin. You have to strip it back to understand the origin. You cannot consistently keep mixing the colours to be aware of the simplicity of the colours you originally started with.

This is energy. This is the energy you create in the world you live in, the illusion you create with this energy in the world that you live in. It is far simpler than that. You create these energies because you wish to create them. You chose to create them. You chose to create chaos. And now you choose to understand why you created chaos. And you are getting to the point where you will understand why you created chaos. We too want to understand why you create so much chaos within the world you have created. When these energies are formed there is no going back. You form them with your imagination. You form them with your actions. You created them with your actions. And as I said before, there are certain points where energies come together. But the energies that come together are the original form of energy, not the confused form that you have created, but the original pallet of paints that you started with.

This is where we are at now. This is the point where the original pallet is created, the point of imagination. This is where you sit right now with the original pallet of paints, with the ability to use your imagination to create your great and wonderful designs, or your chaos, whichever you choose. This is why it is a special place. This is why you are here, to understand this, to be aware of it. This is why the channel is clear. It is not contaminated. It is pure.

So in what you call time you can go forward with your creative pallet, but you can go forward knowing what you want to create. You can go forward with intent, with intention, knowing what you want to achieve in the world you live in. If you want to achieve anything, and you can achieve anything with your imagination, your imagination is the tool that puts all the pieces in place and allows them to be processed. Process must be followed, must be completed. This is done with your imagination.


You have a very charged imagination. Charged, what does this mean? You have a very formed imagination, a very trained imagination, and often a very volatile imagination. You must work on this.

Colours are important, and you get emotional energy from colours. In the illusion you have created, colours are very important. As too are sounds. They are all independent energies that collate into something else, born to develop into something else. You give them life with your imagination.

This is why you are so drawn to music, the creation of a sound, an emotion. We too are drawn to colours and sound which evokes emotion, always. There is no finer form of creation than sound. Not words, words are different. Your words, your created words can confuse you. The meaning is all that is important, not the words. The emotion behind the words can confuse you when the incorrect word is used with the emotion. And you interpret the words in whatever way you wish, often incorrectly. But sounds are different as too are colours. Light evokes feeling always.


You must not ask, you must not ask such practical questions all the time. It is unnecessary. Your questions are born from your conditioning (1). You must use your imagination. You must think outside of the box, your words. You must always think outside of what your perception of normality is because often there lies the answer, not within your secluded conditioned world. So many people live in a box, and they see no way out, no door, no window, no light. You do not. So spread your wings, fly high, use your imagination to go wherever you want to go, whatever you want to create. Use your imagination because all and everything exists for you. There is no box. It does not exist. It is an illusion.


You have been with us for all of eternity, your infinite energy. You have worked with us for a very long time. You have stepped out of your comfort zone on many occasions, this we admire. But we don’t understand, you have chosen to do this on many occasions, we know you never left – as we said before, there is nowhere to go -, but we do wonder often why.


Yes, there is a lot of boxes being created now. A lot of prisons. You can see them like a mosaic of rectangles joined together. A prison, a prison for men. The individuals have created their own prison, and they are joining their prison with everybody else’s prison. You can see (2). The circle, the sphere cannot join, it cannot join with another so easily. An atom, a molecule, it has no necessity to join, it is already one.


An army can be broken by one thought. A thought can spread like a virus through an army. It can be broken quickly. One simple sentence, one thought can destroy an empire. This is the power, the power of the source. This is the power that you all have with your imagination and your ability to adapt the process. Your mind will apply through the correct process with your imagination. Your mind is merely the tool. Your imagination is the command. You can create or you can destroy, you choose. There is no right or no wrong. But you must be aware, you must consciously be aware of this power, this energy.


We do not live in a physical form, so therefore in your world we have no physical position. We live in the metaphysical which, if you were to view it in the terms of your logic, it would be a space. You would not see anything other than a space. A vast empty space is how it would look to you. But it is not. The emptiness is full of vibrant incredible experiences and different dimensions. But you cannot see this. It is overlapping every empty space that you perceive is an empty space, that you believe is an empty space which, of course, it is not. It is where we live. It is our home. But we don’t choose to randomly go to many different empty spaces as you would perceive them to be which, of course, they are not.


We have many people in contact with what you would call ET entities, different energies, who do live in the physical, who do have planets like your planet which they live upon and travel out of. But we do not do this.

I could not begin to explain to you what you would perceive is an empty space would look like because even the words ‘look like’ has no relevance. You have lived here also, many times in one moment.


What you can see is not from our world. What you can see now is from the physical world, vast, I know, physical creation of entities, energy formation, huge to you in mass, but in reality nothing other than an illusion (3).


Opposing forces (4).


You will be seen by many.



  1. I take this for myself because I had prepared the following questions before the session, some of which are very practical: What are the other factors making the cave such a special place to communicate? I need to redo the joints of my shower, can I do it only with my imagination, without interrupting my current life? How do you learn from us? Through our emotions, by being aware of our emotions? Did we with John prepare this life with you, so that you could live it through us? We are supposed to live different lives in many different environments, have you ever experienced a human form, a terrestrial human form? If not, why? If so, why don’t you remember it, knowing that as a metaphysical entity, you should remember all your experiences? Why did my attempt to bend a fork fail? In fact, we will have important answers in subsequent sessions…
  2. John is visualising a mosaic of rectangles.
  3. John is visualising a gigantic triangular spacecraft, black, perhaps several kilometres long, which he is able to describe accurately. He feels it very close or arriving.
  4. At that time John tries to bring his two hands closer but does not succeed. He feels like a metal bar stuck between the two palms of his hands that prevents them from getting closer.
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