Session 4 – 24/04/2022

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 4

We are all the same. You choose to live outside of the source as I do, as so too does Seth (1). We are all from the same source, as one, as all.


Words are your creation, your form of communication.


There are things I don’t know. There are questions I cannot answer. But we are all connected. You can be anywhere you like, in any time. What you consider time to be is different than what time really is, and you can be anywhere you like in any time you like, you choose.


You ask many questions that in reality are not logical to the world you are trying to understand. In this world it is not a question of right or wrong, it is a question of knowing. You do not have to ask the question, is it right or is it wrong? It is automatic that you know.

This is much different than the world you have placed yourself in. In this world it is not difficult to access the information, it is already within you. There is no question of its authenticity.

The connection to another energy source is not difficult, but communication is often difficult in the way you would interrupt the language. The communication is difficult because the energy is different. So, yes, I do know Seth, as you do (2). You will choose to remember when your time, a word I don’t like to use, when your time is correct, you will choose to remember.


You must always remember cause and effect within the world you live in as a species. You already know how this works. No need to ask me, you already know. You may find specific situations that you are involved in here complicated. They are not, they are simplistic. They create energy, plus and minus. In this world a balance is necessary. Too much energy one way will create what you term sadness, too much energy the other way and you will have no understanding of anything. Both are correct. A balance is absolutely necessary.


What you see occurring now in this world is a universal power, a coming together of energy, an accumulative power from people. But one is the same as the many. No winners, no losers.


In a mental form there is no necessity to eat, there is no necessity for money, there is no necessity for all the things that you value so dearly in the world you created. It is what you would term free, it’s all free. There is no confusion.


Such importance, you put so much importance and so much emphasis on these things, things. You do this for a reason. You create such chaos whilst you couldn’t imagine the complexities of this world. You create so much chaos within your world, but the complexities are really very simple. What you perceive to be complex is not, what you perceive to be simple is complicated. For me, unnecessary.


So, you see, to think as though you were in my world, for you is incredibly difficult, and for me to explain it to you is also difficult, but you have all the answers inside. Yes, I can tell you what you already know, I can remind you what you already know, but I don’t think this is my place to do this. It’s for you to know, to remember, more importantly to experience, to use your energy. You are your energy.


I am holding your hand as though you are a child (3), that’s all, to give you the comfort of knowing that there is much more within that will be projected outside of yourself. You are already aware of this.


It is not a game in the way that you interpret it as a game, but true laughter is a very positive or plus form of energy. If you are going to laugh and expend this type of energy, then you must laugh at yourself. You must always try to laugh at yourself. This will suppress your ego. Do not laugh at the misfortunes of others, help them, this will accelerate your growth. When you help them, you are helping yourself.


Do not fear what is happening, it is necessary, necessary for all.


Do not smother your love on your family. This is not love, it will hinder them. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them. Allow them to grow, allow yourself to grow. You are afraid, you are afraid to make your choices.

Do not protect your family until the point that you imprison them. Allow them to fly like you fly, to experience (4).


The connection is good.


There are many species, many worlds of what you call ET. You are protected from these worlds. It’s what you think it is, It’s what you have learnt (5).

No need to be frightened.



  1. Whilst the sessions seem to produce answers to questions that both John and I were subconsciously asking every day, we attempted an experiment of proof. Before starting to meditate, John told me: « Ask a question in your head, and we’ll see! ». So I asked The Man in the Cave this question in my head: « Do you know Seth? ». I specify that we did not talk about Seth before this session.
  2. He is obviously speaking to me, but John probably knows him. Is it possible that each of us knows him?
  3. At this moment, John is visualising a “Little Grey”, associated with a rather unpleasant sensation. This “Little Grey” seemed lost, John kindly asked him to get out… Could it be the “Little Grey” who holds John’s hand who is speaking to us? We don’t know who or what we are dealing with yet and need to keep our guard up…
  4. John’s wife, Tina, and I, have this instinct of over-protection…
  5. John was not versed in the subject of aliens until I told him about the teachings of the New Message, channeled by Marshall Vian Summers. Therefore this information seemed to be  for me and I invite the reader to read the reports entitled “The Allies of Humanity”, available online free of charge on the website.
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