Session 56 – 16/11/2022

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 56

Although all and everything happens in one moment, you have chosen this position to focus on this one point. This one position, you have chosen for a specific reason, the reason is awareness. You have chosen this position, this point, this focus, to awaken yourself, to become more aware.

You can choose any position within the sphere that you wish to choose, but you have chosen specifically this position to focus and become aware. This particular position you have chosen is chosen because of the changes that are occurring on your physical world within this moment. This is part of your awakening, your awareness, chose for a specific reason, although this will not have an effect on you, it is insignificant to your individual journey of awareness. When I say insignificant, I mean insignificant in effect, and you would term effect as a physical effect, it is not, it is a metaphysical effect. So although I tell you it is irrelevant, it is only relevant in the respect that it is part of what you chose to awaken, to develop your awareness, chosen for a specific reason.

You have created many physical forms within your infinite lifetime. This is one of them. The importance of what is occurring within this physical world you have chosen to remember is insignificant for you in a physical way. What is important for you is your awakening, your awareness, your connection with the source, the one, which is everything. This is difficult when you are so conditioned to believe it is a certain way when in fact it is not. It is one way. Enlightenment is one way, it is wisdom through knowledge of which all knowledge exists within, within all, like a code within.

Highly formed species have the ability to control through frequencies. This is correct. But awareness of frequencies will disenable their ability to control. It is merely choice. It is your choice, simply, yes or no. It is as simple as that. Although you will constantly fight against your own conditioning with your mind, knowing thyself will enable you to control the input of frequency within your own mind. It is then a simple process of separation and acceptance, or not. It is entirely your choice. The consciousness sits above all physical form.

Your DNA, your program, is what your mind will control. The consciousness sits above this. So with your consciousness you can sit above any mind control. Your physical world is close to the source, therefore you have the tools to be able to do this. You must apply it. This is happening by no accident, you chose to be here. There is no judgement upon this, it is not right or wrong, it simply is process, you must remember this.

There will be many stories that your physical world will create to try and confuse you, even stories from what you consider to be the good guys. There are no good guys – your words, good guys -, there are no bad guys – your words -, they are the same energy. It is not a game, it is formation of energy through frequencies where you have a choice, you have a choice of the type of energy you wish to form. One ultimately becomes the other. It is the source. It is source energy, and you choose the formation and the process of the formation of that energy. It is your choice, and for you, you must choose positive. I can only tell you this because it is what you chose before you came into this life. Before you decided to focus on this life, you chose to form positive energy. I am not interfering when I tell you this, this is what you chose. So for you it is simple, you must forge the positive in your mind, and you must cross the bridge to your imagination, into the vastness of the consciousness. And you must continue to form positive energy, you must lift. When you lift yourself you are lifting all, you are lifting us. It is a process, it is a technical process, a scientific process, and you must engage within it whilst you are in the physical form.

Do not judge. Do not judge, judgement will lower your vibration. Do not make any type of judgement of others. Do not engage in fear. Do not allow yourself to fear, there is nothing to fear. There is only the source, and you are a part of that.

You have repeated this process many times before. You will return to the source, and you will repeat the process again. Before – there is no such thing as before, it is within the same moment -, again – there is no such thing as again, it is within the same moment -, together in one moment. Your energy, each time you repeat the process, becomes stronger. Your position changes each time you repeat the process. If you want to apply reason, this is reason. There is nothing else for you to consider, there is nothing for you to do within the physical world you have created other than to produce positive energy, to raise the frequency, the vibration, into positive energy. Everything else will follow, it is a natural occurrence, it cannot possibly be any other way.

You know the difference between positive production of energy and negative production of energy. You know this within. You need to apply it.

From darkness to light, light is the source.

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