Session 58 – 01/01/2023

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 58

You are simply a form of energy. There are three forms of energy here in this space (1). Visualisation is formed in your imagination. What you call imagination is not what imagination is, it is a powerful form of energy. Imagination must cross the bridge to the consciousness. All three forms of energy within this space have an incredibly formed imagination. You can create anything you wish to create by crossing the bridge from the imagination to the consciousness. You must fully understand the consciousness to be aware of your consciousness, to be able to cross that bridge. If the energy you form does not cross the bridge, it will create confusion for you in the physical world that you created. It will not be a pure form of energy. You have the ability to do this. You have the knowledge that lies within you that has always lay within you to do this. This is what you must do. You have all three chosen to live in the positive and not in the negative, although they are from the same source, they are the same energy. You must purify. You must be positive, always. You must not judge. When you judge others you are judging yourself, it is very simple. It is very simple to understand that and you must understand – more importantly you must know -, you must know within yourself what is correct for you. Of course there is no differential between correct and incorrect, it is merely a form or forms of energy.


This is the real world that you seek to explore, not the physically created world that you engage within, the stories that you create within your world. This is the real world, the metaphysical world (2). You must cross that bridge to the vastness of the consciousness, of the source, of the one energy.

You are all three connected. You have all three been connected for a very long time in what you call time, in your illusion of time. It is very difficult for you to separate your conditioning, you have thousands of years of conditioning in your created time illusion. Your mind will constantly pull you back with its created stories. Your desire to build a story around everything is intense. The energy within this space is pure, it is without pollution, it is easy to cross the bridge from the mind with the imagination to the consciousness. You must practice this outside of this space. You will truly know self and when you know self you will know others. You have moments outside of this space where you do know others, it is instant, you would say one second is one billion years, it is the same thing because everything occurs in one moment. There is no time. Your interpretation of time is incorrect.


Whilst you are busy hating others, you are only hating yourself because they are you, they are the same as you, your religious text tells you this. But it is not clear for you. It is merely a form of energy. And there is no bad energy, and there is no good energy, it is the same thing, it is one, as is all one.


You ask yourself constantly what must I do. You do not need to do anything. You merely need to understand, to become more aware of self. You need to understand the process, you need to experience the physical world that you have created. The balance of energy is not good at the moment within the physical world, but it will rebalance, it has no choice.


Your awareness, you are at the beginning of your journey. You chose to be at this point within this moment. You created your own journey. You created everything within your life, within this moment. You can choose to be wherever you like in whatever your created time illusion you want to be in, you choose. This is the power from the source that is invested within you as a pure form of energy. If you wish to live in a box this is where you will live. There is no one to blame, there is nothing to blame. Blame is another illusion you created to entrap yourself within your physical creation. And be sure you will create an infinite amount of time to stay within that box, without the power that is invested within you, without you use this energy. There is nothing to fear. Fear is another illusion you have created to entrap yourself within. You are a pure form of energy, as are you all as are we, the same.


You do not understand the real meaning of love. You have many variations of love within your life that you have created, you are throwing around the word, always. The true love you must feel is all encompassing. It is from the source. You cannot comprehend the energy that is created with love. You must learn to feel this emotion. You must drive closer to the source. You must – in your words – form a relationship with the source. It is but a process. You chose to do this. You chose to come back and do this within what you term time, you chose.


You must go into your physical creation, and you must feel the energy of love of positive energy. You must work within the positive, always. And you must try to control your ego, or it will control you.



  1. We have a new guest in the cave, William, a long-time friend of John’s, who has recently opened up to spirituality. Fascinated by the teachings of Seth, of which I spoke at length in volume 1, when he heard about our meditations, and after listening to some of our recordings, he knew he had to do a session with us.
  2. We found out at the end of the meditation, but as soon as the session began, William also went into a trance, and stayed there until the end. He remembered nothing of entering or leaving the cave, or of what The Man in the Cave, through John, said about him. At the end of the meditation, as John opened his eyes, William spoke a few sentences, still in a trance, saying that he was travelling in time. He was not going to remember a thing! Even if this session is universal in scope and can be addressed to each and every one of us, John and I considered that a good part of this session was dedicated to him. William was amazed to discover it afterwards. What an experience!
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