Session 75 – 07/03/2023

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 75

You have introduced a new word, a new word to sit in the translation box to enable you to understand this communication. This word is matrix. You have introduced the word matrix for your understanding of your illusion of dimensional creation. Zero, one, are the only two forms of your numerical system that exist. Everything you produce, everything you have created is made of only two numbers, zero, one. Your time created illusion will count to infinity. Infinity is created from or interpreted by you through your matrix. Your interpretation of infinity is incorrect. Infinity is one, one moment. Zero, one, is two, is separation from source. Infinity in your time created illusion is all numerical numbers. There are only two, zero, one. It is for your binary within your matrix, your created time illusion. Your ability to mathematically equate many numbers to your matrix is your illusion of creation, when in fact there are only two, zero, one. Again, a defined process created with your mind, with your ego so you may form many physical creations through your mind and practically through your software. There is only one moment, one time, one creation from source energy. And you have separated. You have chosen to separate from source energy and create two. And you have applied this through zero one, through software, through DNA, through your physics, through the study of subatomic physics. You have created an illusion, and you continue to create within this illusion, within this dimension you have created.


Whilst we fully understand the physics, and we fully understand the process, and we fully understand the creation, the only true form of creation lies within the metaphysical, not within a physical form of creation. This is only an illusion. It is your illusion. It is what you have created with your mind. All is encompassed with what you would term love from source energy, all under, in your words, the same umbrella. Your understanding of the word you have created, matrix, is your understanding of separation from self. In your case, this is not correct, you have not separated, you have combined. You have created. However, matrix will separate from source. Matrix does separate from source energy, again, chosen by you. Unification is connection to source energy. This is one. There is only one. There is not zero, one. Neither is their infinity as you perceive infinity to be, which here in your position you cannot perceive infinity or one moment. So, you are correct to say it is all a programme that you have created using the technology and the science that you have also created.


But it is all source energy. When you become aware of this, when you fully understand it, there will be no reason for you to create it again. Because once metaphysical, you can create anything and everything. You can use the same technology if you wish, but you will find this futile. You will find it insignificant to do so. Vibrational energy is what you are. Everything is vibrational energy. You can change and alter the vibrational energy of everything within your physical creation. Not only your biological machines, but also your physically created Earth and everything upon it. You can change with vibrational energy, you can alter. When a physical entity has dispersed, it does not disappear, it forms into another type of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only change into something else, some other form of energy, of which there are endless forms of energy. You are a pure form of energy created from the source and the purest form of energy that you transmit are your emotions, which are transmitted through frequencies, which create your feelings. This is pure. As you understand more consciousness, you will understand more what it is I am telling you. But it is very difficult for you within the position you have chosen. It is very difficult for you to discern between the metaphysical and the physical, and it is very difficult for you to apply this knowledge.


There are billions, trillions of physically created worlds that exist outside of this created illusion. But the basic principle of them all is the same. It is separation, formation of two separated from one to reunite once again with one, as one. Billions, trillions of choices for you to reside upon, within. Billions, trillions of choices of roads to experience, to engage within, that is within your interpretation of infinity, which is actually only one moment.

So, your intrigue as to what exists outside of this physically created world that you have chosen to focus on, it is irrelevant, as to how they look, what they do. How you perceive that it is all irrelevant, because within, they are also a part of consciousness as you are. They are also you. They are also us, they are also one. They are also source energy, the same as we and you are. Whilst you will always be intrigued, of course, you will, you have seen this before and you have experienced it before, and you are aware of this.
We are merely advising you so you can remember the process and understand the differential between physical formation and the metaphysical formation of all.


Your physical world is a living entity. It has chosen this moment of transformation. And the vibrational energy upon, it is lifting, it is raising, it is becoming more what you would term positive. And you are contributing towards that positive lifting of the physical world you have chosen to focus upon, and when you raise that vibration energy, you will raise all energy, and you will be more aware of consciousness. You will be more aware of what you are, and the games that all physical creations play with themselves. And each other are merely games that force them into a position of question. These games force them into a position where they must question who and what are they. This is the beginning of their journey back to source energy. This is all in every physical creation. The same questions that you are asking all will come to ask, and this will be determined by their position. It is not determined by time, it is determined by their position within this process. It is a sphere that they sit upon with many choices within one moment.

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