Session 94 – 30/05/2023

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 94

You will experience what you allow yourself to experience. You will experience what you predetermined within one moment to experience. Your interpretation of one moment is incorrect. Your interpretation of predetermined is incorrect. It is within a moment, a, as you would term, split second, not even that, it is knowing within a moment, all and everything. And you will experience this based on your predetermined wisdom within one moment. This is position, position of understanding from self, and then apply. Time is an illusion. It is how you quantify. It is why you use words like predetermined. It is not predetermined in the way you perceive predetermined, it is instant within one moment, the exact moment for every decision, and direction that knowing self leads to. All moments are only one moment and all of the lives that you are living, you are living within one moment. Your perception of past and future is an illusion. Whilst you are focusing on this life you are in, you are also living in all of the lives that you have chosen to live in. And whilst you focus on this life, the only way you can rationalise within this life you are focused on is to apply time. And all and everything can change within that moment based on your own interpretation of that moment.

Whilst this is easier for you to understand, it is still very difficult based on your conditioning and based on your inability to apply anything other than time, time created illusion.


I know you have experienced self through looking into others of which it is the same thing. And it is the same thing for all physical entities, pure energy connected as one. 

Your frustrations exist based on your interpretation of this one life you choose to focus on. It is to experience, it is to create. With creation comes experience, comes a journey, a cycle, from the beginning to the end. When in reality, there is neither, it is one moment. I do not talk in riddles, it is clear, it is precise, it is the process I talk about frequently, and it is for you to know. If I inform you of a specific momentary occurrence, this will direct you to this moment, this is interference. I will not interfere with your journey, it is you that chose this journey. It is your wish I do not interfere. It is your choice.


I am you, I am you in a different dimension, I am you in nine as are all, one.

All you have to do is experience, to create energy, to form energy. Your interpretation of to do is based on a moralistic principle of conditioning. It is not correct, it is conditioning. There is no good or bad energy. It is merely formed by you, created by you, created by you to understand self, to be aware of self, to journey through creation. When I say to you, you do not have to do anything, it is based on your moralistic view of right and wrong. You will experience all and everything. To do has no relevance within this. You will, you are, as we are the same.

Your interpretation of nine is higher than one. There is no higher. Your language, again, misinterprets with emotion through conditioning. No higher, no lower, only one. Confusing when you create a numbered system of physical creation, you can go from one and never stop counting. Infinity, infinity is one, no higher, no lower, the same thing.


The true meaning of technology is for you to understand source. That is all. To understand process, to understand how it works, this is real technology, this is created from source, this is what you created through your source origin. This is what you continue to create. This is what all entities of energy continue to create. And with their misunderstanding of energy, with their division of self, they also apply this energy through fear of self, through misinterpretation of source, of their journey, through fear, through their conditioned interpretation of isolation, when in reality, it is another illusion, isolation of self, a mind created illusion.


The closest word we have created for you to understand source is love. Positive energy creates love and for you to understand source, you must apply positive. But this is what you chose to do within each and every moment. You allow yourself to recoil back into your conditioned life. You allow yourself to recoil back into your conditioned life and you allow yourself to focus on your conditioning with your mind, and when you sit in your time created illusion, this is when you create what your interpretation of negative energy is. But within, you’ve already chosen to create positive, to live in love and within your time created illusion, you very quickly can change this within one moment. It is not the same for all entities and energies. And you will remain one foot in and one foot out, and you will remain on this journey. This is not a prediction, it is different, it is a knowing and you know within as we know. And yes, we, when I use the word, we, I am referring to you and I.

It is enough for you to know this, to understand.

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