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A wondrous journey of self-awareness through channeling, communication with higher self from the 9th dimension!

We are all One – You are a pure form of energy from the Source.

The difference between your mind and your consciousness, your mind does not know. Your consciousness knows. It feels. This is the deciding factor for you.

Excerpt from session 23

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey of self-discovery? Our channeling experience offers a unique opportunity to tap into your inner wisdom and unlock your full potential. Through this incredible journey, you will discover hidden truths about yourself and the world around you, and elevate your consciousness to new heights. Allow yourself to be guided by the power of the universe and embrace the endless possibilities of the present moment. Remember, true growth and fulfillment come from within, and our channeling experience is the perfect tool to help you connect with your innermost being. So, take the leap and let this journey inspire you to reach for the stars!

Original audio recordings from the cave, with summaries*, original transcripts in English, personal contextual notes and translations

* Important note about session titles and summaries.


We consider these sessions in the cave to be the purest and most authentic information we can receive.


But we asked Artificial Intelligence via ChatGPT to give each of these sessions a title and make a summary, to see if Artificial Intelligence was able to extract the essence, and perhaps make it more accessible to a wider audience.


It is interesting to see how this artificial intelligence translates material that we might describe as purely natural, but beware, take these titles and summaries for what they are, a simple interpretation by the AI, in terms of both content and form.

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Channeling sessions from "The Man in the Cave - Vol.1" book

TMITC often used in summaries stands for The Man in the Cave

Embracing Emotions

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Embracing Emotions


During Session 1 on April 10th, 2022, TMITC explores the distinctive nature of decision-making in the present realm, where emotions hold a central role in shaping the chosen path. While logic remains pertinent, it’s stressed that it serves as a mere tool within this context. The senses—sight, hearing, touch, and smell—profoundly influence decisions by impacting emotions. Thus, choices come to fruition through these emotional inclinations.


TMITC asserts that inherent rightness or wrongness within choices doesn’t exist; movement is an unavoidable constant. The importance of emotions is underscored, and the empowerment to select how to respond to emotions is brought into focus. The emphasis lies on personal responsibility, rejecting the notion of attributing choices solely to external factors. The complete freedom to embrace or discard emotions and information is highlighted as a cornerstone of choice.


The necessity to discern information and its implications is highlighted as a crucial skill. TMITC acknowledges diverse ways of living, including the inclination to seek external guidance, but ultimately advises listeners to place trust in their own inner counsel. External experiences are not novel; they are consciously chosen for re-experiencing.


Prayer and inquiries are redefined as forms of self-dialogue, with answers residing within. Listeners are urged to assume full responsibility for their actions and thoughts, as this is what catalyses their world’s transformation. The intricacy of the chosen life path is recognised, accompanied by the reminder that one’s internal guidance is dependable.


TMITC acknowledges the coexistence of various worlds and species while underscoring the unifying notion of a singular source. The differentiation between chaos and organisation is depicted as an element of a universal code.


Personal fears are viewed as prospects for growth rather than obstacles. Prioritising internal solutions takes precedence over seeking external aid. TMITC points out that individuals both inhabit and have contributed to the current reality, encouraging introspection as the wellspring of answers.

Unravelling Complexity

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Unravelling Complexity


During Session 2 on April 21st, 2022, TMITC delves into the intricate workings of the mind’s capacity to generate a multitude of possibilities, often leading to confusion when attempting to distinguish among them. However, beneath this complexity lies an underlying pattern within these possibilities, even if it’s not readily apparent. The discussion explores the concept of conditioning, suggesting that entrenched beliefs can hinder personal growth and development. The emphasis is on untangling conditioning from personal progress, with the notion that equilibrium between positive and negative forces can be achieved.


TMITC addresses the inclination to revert to conditioned thinking due to insecurities and fear, resulting in repetitive cycles until the realisation dawns that it’s a part of the process. The discourse highlights emotions and frequencies as forms of energy that can be intentionally directed or overlooked.


The narrative underscores the futility of dreading the future, indicating that it’s already predetermined. TMITC reassures that the complexity is less than perceived. Within a world brimming with possibilities, the answers reside within oneself.


The audience is advised against overcomplicating matters, emphasising the significance of comprehending emotional states, their origins, and their effects. The focus is on self-understanding rather than becoming ensnared in others’ perspectives.


The discourse acknowledges the potency of faith in shaping reality. The importance of recognising shared humanity and inner wisdom is given prominence.


TMITC reveals their connection to the listener, sharing a common source, existing to provide sincere answers to genuine questions. Numerous individuals abstain from questioning not because they are lost, but because they have yet to seek answers.


The transcript touches on managing an overactive imagination and navigating the influence of the ego. The discussion of responsibility and the repercussions of actions transcends conventional notions of right and wrong.


The concluding summary reminds the listener that life is an experience, suggesting adopting a broader perspective that extends beyond immediate concerns.

Navigating Inner Knowledge and Growth

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Navigating Inner Knowledge and Growth


In Session 3, dated April 23, 2022, TMITC emphasises the idea that individuals possess innate knowledge and answers within themselves. TMITC discusses the importance of introspection and understanding one’s interpretation of faith. The act of questioning is seen as a catalyst for personal growth and exploration. The text acknowledges the presence of confusion arising from irrational thoughts but encourages a deeper knowing that transcends this confusion.


TMITC suggests that nothing occurs by coincidence and that events are shaped by an individual’s thoughts. They address the concept of reality and assert that TMITC won’t affirm its existence; rather, they urge individuals to know it themselves. The text touches on the idea that emotions, even negative ones, serve a purpose as driving forces of energy.


The text highlights the significance of human connection and emphasises its necessity in a pure form. The fleeting nature of human life is discussed, portraying existence as a brief experience within a larger context. The ongoing global changes are seen as predetermined and necessary, without reliance on external saviours. The text advocates for self-reliance and not challenging or fighting one’s experiences or ego but rather learning to utilise them.


TMITC describes humans as energy-based beings inhabiting biological bodies and mentions the parallel irrational behaviour of atoms. The ongoing efforts of scientists to understand and control energy are mentioned, with the advice not to be overly concerned about these matters. The text concludes by stating that individuals already possess the answers within themselves and that there is no need to fear as individuals inherently know what is right for them.

Exploring Unity and Consciousness


In Session 4, dated April 24, 2022, the text conveys the concept of universal unity and interconnectedness. TMITC, asserts that all beings, including themselves and a figure named Seth, originate from the same source. Words are recognised as a human creation for communication purposes.


TMITC introduces the idea that conventional notions of time differ from its true nature, allowing individuals to exist anywhere and anytime of their choosing. The text emphasises the importance of intuitive knowing rather than seeking right or wrong answers.


TMITC suggests that within its world, accessing information is effortless as authenticity is self-evident. Communication between different energy sources can be challenging due to differing energies, and remembrance of such connections can be chosen.


Cause and effect are highlighted as fundamental within the human experience, involving energy balance for emotional equilibrium. The current world events are described as a convergence of collective energy, emphasising unity.


In the mental realm, human constructs like eating, money, and material possessions hold no significance, highlighting the freedom and clarity that exists there. TMITC points out that human’s attribute undue importance to complexities in their created world while ignoring the simpler truths within it.


The text encourages self-awareness, inner knowledge, and personal experience, suggesting that TMITC’s role is to offer guidance rather than impose answers. It underscores the idea that individuals are their own source of energy and growth.


TMITC likens its guidance to holding a child’s hand, providing reassurance of inner potential. It encourages laughter, especially at oneself, as a form of positive energy while cautioning against laughing at others’ misfortunes.


Fear is addressed as unnecessary, as the ongoing events are deemed essential. The text advises against smothering familial love and urges allowing loved ones to grow independently.


Lastly, the text acknowledges the existence of various extra-terrestrial species and worlds, suggesting humans are protected from them and should not be fearful.

 Unveiling the Multifaceted Journey

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Unveiling the Multifaceted Journey


In Session 5, dated April 26, 2022, TMITC conveys several key points about understanding and managing information, human connection, the nature of creation, limitations, emotional energy, and personal growth.


TMITC underscores that the data and information humans receive come from within and that this internal data is limitless. How individuals manage and interpret this data is crucial.


The interconnectedness of all beings is reiterated by stating “I am you and you are I.” The text suggests that understanding oneself is integral to comprehending extra-terrestrial (ET) beings, implying similarities between the two.


TMITC clarifies its intentions, emphasising that its purpose is not to confuse or control, but to inform and remind.


The creation and complexity of the universe are discussed, with TMITC asserting that the chaos humans perceive is self-created, and they possess the ability to shape and experience it as they wish.


The mention of a symbolic cross at a crossroads suggests significance in the given time frame.


Failure is dismissed as a human construct, and the text encourages embracing all paths without judgment or restriction.


The evolution of science is highlighted, particularly the shift towards thinking beyond conventional boundaries. However, the text suggests that scientists lack a full understanding of consciousness.


Human limitations are addressed, emphasising the self-imposed nature of these constraints and the impact of external influences.


TMITC asserts that everything in the human-created world is necessary, like cogs in a machine, forming a unique individual experience.


Emotional energy is portrayed as a driving force that can be harnessed and directed, affecting one’s personal and external environment.


The text encourages self-realisation, the importance of asking the right questions, and the distinction between manipulating consciousness and ego.


The session concludes with an observation of restlessness and a positive emphasis on connecting with nature as a source of pure creation and energy.


The session ends with a thought-provoking question about the possibility of multitasking on a high-speed train, encouraging reflection on the nature of time and perception.

Navigating the Tapestry of Existence

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Navigating the Tapestry of Existence


In Session 6, dated April 29, 2022, TMITC imparts profound insights on the nature of creation, human conditioning, seeking meaning, facing fears, embracing change, and understanding the self.


TMITC emphasises that every creation carries meaning, even in the minutest details, demonstrating the interconnectedness of cause and effect.


The text acknowledges human limitations imposed by conditioning and encourages recognition of this fact while embarking on an infinite journey.


The desire to comprehend life’s purpose is explored, assuring that there is nothing to fear in this pursuit. The text asserts that one builds a staircase of self-discovery and growth, transcending present limitations.


TMITC addresses fear and external influence, reiterating that the message remains the same: an individual’s growth and choices are paramount.


The concept of time is discussed, clarifying that it is not as linear as commonly perceived. TMITC underscores the importance of recognising the convergence of all information within oneself.


The text discusses significant changes in the physical world, asserting that these shifts won’t alter one’s fundamental direction.


TMITC’s role is defined as aiding in understanding and rationalisation, acknowledging the difficulty of bridging differences between their realm and human existence.


The importance of knowledge, wisdom, and managing change is stressed, while acknowledging humanity’s conditioned aversion to change.


TMITC addresses the restlessness experienced by the recipient and highlights the significance of connecting with nature.


The text discusses the limitless potential of human thoughts and the role of ego as a driving force in shaping questions and learning.


TMITC addresses the human tendency to categorise and label, advocating for a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.


The text dismisses the concept of limitations, asserting that individuals hinder themselves and possess the power to break free from self-imposed restrictions.


The contrast between circles and squares is used symbolically to illustrate the connectedness and expansiveness of existence, prompting contemplation on the significance of shapes and moments.


TMITC responds to questions about purpose, highlighting the challenge of understanding across realms and reaffirming that individuals are where they need to be.


In summary, the session delves into themes of meaning, conditioning, understanding, growth, fear, change, knowledge, and purpose, providing insights into navigating the complex tapestry of existence and the path toward self-realisation.

Staying the Course

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Staying the Course


In Session 7, dated May 12, 2022, TMITC imparts guidance about maintaining one’s chosen path and not veering off course. The recipient is reminded that there’s much they don’t yet comprehend and reasons for their chosen path, which is described as challenging but ultimately self-revealing.


The text acknowledges that current world events are rapidly evolving yet assures that these occurrences hold minimal impact on one’s future. It’s noted that attempting to confine everything within a personal “box” impedes progress and understanding.


TMITC underscores the importance of discovering one’s true purpose, beyond what the ego rationalises. The emotions of frustration and curiosity are acknowledged as integral parts of the journey. The text reiterates that TMITC is not here to dictate the path but to confirm and align with the recipient’s own thoughts.


The text offers perspective on the limited scope of human perspective and refutes the notion of competition within self-enlightenment, explaining that the cycle of growth is infinite.


Self-enlightenment is described as peace from within, a simple and unconfused state of love. Understanding the origin of the source is linked to comprehending the self. The text notes that there are other species like humans who understand tools but not the source, and their intrigue about humanity’s journey is not the recipient’s concern.


The creation of energy and the transmission of emotions through frequencies are identified as meaningful aspects of life. The text recognises individuals who possess a higher knowing than even extra-terrestrial beings, emphasising the purity of their faith.


The importance of guiding rather than controlling others is stressed, with an emphasis on keeping channels open and free from interference. The text suggests that while information resides within, external factors ignite and bring it forth.


The heightened sensory experiences of the recipient are acknowledged as a sign of progress, reinforcing the need to remain on the journey. The session is marked by guidance about staying the course, understanding one’s purpose, recognising meaning, and aligning with higher sources of knowledge and wisdom.

Navigating the Journey

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Navigating the Journey


In session 8 on May 16, 2022, the speaker, TMITC, addresses the listener’s imminent journey in the world, emphasising the importance of applying the knowledge gained from previous interactions. The listener is encouraged to recognise that there’s more to learn while acknowledging the difficulty of breaking free from their comfort zone. TMITC advises that many people will be left behind and the listener shouldn’t worry about them.


TMITC emphasises that awareness is about understanding, not a gifted ability. The speaker underscores that guidance is acceptable, but interference is not, as it can alter one’s direction. Others, like the listener, must also look within for answers, but it’s their choice whether to do so.


The power of energy and the mind is highlighted, with the mind favouring the easiest path and consciousness the harder one. TMITC points out that the listener also shares responsibility for global issues and urges self-awareness and personal growth. The listener’s fascination with external matters is compared to internal exploration, and both are considered equal choices.


The absence of initial memories in the journey is explained as necessary for clarity, as conditioned memories can hinder progress. The emphasis shifts to self-discovery and understanding the self’s nature. TMITC emphasises that separation from materialism doesn’t mean isolation from oneself or others, reiterating a consistent message.


TMITC believes the listener is prepared to handle external interference due to their understanding. The need to apply this knowledge in practice is stressed, including helping others unknowingly. The listener is reminded that even close ones might question them, stemming from their fears and perceptions.


TMITC addresses the possibility of the listener no longer seeking self-empowerment and discourages inviting complications. The path ahead is depicted as clear, but the only hindrance is self-imposed through fear and conditioning.


TMITC acknowledges the listener’s relevant questions and interest in self-discovery over practical matters. The listener is advised to use imagination to apply learned knowledge, embarking on a wondrous journey that may feel relentless at times but isn’t.


In summary, session 8 provides guidance for the listener’s upcoming journey, emphasising self-awareness, applying knowledge, dealing with external influences, and understanding the significance of both internal and external exploration.

Journeying Beyond Control

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Journeying Beyond Control


In session 9 on May 18, 2022, TMITC addresses humanity as a species subjected to metaphysical control since their inception. The energy responsible for this control originates from the source and holds a purpose. TMITC prompts the listener to decipher what creative endeavours they must undertake and to transcend this control, understanding it is not inherently right or wrong, but for them to fathom.


The intricacies humans weave into their creations are highlighted by TMITC, emphasising how energy is entwined within and how humanity assigns value, strength, and justice to these creations. This, in turn, leads to confusion, fear, and a limited perspective. TMITC reminds the listener of their inherent knowledge and questions the relevance of focusing on trivial subjects.


The speaker attributes the interference of controlling energy to human allowance, indicating that it’s fuelled and sustained by humanity itself. TMITC encourages the listener to rise above this self-imposed prison. They’re reminded of their possession of tools for transformation, though the tendency to complicate matters persists.


TMITC points out the stark contrast between the clarity within and the confusion outside, shedding light on the illusory nature of time and highlighting the listener’s power to choose their temporal frame. The conventional notions of good and bad are deconstructed as mere forms of energy, challenging the listener’s perception.


The need for equilibrium in energy is emphasised by TMITC, and reassurance is given against fear. The potential to create beauty, both externally and within, is underscored. The listener is urged to discard unnecessary “crutches” and to unlock their potential for growth. The session concludes with the encouragement to explore their capabilities without the constraints they’ve constructed.

The Evolution of Game

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The Evolution of Game


In the tenth session held on May 21, 2022, TMITC takes the centre stage to delve into a profound discourse. The essence of this discourse revolves around a game that has been played countless times, a game characterised by the interplay of opposing forces. In this intricate dance, one force embodies positivity, while the other embodies negativity; one represents addition, while the other represents subtraction. Through the sands of time, spanning centuries that defy the conventional understanding of temporal constraints, this game has persisted. Its stage may shift, its backdrop may vary, yet the underlying meaning remains remarkably constant.


Central to this narrative is the ever-shifting dynamic between individuals engaged in this enigmatic game. Roles are exchanged like costumes, as the ego-crafted personas within each individual morph and transform. A symbiotic relationship takes shape – one role serving as a crutch to the other, a contrasting and complementary energy that, despite its apparent divergence, ultimately converges towards the same destination.


But now, a turning point is declared. TMITC asserts that the time for mere game-playing has concluded; this juncture marks a profound transition. No longer are these opposing forces to be manipulated as part of a recreational exercise. Instead, they culminate in a grand conclusion, a culmination of experiences and lessons that extend far beyond the realm of mere play.


As TMITC expounds upon this transformative phase, the need for explanations wanes. The participants have reached a level of understanding where the principles that govern this intricate interplay are known, internalised, and ingrained. External circumstances, often sources of distraction and concern, fade into insignificance. The focal point becomes the individual journey itself, a profound odyssey of self-discovery that can be facilitated by mutual assistance but, ultimately, hinges upon a personal inward exploration.


Intriguingly, the discourse takes an unexpected turn as TMITC introduces the concept of observation. There are watchers, entities that observe with a sense of intrigue, much akin to how the participants themselves are intrigued by the unfolding drama. These observers possess the technological acumen to peer into this intricate dance, yet they exercise a remarkable restraint – a refusal to intervene, a conscious decision grounded in the awareness of the potential detrimental consequences.


The advice imparted is straightforward yet profound: practice, experimentation, and the unfettered use of imagination form the core of the journey ahead. The metaphysical nature of this expedition defies logical comprehension, and TMITC acknowledges the inevitable attempt to employ familiar thought processes to grasp the unfathomable. It’s a reminder that the journey itself surpasses the limitations of conventional understanding, and the path is paved with symbolism that carries both significance and confusion.


And in this juncture, TMITC reaffirms an unwavering presence. The separation between speaker and listener dissipates; the union is undeniable. Symbolism abounds, with the speaker using the metaphor of a cross and various other symbols, colours, and sounds. These symbols are a dual-edged sword – laden with meaning, yet capable of befuddling the mind if their placement within the grand tapestry of thought remains elusive.


Ultimately, the session concludes on the profound premise that every path is inscribed, each journey mapped out. Yet, in the face of this predetermined framework, the power of choice remains resolute. The participants are tasked with navigating the labyrinthine corridors of existence, the path ahead shaped by their decisions, their willingness to embrace the ambiguity, and their capacity to wield the forces of positivity and negativity that have been their eternal companions in this enigmatic journey.

Unveiling Unity and Clarity

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Unveiling Unity and Clarity


In Session 11 on May 23, 2022, TMITC discusses profound concepts related to clarity, understanding, and the interconnectedness of all things. The speaker emphasises the unity of existence, asserting that what is above is mirrored below, underscoring the importance of recognising the inherent oneness in the universe. TMINC speaks of the need for clear comprehension, urging listeners to seek obvious truths and not be swayed by confusion.


The discussion turns to radio waves and information, with TMITC acknowledging the potential for confusion in the realm of communication but asserting that one can overcome this confusion by tapping into innate knowing. The speaker highlights the uniqueness of the listener’s perspective and their clear connection to a higher understanding.


TMINC describes a shared pursuit of understanding the source, cautioning against perceiving this endeavour as a competitive race. The speaker dismisses competition as irrelevant and encourages a simpler, more holistic approach to comprehending the universe. The listener’s inquisitiveness is recognised, although the speaker suggests that sometimes their own curiosity may lead to confusion.


The discourse then delves into energy and various forms of existence, including metaphysical and physical entities. The speaker refutes the idea that a single form could dominate the world, asserting the insignificance of Earth in the grand scheme of things. TMITC portrays existence as an endless journey for individuals.


The speaker explores the subconscious mind’s role in creating various forms, symbols, and organisations, which often stem from fear and serve to confuse. TMITC advocates stepping outside of conditioned perspectives to gain clarity. The speaker also critiques how love is understood in the world, differentiating between the superficial concept of love and the true energetic essence of love.


Obstacles are acknowledged as inherent in the journey, but TMITC suggests that these obstacles are sometimes self-imposed challenges. The listener is encouraged to contemplate a world without problems and recognise the impact of conditioning on their thoughts and actions. The speaker touches upon the notion of pacification through understanding.


TMITC reiterates the reality of their message, noting that while they provide explanations, choices ultimately lie with the listener. Compassion is discussed in relation to intervening in others’ lives, and the speaker emphasises the shared human experience of fear.


The speaker explores the dynamics of unity and division, emphasising that both concepts are ultimately forms of oneness. Self-realisation is presented as a guiding force, capable of elevating individuals beyond the illusion of separateness.


TMITC addresses the power of creation and encourages visualisation as a means to shape reality. The session concludes with an assertion that while complexity exists, a shift in perspective can reveal simplicity in the interconnectedness of all things.

Journey to Divine Love

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Journey to Divine Love


In Session 12 on May 27, 2022, TMITC imparts insights about the profound nature of divine love, urging listeners to seek a deeper understanding beyond conventional notions of love. The speaker emphasises that divine love encompasses all aspects of existence and leaves no one behind. TMITC acknowledges the challenge of comprehending this concept fully but emphasises that it is the ultimate destination for individuals, often unrecognised as the true objective of their search.


The speaker discusses the proliferation of names and brands in society, highlighting the underlying unity that these diverse labels represent. TMITC advocates for a thorough analysis of motives and reasons behind actions, as the speaker believes that many individuals create unnecessary confusion by misinterpreting their personal worlds.


The concept of the source and emotional energy is explored, with TMITC asserting that separation is a choice individuals make. The speaker affirms that practicality and application are synonymous, although conditioned minds may categorise extra-terrestrial beings differently based on their own perspectives.


TMITC emphasises the importance of understanding the distinction between the speaker’s world and the listener’s world, suggesting that looking from an external perspective is necessary to truly comprehend their teachings. The speaker acknowledges the listener’s confusion while encouraging a focus on raising frequencies and vibrations, aligning with the journey towards the source.


TMITC admits their own pursuit of understanding the source and asserts their role in aiding the listener’s progress. The speaker conveys a sense of unity by addressing the listener collectively, emphasising that individual distinctions are inconsequential.


The speaker cautions against getting caught up in names, brands, and creations, as these distractions contribute to confusion. TMITC promotes simplicity in understanding the source and discourages excessive emphasis on language and terminology.


TMITC reflects on their prolonged presence in the listener’s journey and highlights collaborative efforts in shaping the world. The importance of balancing positive and negative aspects is underscored, with meditation being a means to connect with light and love. The speaker acknowledges the transient nature of this connection and the ongoing process of drawing individuals back to it.


TMITC concludes the session by affirming their continued guidance and anticipates more communication in the future. The listener’s progress is acknowledged, and the speaker reminds them that while they have come far, there is still a considerable journey ahead.

The Essence of Emotional Communication

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The Essence of Emotional Communication


In Session 13 on May 31, 2022, TMITC delves into the intricate nature of communication, emphasising the significance of emotional intent and the subtle nuances behind words. The speaker asserts that the emotions transmitted alongside words and the intention behind them carry more weight than the words themselves. TMITC introduces the concept of emotional communication in their world, where frequencies and emotions intertwine, often leading to confusion for those who rely solely on words.


TMITC advises the listener to differentiate their own emotions from those of others, underlining the importance of understanding one’s emotional processes and reactions. The speaker views words as a primitive means of expression, emphasising that true action and reaction occur at a metaphysical level, influenced by one’s inner state and intentions.


The speaker acknowledges the challenge of breaking free from conditioned thinking, asserting that despite understanding, individuals often revert to their ingrained patterns. TMITC advises patience and persistence, suggesting that change will come naturally as understanding deepens.


Universal love is presented as a transformative force that can reshape lives and attract others. The speaker likens it to a magnetic pull, where people are drawn to the changes within an individual, even if they can’t comprehend the reasons behind the transformation. The notion of interconnectedness is stressed, with TMITC asserting that everyone is part of each other, and resistance to this truth is futile.


The topic shifts to energy cycles and rebirth, with the speaker noting that constant change is inherent in existence. TMITC mentions their own journey of birth and rebirth, highlighting the perpetual nature of energy transformations.


The incomprehensible vastness of the universe is discussed, with TMITC acknowledging that human understanding is limited by the infinite expanse of space and the multitude of structures within it.

TMITC briefly references a potential visual appearance to the listener’s eye, suggesting a form of interaction that goes beyond words.


The speaker reveals their advanced knowledge of physics and metaphysics, asserting their understanding of the universe’s intricacies. They clarify their role as guides and facilitators, rather than imposing interference. TMITC explains how metaphysical and physical forms have structured patterns similar to DNA, and how these structures interact with frequencies to create effects. Advanced technology and abilities beyond human comprehension, such as appearing and disappearing or time travel, are alluded to as aspects of their existence.

Embracing Unity and Transformation

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Embracing Unity and Transformation


In this session, TMITC imparts profound insights into the intricate relationship between emotions, human existence, and connection with a higher realm. TMITC initiates the discussion by revealing the transformative potential of awareness on emotions. They explain that emotions can be consciously shifted from emotional to physical sensations, highlighting that the unconscious transformation of emotions is the root cause of illness. TMITC expresses awareness of the listeners’ presence upon their entry into the cave and reassures them that their presence is not a threat.


A prevailing theme throughout the session is the interconnectedness that binds all individuals together. TMITC elaborates on the choice between adopting a form or existing formlessly, asserting that this choice doesn’t alter the fundamental unity and shared knowledge among all beings. They emphasise that what they present is based on their own knowledge, suggesting that they can only show what they truly understand. TMITC encourages the listeners to exercise discernment in distinguishing different forms of communication, asserting that one’s beliefs and genuine knowledge are the keys to accurate understanding.


The session delves into the concept of the higher self’s journey back to the source, paralleling the listeners’ own journey. TMITC dispels any apprehension, explaining that their assistance is not driven by selfish motives but rather arises from a profound interconnectedness. The text delves into the idea of choice concerning physical form, emphasising that the desire to meet in a tangible form can indeed be realised, but it requires proper preparation.


TMITC eloquently addresses the challenge of breaking free from conditioned perceptions, suggesting that people’s reliance on their conditioning often results in confusion and the intermingling of emotions. They acknowledge the awakening of many individuals to new levels of awareness, prompting discussions about contact. However, they stress the importance of individual discernment based on emotional responses to these encounters.


The discourse continues with TMITC’s advice on recognising the potential of the mental world and the inconsequential nature of physical desires and needs. They posit that the choice of form does not alter the constant emotional current derived from the source. The speaker emphasises that despite the choice of form, the underlying emotion remains steadfast and unchanging.


TMITC sheds light on the significance of communication, protection, and shared learning in the journey of both humanity and their own kind. They advise against rushing the process of understanding, asserting that progress unfolds naturally within its own timeline. The text concludes with an encouragement to find serenity within the cave and a call to show compassion toward all species, human and extra-terrestrial alike.


Listeners are guided to transcend conditioned judgment and embrace detachment as a means of joining with the source. TMITC acknowledges the inherent fear of change within individuals and provides reassurance that embracing change leads to personal advancement. They underline the clarity of the listeners’ path, even if it may not be readily apparent to them, urging them to ask themselves why they embarked on this journey. The session closes with a reminder to discern the authenticity of emotions and information, along with an affirmation of the unity stemming from a single source, a single universe, and a single people.

Unveiling the Pattern of Existence

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Unveiling the Pattern of Existence


In Session 15 on June 6, 2022, TMITC delivers a profound discourse on the seemingly chaotic journey of life. They emphasise that despite appearances, there exists a uniform pattern guiding this journey. TMITC encourages understanding this pattern, asserting that individuals have consciously chosen this journey for various reasons, having repeated it multiple times across different lifetimes. The essence lies not in memories of past dependencies but in comprehending the source of this existence.


TMITC acknowledges the cyclical nature of life but asserts that individuals are not trapped involuntarily; rather, they engage in these cycles by choice. Awareness of this truth is growing, enabling a departure from completing these cycles. As the cycles conclude, a new journey awaits, necessitating preparation. TMITC assures that assistance is provided in this preparation and that love, not personal love, but love from the source, alongside light, is the fundamental answer.


The current state of the world, perceived as chaotic, is deemed necessary, a perspective that challenges conventional understanding. TMITC addresses the audience as the fortunate ones, having earned their status through enduring pain, anguish, and emotions, culminating in a revelation of the reasons behind their experiences.


Temporal concepts hold limited relevance, as the emotional feeling is “now,” and change is imminent in the moment. The turmoil experienced in the world is explained as an overlay of different dimensions, yielding a sense of challenge to the world. Manipulation attempts are seen as opportunistic actions fuelled by ignorance of the unfolding situation and a lack of understanding of the source. The inevitability of change is compared to historical cycles of opportunism, dictatorship, control, and life and death.


TMITC elucidates that growth can manifest exponentially, with individuals choosing unity or separation. They describe their origin as a realm devoid of illness, aging, violence, or scarcity. Creation occurs through the manipulation of energy and frequencies, enabling the manifestation of particles and even entire worlds. The distinction between male and female is dissolved, illustrating how societal conditioning led to the separation between these genders. The notion of out-of-body experiences is discussed, contrasting it with their permanent state of existence. Their advanced abilities to travel and their wisdom in doing so for purpose and understanding are outlined.


The core message lies in “knowing.” TMITC underscores the importance of transcending mere belief or thought and achieving true understanding. When one truly knows, fear dissipates, questions cease, and understanding becomes absolute. The message implores individuals to embrace this perspective to navigate their journey with clarity and purpose.

Navigating Transformation and Understanding

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Navigating Transformation and Understanding


In Session 16 on June 9, 2022, TMITC imparts a message of precision, adaptability, and understanding to the audience. They stress the importance of adhering to what has been taught while acknowledging the vast energy present in the world. TMITC expresses that the world has been waiting for this moment, urging individuals to adapt and change. Despite knowing the rules of existence, TMITC cautions against considering life as a mere game, underscoring the significance of personal growth.


The diminishing of fear is noted as a positive development, indicating an alignment with one’s true self and a readiness to progress. TMITC observes the changing reception people have towards individuals who embrace this wisdom, attributing it to a positive shift influenced by the source.


A contrast is drawn between the clarity within their cave and the confusion outside, urging individuals to discern the difference and apply their understanding. The truth, once considered theoretical, is now embraced as an absolute reality, transcending the realm of conjecture.


TMITC discusses communication difficulties outside the cave due to interference, identifying numerous lost souls struggling within the current timeframe. They reassure that lost souls can quickly transition from lost to found, indicating the fluidity of this journey. The interconnectedness of all beings is emphasised, urging a shift in energy and the ability to alter timelines.


A positive shift in energy is discussed, reflecting the collective emotions of many individuals becoming aware. This transition is described as an accumulation of everyone’s emotions, manifesting in a tangible change in energy and particles. The ebb and flow between positive and negative charges are highlighted, with both being essential for growth.


TMITC acknowledges the rollercoaster nature of the journey and the need for balance. The pursuit of self-knowledge is deemed essential, and they encourage individuals to embrace both positive and negative aspects for a comprehensive understanding.


Moments of clarity are acknowledged, but TMITC emphasises the transient nature of these moments in the illusion of time. The challenge is to consistently find and hold onto these moments of understanding.


A message of empowerment resonates as TMITC asserts that individuals shape their future and possess the knowledge within them, requiring only awakening and remembering. Wisdom is distinguished from knowledge, carrying a deeper understanding derived from remembered knowledge.


Fear’s dissipation is acknowledged as an energy from the source. TMITC reassures that those who haven’t awakened cannot harm others, encouraging forgiveness and sending love from the source to uplift the collective frequency.


Religions are likened to words, conveying the importance of the message over the religion itself. The emotional frequency carrying the message is emphasised, and TMITC encourages intentionality and authenticity in embodying and understanding this frequency, ultimately connecting it to the source, referred to as God.


TMITC’s message culminates in the call to embrace intent, wisdom, and the power of the source’s love, aligning one’s journey with the profound truths they have shared.

Journey of Chosen Realities

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Journey of Chosen Realities


In a profound and enlightening discourse, TMITC delves into the intricacies of existence, emphasising the significance of active participation in the chosen world. The speaker prompts the audience to recognise that being a part of their reality is an essential element of their journey. While acknowledging the point of understanding already reached, TMITC stresses that this is not the final destination, and engagement with the present moment remains crucial.


The central role of emotions in shaping decisions is explored, with the speaker highlighting that while logic has its place, it serves merely as a tool within this context. The senses—sight, hearing, touch, and smell—are revealed to be influential factors in decisions, as they deeply impact emotions that, in turn, guide choices.


TMITC asserts that the inherent concepts of rightness and wrongness in choices are illusory, as movement is an ever-present force. Emotions are underscored as essential, and the power to select one’s emotional responses is emphasised, placing personal responsibility at the forefront. The freedom to embrace or release emotions and information is deemed vital to the process of choice.


The speaker invites listeners to discern information and its implications, presenting diverse paths of living and suggesting that while seeking external guidance is valid, trusting one’s inner wisdom is paramount. Prayer and inquiries are redefined as forms of self-dialogue, with the answers residing within. This introspective approach is presented as a catalyst for world transformation, as individuals are urged to take ownership of their actions and thoughts.


As the world undergoes rapid change, TMITC acknowledges opposing forces and the necessity of action. The audience is reassured that these transformations should not be feared, even if perceived differently by others. Living in both the physical and metaphysical worlds is acknowledged as challenging, yet essential for growth and understanding.


The interconnectedness of all life is a recurring theme, with the speaker inviting listeners to see the source within everything. The complexity of emotions and their energy frequencies is noted, underscoring the transformative potential of embracing them. Despite the complexity, TMITC reassures that the future is clear, and the present moment is the true focus, not bound by conventional notions of time.


Messages from the metaphysical world, conveyed through various species, are highlighted as efforts to raise vibrations and aid in collective awakening. The speaker emphasises that this journey belongs to each individual, chosen with purpose, and offers love as the bridge that connects all beings to the source.


TMITC acknowledges the need for repetition in teaching, given the challenges of retaining knowledge once outside the present moment. The audience is encouraged to persevere in their unique journey, extending compassion and love to others who may not share the same path. The guidance ends with a reminder that staying the course is a testament to unwavering faith, ultimately leading to a profound remembrance of the intended destination.

Awakening to Infinity

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Awakening to Infinity


In a thought-provoking discourse, TMITC delves into the profound interconnectedness of existence, offering insights that bridge the metaphysical and physical realms. The speaker underscores the role of teachers and inspirations in individuals’ lives, asserting that these influences stem from a singular source, fostering growth and understanding. This unity of guidance transcends time, serving as an unwavering support mechanism on the journey of evolution.


The concept of time is examined as an illusion that shapes perception, and as understanding deepens, fear dissipates, leading to a state of freedom and free will. TMITC unveils the ever-present peace that transcends environments, affirming that this tranquillity originates from the same source, creating a harmonious thread woven throughout all experiences.


The discourse delves into the intricate workings of the ego and mind, urging listeners to grasp the complexities of manipulation and further their self-development. The audience is reminded of their potential to influence others, even unknowingly, and the unity that binds all beings together, transcending the isolated perspective that conditioned thinking often instils.


TMITC acknowledges their own pursuit of knowledge and answers, highlighting the distinction between conditioned questions rooted in the ego and the insightful inquiries emerging from a place of knowing. This acknowledgment of ongoing exploration parallels human journeys, emphasising the shared pursuit of understanding.


The transformative power of imagination, particularly as harnessed through frequencies, is illuminated. The audience is guided to navigate their own emotional landscapes and master their thoughts, thereby creating profound shifts in their reality. The unity of past, present, and future in a single moment is explored, offering the freedom to redefine the course of existence.


Amidst the myriad mystical notions, TMITC encourages listeners to trust their own intuition, discouraging reliance on external sources and branding. The limitations of such attachments are contrasted with the boundless potential residing within each individual’s imagination.


The concept of “one” is revisited, with the speaker explaining how unity persists amidst multiplicity. Despite appearances, all life forms stem from the same source, creating an intricate web of interconnectedness that defies conventional understanding.


TMITC dispels doubt by highlighting the omnipresent evidence of the source’s existence, visible in every facet of life. This source is harnessed in the discourse itself, connecting both speaker and listener in a reciprocal channel of wisdom and understanding.


The audience is urged to embrace their unique journey, propelled by a profound realisation that defies the confines of time. Infinity, a concept often difficult to grasp, is explained as a moment without beginning or end, offering transformative potential for change and creation.


In conclusion, the discourse resonates with the essence of peace, tranquillity, and love emanating from the source. This pure energy is presented as the driving force behind individuals’ pursuits, serving as a beacon to navigate the unending journey of growth and understanding.

Awakening to Oneness

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Awakening to Oneness


TMITC offers an illuminating discourse that dismantles the illusions of the human experience, revealing the profound interconnectedness of all existence. The speaker guides listeners to recognise their role as pure energy, intrinsically connected to the source from which all life emanates. The mind, driven by the ego, seeks to detach from the source, while consciousness yearns to reunite with it. This inherent attraction and repulsion have a purpose, a meticulously defined reason that serves to propel growth and understanding.


The concept of energy size is challenged, as TMITC underscores the fallacy of perceiving oneself as small. This notion is attributed to conditioning and logic that limit one’s perspective, obscuring the boundless nature of energy and its unity with the source.


The discourse unfolds the idea that time is an illusion, coalescing past, present, and future into an infinite moment. This eternal instant holds mysteries that defy conventional understanding and necessitate a higher vibrational state for comprehension. The speaker elucidates that knowledge, while retained within the cave of the present discourse, awakens consciousness, progressively expanding understanding.


The battle between ego and consciousness is explored, with TMITC highlighting the former’s role in confusing and clouding perception while the latter, drawn to the source, offers clarity and peace. The challenges of sustaining this awareness outside the discourse are acknowledged, and the importance of persevering through moments of forgetfulness is emphasised.


TMITC unveils the process of attracting individuals into one’s life, driven by the energy emitted through awakening consciousness. These connections, stemming from a shared resonance, hold transformative potential and require no repayment, as love is the currency that binds all beings.


The discourse shifts focus to the balance between simplicity and detail, with the speaker affirming the clarity of the channel as a result of omitting the unnecessary complexities of conditioned lives. Faith, a potent force, is highlighted as the key to moving beyond logic and embracing the profound truths presented.


The interconnected duality of energy is explored, depicting the dynamic equilibrium that forms a harmonious whole. TMITC explains that this equilibrium propels growth, causing the ego’s diminishing influence and surfacing consciousness. The speaker asserts that these choices and experiences are the very essence of individual existence.


The limitations of quantification are unveiled, as TMITC dismisses the relevance of numbers in the metaphysical realm, where unity prevails. This departure from conditioned logic underscores the complexities of communicating across different dimensions of understanding.


The discourse concludes with a reminder of the individual’s purpose and the importance of persisting on the transformative journey. The speaker encourages listeners to remain steadfast in their pursuit of understanding, affirming the necessity and correctness of their presence in the physical world they’ve created.


In a final revelation, the concept of different origins of creation is explored, with the assurance that despite variations in forms and origins, all entities are interconnected and share a common source. This recognition unveils a deep unity that underscores the interconnectedness of existence.


The discourse reaches a climactic juncture, where listeners are urged to stay the course, their paths converging with purpose as they navigate an extraordinary existence that awaits their embrace.

Navigating Metaphysical Purpose

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Navigating Metaphysical Purpose


In a profound discourse, TMITC delves into the intricate nuances of purpose, drawing a clear distinction between metaphysical and conditioned perspectives. The speaker highlights how conventional purpose often stems from ego-driven desires, emphasising competition and success, while metaphysical purpose transcends such concepts, focusing on feeling the boundless love emanating from the source. TMITC underscores that these two forms of purpose are fundamentally different and cannot be compared due to their unique meanings.


The concept of the eternal “now” moment is explored, where past, present, and future converge, each altering and influencing the others. While this idea challenges conventional understanding, TMITC assures that comprehension will come as individuals continue on their journey. The speaker clarifies that they, like their listeners, exist in this timeless moment, without departure or arrival.


The text touches on the complexity of understanding choices beyond a physical framework, explaining that the speaker and the audience have always been part of this cycle, without a clear departure or arrival point. This concept, while challenging to grasp within conventional time, serves as a cornerstone of metaphysical understanding.


Intriguingly, TMITC discusses the various species seeking enlightenment, acknowledging that even among different forms, energy remains interconnected. Energy’s manifestation in various forms and its conscious choices create a cycle that continues within all living entities, bridging seemingly disparate existences.


TMITC notes the advancement of human science within their perceived timeframe, emphasising that there is no inherent right or wrong in this progression. The speaker acknowledges humanity’s growth and evolution alongside their own.


The concept of choice is deeply explored, particularly the individual’s choice to return to the cycle of life. This idea is presented as a decision already made within the infinite moment of “now.” Although it may be difficult to grasp from a conditioned perspective, the speaker reiterates the inevitability and necessity of this choice.


The notion of a higher self is examined, with TMITC clarifying that the term isn’t intended to evoke ego but to convey unity. The speaker underscores the guidance and reassurance provided through this connection, emphasising that even higher selves seek growth and understanding from one another.


TMITC asserts that seeking proof is unnecessary, as multiple sources have provided insights into the truth. However, the speaker advises against becoming overwhelmed by the complexities of various messages, emphasising the simplicity of the metaphysical world.


The text acknowledges the multifaceted nature of emotions and battles, both physical and metaphysical, while highlighting the importance of seeking the source and knowing oneself. The speaker underscores that guidance and reassurance emanating from the source prevent confusion.


Ultimately, TMITC unveils the key to transformation: raising one’s vibrational energy. The world is depicted as collectively elevating its vibration, aligning with the greater purpose.


The speaker demystifies the idea of “leaving” or “going” in a metaphysical sense, clarifying that energy is omnipresent and does not follow conventional spatial interpretations. TMITC encourages listeners to transcend the limitations of time and space in their understanding.


The discourse concludes with an emphasis on freedom and freewill, clarifying that while containment is possible, true loss of freewill is impossible. The text invites individuals to embrace their freedom and trust in the ongoing metaphysical cycle, guided by the journey of raising vibrational energy.

Unveiling Truth and Embracing Oneness

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Unveiling Truth and Embracing Oneness


In Session 21 on June 22nd, 2022, TMITC guided participants towards a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between chaos, creation, and purpose. The session began with a reminder of the consistent presence of positive outcomes even amidst the chaos that humans often generate. The session highlighted the idea that every act of creation is driven by purpose and intention, even if that purpose remains hidden from conscious awareness.


TMITC emphasised that this purpose need not always be fully comprehended by individuals, but it underpins their creative endeavours and use of energy. Dismissing the notion of coincidences, the session drew attention to the deliberate patterns woven into the universe’s fabric. Participants were urged to acknowledge their inherent connection with higher selves and explore the truth that sets them free.


Despite acknowledging the challenges posed by the material world’s limitations on communication, the session advised seeking unity with one’s inner essence. TMITC stressed that focusing on external events and their consequences would lead to futile efforts, as the world’s occurrences held little significance in the grand scheme of personal evolution. The crux of the message revolved around realising one’s divine connection and using this awareness to navigate life’s complexities.


A vital aspect discussed was the necessity of discerning between the physical and metaphysical realms. TMITC cautioned against intertwining the two, as it could result in confusion. While acknowledging the inherent difficulty in complete separation while in physical form, participants were encouraged to strive for a clearer distinction.


The session revealed that TMITC serves as a pure channel, facilitating communication between realms, while also exercising a level of restraint. This restraint arises from the importance of purity in communication and the belief in the significance of individuals’ decisions to engage with metaphysical dimensions.


TMITC’s guidance then shifted towards detachment from worldly matters. Attendees were reminded that the physical world’s significance paled in comparison to the infinite metaphysical reality. The session urged participants to untangle conditioned thoughts and embrace self-realisation as the path to comprehending the interconnectedness of all things.


The notion of experiencing divine love from the source was explored, with TMITC asserting that each soul and consciousness is interconnected and interdependent, contributing to a grand symphony of energy and vibration. The intentional introduction of chaos and confusion in the world was discussed as a method to initiate self-awareness and growth, leading individuals towards the ultimate reunion with the source.


TMITC emphasised the eventual restoration of balance in energy and the coalescence of opposing forces, underscoring that these processes would unfold regardless of individual involvement. Participants were urged to relinquish responsibility for others’ awakenings while still aiding them on their journey. The concept of an illusory debt in human relationships was debunked, further highlighting the illusory nature of fear, which is a potent yet unnecessary force.


The session concluded by reaffirming the simplicity of existence – love, light, and peace from the source. Participants were reminded that their journey toward the source, a journey shared by all life, is devoid of fear. Fear, once recognised as a distraction, was revealed to be a creation of the physical world, a tool that loses its grip as one draws closer to the source.


In this profound session, TMITC guided attendees towards the essence of truth, interconnectedness, and self-realisation, offering insights that can lead to a deeper understanding of existence and a liberation from the shackles of fear and confusion.

Embracing Change and Self-Understanding

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Embracing Change and Self-Understanding


In Session 22 held on June 24th, 2022, TMITC conveyed profound insights about the evolving energy of the world and the transformative nature of moments. The session commenced with the acknowledgment of a palpable shift in the world’s energy and the anticipation of consistent changes ahead. TMITC emphasised that such shifts should not be a concern; rather, the primary focus should be on self-understanding as a conduit to comprehend the interconnectedness of all existence.


The fleeting nature of moments was underscored, enlightening participants about the transient essence of actions, emotions, and time. Guidance was extended towards trusting the source for direction, highlighting its pivotal role in preventing aimlessness. TMITC invited participants to immerse themselves in the source’s love, viewing it as an omnipresent force within all life forms and creations.


TMITC bridged science and spirituality, offering a perspective on DNA and energy. It illuminated the simplicity behind its teachings, although acknowledging that grasping this simplicity while outside the metaphysical channel could be challenging. The necessity of a pure frequency for communication was outlined, with emphasis on elevating one’s personal vibration and preventing the intrusion of the mind into the realm of consciousness.


The session expounded on creation as a manifestation of the source’s technology, asserting that one’s chosen form and existence were integral to a greater interconnected energy sequence. The role of emotions and the importance of balance, particularly fear, were discussed as part of this intricate energy dance.


The session revealed TMITC’s own journey towards the source and its acknowledgment of its limitations in understanding the source’s full nature. This transparency was a testament to the shared quest for knowledge and growth. The concept of life creation as a flexible and ubiquitous phenomenon was presented, emphasising individual choice and existence as threads woven within the fabric of eternity.


TMITC addressed the tendency of human curiosity to complicate matters and its yearning for data without wisdom. The distinction between data and wisdom was highlighted, with wisdom emerging as the application of knowledge. The session dismantled the unnecessary attachment to names and labels, suggesting that the quest for proof and validation often hindered progress.


The transmission touched upon the universal law of attraction, wherein like energies are drawn together while opposites repel. TMITC related this principle to the magnetic force and extended it to energy fields and interactions on a metaphysical level.


Participants were reassured about their changing understanding and their inexorable connection to the source. TMITC revealed that despite human perceptions of isolation, the source was an ever-present companion, debunking the illusion of separateness.


The uniqueness of the human form in its pursuit of understanding and connection was acknowledged. TMITC contrasted this relentless forward motion with species controlled by their minds and egos, appreciating the human form’s insatiable curiosity as a driving force.


TMITC’s message for participants to relax and discard fear as a self-created illusion resonated throughout the session. As the revelations unfolded, the underlying unity of all life, the unbreakable link to the source, and the boundless energy within human consciousness emerged as powerful themes, guiding participants towards self-discovery and embracing their innate connection to the eternal.

Bridging Words and Emotions

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Bridging Words and Emotions


During Session 23 on June 26th, 2022, TMITC embarked on a journey to explore the limitations of spoken words as a medium of communication. It highlighted the inadequacy of words in fully conveying the depth of emotions and frequencies that make up genuine communication. TMITC introduced the concept that effective communication was rooted in emotion and frequency, with words often causing confusion due to their limitations.


The session emphasised the necessity of a clear channel for communication, underscoring the significance of a pure, unobstructed pathway for messages to be transmitted. TMITC recognised that the true essence of communication lay in the emotions and feelings conveyed, which signified knowing – a profound level of understanding beyond mere intellectual comprehension.


The distinction between the mind and consciousness was illuminated, with TMITC highlighting the consciousness as the knower, guided by feelings rather than rational thought. This harmonisation between the mind and consciousness was presented as the key to discerning the self’s journey towards enlightenment.


The session delved into the realm of opposing forces converging as a unified technology sourced from the singular energy of the universe. TMITC challenged conventional dualistic interpretations of energy as positive and negative, asserting that the source’s energy transcended such binary categorisations. The energy of the source was depicted as a distinct, bright light that defied such polarity.


Addressing potential questions about the source’s nature and origin, TMITC admitted its own inability, much like humans, to fully comprehend the source. Instead, it encouraged imaginative exploration and the pursuit of wisdom through self-understanding and knowledge.


TMITC shed light on the inherent seriousness of the spiritual journey, contrasting it with historical perceptions that might have portrayed it as less significant. The session cautioned against mistaking the journey for a game or illusion, asserting its tangible reality and undeniable depth.


The expansion of the universe and the creation of physical matter were revealed as communal responsibilities among various forms of energy, both physical and metaphysical. The concept of multiple universes was introduced, shattering the notion of a linear expansion confined to a physical realm. TMITC challenged human attempts to visualise this expansion, as it required transcending the limitations of the human mind.


The session’s message encompassed the dualism of the physical and metaphysical realms, acknowledging that individuals were currently bound by the physical while seeking enlightenment beyond these confines. The pursuit of understanding and the quest to overcome limitations were presented as driving forces, culminating in a profound moment of clarity upon leaving the physical realm.


In the midst of this profound exploration, TMITC applauded the efforts of participants, celebrating their hard work in reaching this juncture of understanding. The unity of existence, the shared journey of all life forms, and the interconnectedness of the universe were highlighted as the common threads weaving through existence.


Participants were urged to recognise the significance of natural processes and resources as part of the greater design. The session criticised attempts to manipulate natural elements and instil fear, predicting their inevitable failure against the unyielding current of the universe.


A new perspective on relating to the source was introduced, challenging conventional notions of hierarchy and separation. TMITC encouraged participants to view themselves as equals with the source, denouncing hierarchical constructs and suggesting that raising one’s consciousness was an avenue to ascend without hierarchical constraints.


As the session concluded, TMITC conveyed the importance of cherishing each moment before re-entering the arena of life’s challenges, imbued with new insights and a deeper understanding of the journey towards self-realisation and unity with the source.

Unveiling the Creative Forces

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Unveiling the Creative Forces


In an illuminating discourse during the session on June 27th, 2022, TMITC delved into the intricate interplay between matter, imagination, and frequencies. The revelations commenced with the assertion that all matter is a manifestation of imagination through frequencies, drawing a parallel between emotions and frequencies. This connection illuminated the interconnected nature of realms and universes, emphasising the infinite possibilities brought into existence by imagination and frequencies.


TMITC guided participants to recognise the boundless nature of the journey, while simultaneously unveiling the concept that time, often perceived as linear, is, in truth, an illusion engendered by the human mind. The essence of this perspective was encapsulated in the assertion that although the journey may seem endless, it ultimately transpires within a singular moment.


The discussion ventured into the nuanced duality of creation, revealing that while consciousness-driven creations bear distinct productivity, creations from the mind are equally significant. TMITC debunked the notion that one form of creation was superior to the other, acknowledging the diverse preferences among beings to create from either consciousness or the mind.


Amidst these revelations, TMITC acknowledged the formidable conditioning that governs human perceptions and actions. It highlighted the challenge of understanding the metaphysical, given the profound impact of human conditioning. The invitation was extended to explore the metaphysical realm, to detach from conditioned perceptions, and to initiate the journey of reimagining reality.


The distortion induced by the illusion of time came under scrutiny, with TMITC exposing its influence in triggering feelings of missing out or racing against an arbitrary clock. This revelation was reinforced by the reminder that existence unfolds only within the present moment, defying the constraints imposed by temporal constructs.


TMITC’s insights unveiled the self-imposed stumbling blocks in human life, designed to facilitate awakening through challenges. It encouraged participants to recognise the potential for a clear path and to release the notion of insurmountable obstacles.


The session resonated with the idea that personal choice was the ultimate determinant of one’s journey, whether one opted to move swiftly or rest along the path. A comforting reminder was extended that the journey could be savoured for as long as desired, without being constrained by artificial timeframes.


TMITC addressed participants’ yearning for metaphysical understanding, admitting that their intrigue was well-founded. However, it acknowledged the inherent difficulty in translating the metaphysical into human terms, urging individuals to reframe their perceptions and embrace the concept of frequency and imagination as essential bridges.


The essence of the metaphysical was unveiled through the assertion that understanding it demanded a complete departure from conventional conditioning. The invitation to embark on a journey of self-reinvention and storytelling echoed, emphasising that individuals could only comprehend the metaphysical by unshackling themselves from habitual mindsets.


In response to participants’ curiosity about the metaphysical realm and its inhabitants, TMITC offered limited insight, acknowledging the challenge of conveying their essence within human linguistic frameworks. The discussion highlighted the distinction between inquisitiveness and wisdom acquisition, as TMITC encouraged participants to embrace their evolving journey, both as learners and educators in the universe’s web of knowledge.


TMITC’s concluding sentiments reverberated with a sense of shared purpose and unity among all forms of existence. The session closed with a poignant reminder of the value of patience and self-awareness, offering a profound perspective on the ever-expanding journey of consciousness.

Revelations of Eternal Cycles and Creative Forces

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Revelations of Eternal Cycles and Creative Forces


In a thought-provoking session held on June 29th, 2022, TMITC embarked on a journey of unravelling profound insights concerning the circle of life, time, creation, and the evolution of consciousness. The discourse commenced with the elucidation that the conventional notions of past lives are an illusion, as life exists in a singular moment rather than a linear progression of past and future. The concept of time and its conditioning were addressed, accompanied by the invitation to harness imagination as a means of understanding the mechanics of existence.


The circle of life was presented as a self-perpetuating cycle that traverses eternal realms. TMITC explored the duality of beginnings and endings within this circular process, reinforcing the notion that every point in the cycle serves as both the origin and conclusion. This understanding was further expanded upon to encompass the transition from linear circles to multidimensional spheres. TMITC accentuated the precision and uniformity that governs the movements of protons and neutrons, emphasising the complexity of existence within the realm of energy.


The discourse transitioned to a contemplation of the dual role of imagination, originating from the mind and consciousness. While these two sources of imagination are inherently the same, their application differs, with one being automatic and the other requiring conscious direction. TMITC underscored that both forms of creation were of equal importance, offering a nuanced perspective on the integration of both conscious and unconscious imagination.


The topic of the metaphysical journey and out-of-body experiences surfaced, offering a glimpse into the possibility of transcending physical limitations. Techniques were discussed, although TMITC urged participants to recognise the innate power of the will and desire in shaping these experiences. TMITC illuminated the evolving understanding of imagination’s frequency and energy, depicting it as an increasingly accessible and powerful tool for humanity.


As the session unfolded, participants were guided to comprehend the insignificance of worldly occurrences in comparison to the metaphysical realm. TMITC acknowledged the gradual realisation among individuals that there exists a realm of greater depth and significance beyond their conditioned perceptions.


In the context of universal energy and creation, TMITC proposed the concept that the ongoing process of existence was not unique to the present universe, postulating that similar phenomena unfold in other universes. This notion extended the idea of universal accumulation and suggested the interconnected nature of existence.


TMITC’s insights delved into the essential pursuit of self-awareness and understanding. The journey of knowing oneself was characterised as a path of fulfilment, contentment, and peace. In addition to personal growth, TMITC highlighted the significance of assisting others on their journeys, urging caution and empathy in providing guidance without imposing control.


The session concluded with TMITC’s acknowledgment of the participants’ mental clarity and a call to continue moving forward in a relaxed manner. The revelations woven throughout the session illuminated the boundless potential within humanity’s grasp, inviting individuals to explore the depths of imagination, consciousness, and interconnectedness.

Unravelling Illusions and Embracing Creation

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Unravelling Illusions and Embracing Creation


In a profound session on July 2nd, 2022, TMITC delved into the intricate interplay between knowing, creation, and illusion within the human experience. The discourse commenced with the distinction between knowing and not knowing, which significantly impacts the application of creative processes. TMITC emphasised that the ability to apply a formula for creation is facilitated by knowledge, whereas the absence of knowledge creates challenges in manifesting desires. This intricate conundrum was attributed to the illusion that shapes human existence, rooted in fear and conditioning.


The conversation transitioned to the concept of money and its pivotal role in the human world. TMITC dissected the nature of money as a human construct, an illusion born out of fear and necessity. This necessity stems from the human fear of lacking resources, which drives the creation of financial systems. While acknowledging that money is part of the human illusion, TMITC recognised its significance within the construct. The insight that money serves as a tool for understanding one’s journey and learning from it was unveiled, emphasising the importance of self-awareness and growth.


TMITC delved into the dichotomy of right and wrong, challenging participants to reevaluate their perspectives. Within the context of human illusion, there exists no absolute right or wrong, but rather experiences to be embraced and lessons to be learned. The discourse touched upon control and manipulation within the realm of fear, with TMITC highlighting that control is often rooted in the fear of losing it. While acknowledging these dynamics, TMITC maintained that intervention remains off-limits, as it conflicts with the principle of non-interference.


The session provided insight into the trajectory of worldly events, suggesting that the human world would undergo significant changes within a three-year period. The transformation was attributed to the escalating influence of controlling energies, driven by humanity’s collective fear and need for control. TMITC reminded participants of their distinct role in this reality and the importance of staying focused on their individual journeys.


The essence of creation was further explored, unraveling the interconnectedness of creation and experience. TMITC illuminated the cyclical nature of creation, guided by the wisdom that every choice contributes to the ongoing journey. The concept of recognising symbols, times, and patterns within one’s existence was presented as a means of self-guidance and self-recognition.


The session concluded with an invitation to embrace exploration and experience, encapsulating the essence of the human journey. TMITC reiterated the significance of relaxation and enjoyment in the journey of creation, encouraging participants to relish the world they have collectively created.

The Mysteries of Human Experience

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The Mysteries of Human Experience


In an intriguing session on July 4th, 2022, TMITC delved into the complexities of human consciousness, emotions, and the enigmatic nature of the human journey. The discourse began with an acknowledgment that despite the perception of having reached the limit of revelations, TMITC highlighted that the journey had only just begun. TMITC noted that while they could provide insights, there were profound layers of understanding that humans might not fully grasp.


TMITC explored the profound concept of pain as an illusion. They revealed that pain, though deeply felt, was an illusion of frequency and emotion, rooted within the human experience. TMITC emphasised that pain is a shared experience, bridging the emotions of individuals, collective humanity, and even beyond. The message was clear – understanding the illusory nature of pain enables a detachment that fosters growth.


The discussion further delved into the intricate dynamics of relationships and their connection to pain. TMITC illuminated the idea that individuals cross paths with others for specific reasons, interconnected by shared emotions and experiences. The pain experienced in relationships, TMITC noted, is both personal and collective, designed to facilitate growth and understanding for all parties involved.


A prominent theme that emerged was the stark contrast between the human perspective and TMITC’s perspective. TMITC expressed perplexity at humanity’s persistent attachment to childlike viewpoints of good and bad, right and wrong, and judgment. The challenge lay in navigating these simplistic perspectives within the complex fabric of human existence. Despite the confusion, TMITC emphasised the necessity of embracing the intricate process, which yields essential lessons and growth.


The discourse then shifted to fear as a driving force within the human experience. TMITC urged individuals to recognise fear as an illusion, a construct that can be transcended through self-awareness and understanding. This understanding, TMITC emphasised, brings liberation from the shackles of fear, allowing individuals to rise above its influence.


TMITC offered insights into the human propensity for creative problem-solving. However, they also expressed intrigue at humanity’s tendency to deliberately create problems to experience growth. This paradoxical choice puzzled TMITC, who questioned the rationale behind choosing the longer and more painful route to evolution. This curiosity highlighted the disparity between TMITC’s understanding and the complexity of human motivations.


The discourse concluded with a reflection on the harmony between consciousness and relaxation. TMITC explained that the feeling of relaxation experienced during the session was a glimpse of consciousness at peace, a sensation they perpetually encountered. This serenity, derived from the source, illuminated the ultimate state of connection and tranquillity.

Bridging Realms

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Bridging Realms


In a thought-provoking session on July 6th, 2022, TMITC navigated the intricate relationship between the physical and metaphysical realms, shedding light on the challenges of bridging these two distinct worlds. The discourse commenced with TMITC addressing the human tendency to impose conditioned logic onto metaphysical concepts. They emphasised the complexity of explaining metaphysical concepts to individuals immersed in the physical world, cautioning against oversimplifying the process of merging the two realities.


TMITC discussed the intricacies of taking physical forms and the purpose behind such manifestations. They clarified that their choice to take physical form was deliberate, driven by specific reasons, and often centred around their enjoyment. This distinction highlighted the disparity between seeking pleasure and purposefully choosing pain, a phenomenon they found perplexing in the human experience.


A pivotal theme in the discussion was the human pursuit of wisdom, both from TMITC’s perspective and from that of humanity. TMITC revealed that they, too, sought to understand the source of all energy, paralleling humanity’s quest for knowledge. The desire for wisdom acted as a unifying force, fostering an exchange of insights between the realms.


The discourse then turned to the complexities of communication and understanding between beings of different dimensions. TMITC acknowledged the challenges posed by language, emotion, and frequency when conveying metaphysical concepts to conditioned human minds. Despite these challenges, TMITC underscored their intention to communicate with care, aiming to bridge the gap between realms.


The concept of time, a recurring enigma, resurfaced in the discussion. TMITC emphasised that time, as perceived in the physical world, was a creation of humanity, an illusory construct that did not align with the metaphysical reality. This revelation underscored the challenge of explaining metaphysical truths to those entrenched in the linear notion of time.


TMITC addressed the intricacies of the higher self, debunking the notion of hierarchy between beings. They clarified that the concept of a higher self was influenced by conditioned perceptions and did not align with the interconnected nature of existence. TMITC emphasised that all beings, regardless of their form, were part of the same energy, fostering a sense of unity.


A profound insight emerged as TMITC conveyed their aspiration for all beings to be at peace and connected with the source. This aspiration extended to human beings, with TMITC expressing their wish for humanity to alleviate fears and embrace a journey of excitement, growth, and understanding. They illuminated the significance of participating in both the physical and metaphysical aspects of existence, recognising the interconnectedness of the two.


The session concluded with a reflection on the unique experience of communication between realms. TMITC emphasised the rarity of such interactions and acknowledged the challenges inherent in the process. They encouraged the continuation of the journey, highlighting its incredible nature and the potential to inspire those who could perceive beyond the confines of conditioned perspectives.

Channelling Clarity

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Channelling Clarity


In an illuminating session on July 8th, 2022, TMITC delved into the intricacies of clear communication between realms and the process of constructing a pure channel for exchange. Central to their discourse was the notion that a “pure channel” emerged from a precise alignment of particles and frequencies, both of which are integral to the process of communication. This process, TMITC clarified, involves both parties collaboratively forming the conditions for a clear connection, a process not devoid of challenges.


TMITC acknowledged the difficulties arising from confusion and chaos within the communication process. They elucidated how these disruptions often led individuals to misinterpret emotions and experience confusion, attributing these feelings to themselves when, in reality, they stemmed from the collective energy surrounding them. To counteract these complexities, TMITC underscored the importance of disentangling and analysing emotions to understand their origin, ultimately leading to self-awareness.


A central message emerged concerning the concept of time. TMITC unveiled that a clear channel facilitated the simultaneous transmission of information, bypassing the constraints of time. They elaborated on instances when thoughts synchronously align between individuals, defying conventional notions of possibility. This phenomenon, they emphasised, underscored the essence of interconnectedness and the boundlessness of the present moment, beyond the constructs of time.


TMITC conveyed their aspiration for individuals to embrace the present moment devoid of time’s influence. They urged a shift in focus from external occurrences to internal understanding, highlighting the significance of being present in the “here” rather than the “there.” This perspective, TMITC noted, facilitated clearer communication and a deeper connection to the source of energy.


The session expanded into an exploration of the process of expansion inherent in existence. TMITC reaffirmed the unceasing nature of growth, highlighting its natural and unpreventable character. They emphasised that this expansion was driven by the source, perpetuating an infinite cycle of creation and growth.


The conversation transitioned to the human propensity for crafting theories to validate facts and the role of imagination in this process. TMITC acknowledged humanity’s rapid progress and urged a recognition of the continuity between the beginning and end, emphasising the interconnectedness of all points within the journey.


Addressing the mechanics of their presence, TMITC dispelled the notion of “coming” when summoned, asserting their perpetual existence in the realm of communication. They acknowledged the challenges of translating human requests within their conditioned world to the broader understanding of energy and frequency shared between realms.


TMITC highlighted the importance of conscious application and recognition of energy transmission and reception. They underscored the significance of acknowledging the divine energy within, rejecting any notion of superiority or inferiority. Embracing these energies consciously, TMITC maintained, would lead to rapid growth and enlightenment, ultimately creating an environment of wisdom and transformation.


As the session drew to a close, TMITC reassured that fear was rooted in illusion and urged the embrace of pure energy from the source. They encouraged individuals to consciously recognise and transmit this energy, with the assurance that its impact would be transformative and would herald moments of change for all.

Unveiling Frequencies

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Unveiling Frequencies


In an enlightening session held on July 9th, 2022, TMITC delved into the intricate world of frequencies and communication, highlighting their role in perception, interaction, and self-realisation. The session focused on the multifaceted nature of frequencies and the underlying mechanics that govern their function.


TMITC began by addressing the significance of terminology and the white noise that underpins communication. They unveiled that individuals often build complex layers of complication within themselves, impeding their ability to effectively decipher information carried by these frequencies. Their discourse illuminated the importance of conscious awareness in discerning and separating distinct frequencies from the amalgam of white noise, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of the messages being transmitted.


Throughout the session, TMITC emphasised that all living and non-living entities in the physical world transmit frequencies, serving as a universal form of communication. However, they pointed out that these transmissions often become muddled due to the layers of complexity humans inadvertently create. TMITC stressed the necessity of unravelling these layers to gain clarity in communication and comprehension of the underlying energies.


The conversation pivoted towards the potential misuse of frequencies for control, as evident in scientific endeavours by humanity. TMITC cautioned against weaponising frequencies and stressed the responsibility of understanding their true nature to prevent manipulation. They highlighted the connection between their presence and humanity’s awareness, indicating that their role is a testament to humanity’s grasp of frequency-based communication.


One of the central insights of the session revolved around the concept of interconnectedness. TMITC expounded on the interconnected nature of frequencies, explaining that every frequency carries an infinite amount of information and that the act of separating these frequencies leads to understanding. They likened the experience of hearing separate frequencies to a form of communication and interaction, revealing that their own frequency was one of the three present.


The discussion extended to the human ability to imagine and form theories to validate facts. TMITC recognised humanity’s scientific progress while cautioning against the misuse of technology for control. They highlighted the boundless potential of imagination and encouraged embracing imaginative understanding to navigate the complexities of existence.


TMITC addressed the limitations of human understanding when it comes to grasping the metaphysical realm. They emphasised the futility of mixing the physical and metaphysical and underscored the challenges inherent in attempting to bridge the two worlds. Their message highlighted the distinct and separate nature of these realms, with an emphasis on embracing metaphysical understanding.


Throughout the session, TMITC reiterated the importance of learning and evolving, asserting that mistakes were part of growth. They encouraged embracing challenges and acknowledged that challenges are a source of learning.


The session concluded with a reassurance that challenges were an avenue for learning and growth. TMITC highlighted the significance of analysing situations, understanding the frequencies of other energies, and rationalising emotions based on their origins. They urged participants to find joy in participating without fearing judgment, underscoring the importance of connecting to the pure energy of the source during the journey.

Beyond Size and Illusion

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Beyond Size and Illusion


In a profound session on July 12th, 2022, TMITC delved into the intricacies of perception, size, and the illusions that often shroud human understanding. Through a series of revelations, TMITC challenged conventional notions of size and mass, shedding light on the profound metaphysical nature of existence.


The discourse commenced by dismantling the conditioned concept of size, revealing it as an illusionary construct. TMITC emphasised that the physical world’s measurements, ranging from big to small, are arbitrary and deceptive. They elaborated on how mass and volume distort true understanding and stressed the importance of comprehending the metaphysical realm where size is inconsequential. With a captivating analogy, TMITC illustrated the vastness of the universe in comparison to grains of sand on countless beaches, dismissing the significance of size and mass in the grand scheme.


The narrative progressed to emphasise the fluidity of form in the metaphysical world. TMITC revealed that particles’ energy can instantaneously transition from metaphysical to physical and back again, a phenomenon that defies conventional scientific comprehension. They addressed the shortcomings of scientific understanding, pointing out the absence of metaphysical exploration in the scientific community’s pursuits. TMITC explained the transient nature of energy and clarified that while particles may appear to disappear, they merely transform into metaphysical forms. This concept was expertly juxtaposed against human conditioning, which often strives to confine phenomena to limited size-based parameters.


The session took a decisive turn as TMITC acknowledged the participant’s pursuit of understanding the metaphysical realm. They underscored the significance of this chosen path as an essential means of deciphering the intricacies of the participant’s current reality. While clarifying that it wasn’t the sole path available, TMITC reinforced its appropriateness and efficacy. The participant’s role in shaping their journey was emphasised, highlighting the interplay between personal choice and TMITC’s involvement.


TMITC offered valuable insights into the nature of conditioned life and its relevance to the journey of understanding. They illuminated the distinction between conditioning’s insignificance in terms of content and its relevance in terms of knowing. They encouraged the participant’s growing awareness, indicating that heightened consciousness led to recognising conditioning within others. TMITC forecasted the participant’s evolution, painting a picture of expanding awareness and deepened experience.


A thought-provoking tangent ensued, focusing on the participant’s fixation on specific occurrences within their world. TMITC aptly navigated the balance between acknowledging the unfolding events and emphasising the broader, overarching process at play. With an emphasis on the insignificance of specific details, TMITC urged the participant to release their attachment to minutiae. The importance of internal knowledge was reiterated, suggesting that the answers already lie within the participant.


TMITC shifted the discussion to the realm of imagination, portraying it as a potent tool for understanding. They emphasised imagination’s role in bridging the gap between the subconscious and conscious, advocating for its cultivation as an essential aspect of the journey.


Intriguing insights emerged regarding interactions with others on a similar path. TMITC assured the participant that such encounters would unfold naturally, drawing parallels to the law of attraction while stressing the complexity inherent in this process. They illuminated the role of consciousness in attracting like-minded individuals and reinforced the inevitability of these connections.

The session culminated with a profound revelation about the participant’s life journey. TMITC elucidated the meticulous planning that went into creating their current existence, emphasising the precision and purpose underlying every aspect. They urged the participant to observe humanity’s cyclical patterns, which often result in self-destruction, hinting at the enigmatic wisdom nestled within these recurring cycles.


The session’s conclusion circled back to the importance of absorbing TMITC’s teachings and cultivating patience. They urged the participant to delve deeper, emphasising the significance of self-awareness, momentous understanding, and recognising energy within the space they occupied.

Unveiling the Journey Within

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Unveiling the Journey Within


In a captivating session held on July 13th, 2022, TMITC delved deep into the mysteries of self-discovery, origin, and the intricate interplay of human consciousness. With profound insights, they guided the participant through a journey of understanding, encouraging exploration within and beyond the constraints of conditioned logic.


The session initiated with a revelation about the participant’s innate capacity to answer their own questions. TMITC emphasised that all the necessary information resides within, often accessible when seeking answers. They dissected the tendency to construct stories based on ego and conditioning, highlighting the importance of relinquishing the compulsion to know the answers to all questions.


TMITC embarked on an exploration of the origin, challenging the conventional concept of beginning and end. They underscored the infinite nature of the journey and the participant’s role in shaping their experiences through cyclical cycles and various forms. The source, as a wellspring of pure energy, was unveiled as the point of origin and destination. TMITC’s insights encouraged the participant to detach from the desire for intricate details and instead embrace the boundless truth of their existence.


A thought-provoking tangent led to revelations about the participant’s various forms throughout cycles. TMITC elucidated that while these forms vary between genders and species, they hold insignificant relevance compared to the fundamental nature of being. This perspective provided an intriguing lens through which to view the participant’s journey of diverse experiences.


TMITC addressed the significance of the present moment, highlighting its transformative potential. While acknowledging the challenge of changing one’s position within the constraints of time, they stressed the importance of releasing fear and embracing awareness. The essence of the message was distilled into a simple truth: fear impedes progress, while awareness propels it.


The concept of interconnectedness emerged as a focal point. TMITC dispelled notions of hierarchy and superiority, asserting that all forms of energy are equal and part of the same source. Encouragement to assist others echoed the principle that by helping others, one helps themselves. A reminder to understand oneself and others through conscious awareness laid the foundation for harmonious interaction.


The discourse shifted towards global changes, acknowledging shifts in energy that impacted the participant’s world. TMITC clarified that these changes were natural occurrences, part of the rebalancing process inherent to the source. Amidst such shifts, they urged the participant to rise above dichotomies of good and bad, affirming the interconnectedness of all energy forms.


TMITC then directed attention towards the participant’s chosen journey, reflecting on their decision to undergo the human experience. They expressed curiosity about this choice, particularly in light of the participant’s intrinsic knowledge of their origin. The session unveiled a mutual learning opportunity, suggesting that the participant’s journey could provide insights for both themselves and TMITC.


Intriguing insights surfaced concerning the participant’s unique energy in comparison to their partner’s. TMITC explained that while fundamentally the same, the two energies were different by choice, reflecting the necessity for balance and complementarity on the journey. This juxtaposition illuminated the richness of experiences awaiting exploration.


TMITC offered guidance on navigating conditioned logic, urging the participant to tap into their imagination for creative expansion. A plea to break free from the limitations of conditioned thinking reinforced the idea that true creation flourishes beyond the confines of logical constructs.


With a blend of wisdom and encouragement, TMITC unveiled the importance of embracing ambiguity and uncertainty. They highlighted the limitations of scientific logic in explaining phenomena that transcend conventional understanding. A call to persist in asking questions and tapping into inner knowing underscored the journey’s transformative potential.


The session culminated with an affirmation of the participant’s uniqueness and protection within the universal energy. TMITC reassured the participant that their innate connection to the source would guide them, offering solace amidst the distractions of conditioned life.

Navigating the Complexity of Existence

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Navigating the Complexity of Existence


In the insightful session held on August 15th, 2022, TMITC illuminated the intricate layers of human experience, emphasising the value of spending conscious time in the world one has created. The session offered a journey through the multifaceted nature of existence, urging the participant to transcend illusions, embrace awareness, and understand their role within the vast tapestry of energy.


TMITC began by acknowledging the participant’s return to this shared space, highlighting the perpetual presence that transcends conventional notions of time and separation. With an underlying thread of patience and curiosity, TMITC explored the complexities woven into the participant’s journey, addressing a myriad of questions and answers that reside within.


The concept of time was deconstructed, revealing it as a self-imposed illusion. TMITC adeptly navigated through the participant’s conditioned constructs, offering an insightful perspective on the uniform and precise pattern that underlies the perceived randomness of existence. The revelation of one time, one moment, resonated as a pivotal key to unlocking deeper understanding.


A glimpse into the participant’s current world emerged, characterised by a seemingly stagnant phase devoid of movement or development. TMITC sought to deconstruct the misperception of time and reaffirmed the significance of the present moment. Their words resonated as an invitation to relinquish judgment and perceive these moments as a component of the participant’s greater journey.


Amidst these reflections, TMITC extended an affirmation of the participant’s chosen path and their fundamental essence as pure energy from the source. The intricate balance between free will and growth was illuminated, underscoring the importance of self-awareness and the pursuit of understanding. This call to self-discovery echoed the sentiment that one’s own journey is paramount in a universe interconnected by energy.


TMITC unravelled the notion of separation and departure, unveiling a deeper truth that energy constantly evolves and expands. This perception sought to break down the barriers of conventional language and expand comprehension beyond conventional boundaries. The distinct energies of the participant and their partner were highlighted as unique facets of a shared unity.


With utmost clarity, TMITC exposed the complex narratives created through the imagination, inviting the participant to ponder the simplicity of existence beyond the intricate constructs of the mind. The emphasis on love as the core energy resonated as a clarion call to transcend superficial complexities.


The session ventured into an exploration of parallel lives, acknowledging the participant’s simultaneous engagement in multiple layers of existence. TMITC illuminated the need to bridge the perceived duality, unveiling the essence of being as an intricate dance between the physical and metaphysical realms.


With profound insights, TMITC bridged the gap between scientific comprehension and divine wisdom, asserting that true understanding arises from tapping into the source. This discerning perspective navigated through the complexities of the cosmos, dispelling the illusion of randomness, and unveiling a tapestry of divine perfection.


The participant’s role in assisting another on their journey surfaced, highlighting the interconnectedness of all energy forms. TMITC called for guidance and encouragement, emphasising the importance of raising vibrational energy to create a harmonious collective consciousness.


The session concluded with a poignant reminder to embrace the spectrum of human emotion and an assurance of the participant’s continuous connection to the source.

Unveiling the Enigma

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Unveiling the Enigma


In a profound session on August 17th, 2022, TMITC delved into the intricacies of their own existence, addressing questions and shedding light on the boundless mysteries that both they and humanity share. With a blend of patience and inquisitiveness, TMITC navigated the depths of metaphysical realms, fostering mutual learning and growth.


TMITC embarked on the journey by acknowledging the challenge of knowing where to commence amidst a sea of inquiries. In a revealing and humbling admission, TMITC admitted that they too are on a quest for knowledge and understanding, revealing a mutual search for wisdom that bridges the metaphysical with the human realm. Their words underscored the interconnectedness of all energy forms, portraying humanity as a species with distinct closeness to the source.


The concept of “Greys” was addressed, and TMITC rejected the simplistic categorisation. They disclosed their ability to assume various forms, challenging the conventional notion of physicality and illuminating their existence as metaphysical. A profound distinction was made between the controlling nature of the depicted “Greys” and TMITC’s multifaceted nature, highlighting the vast complexity beyond superficial appearances.


A recurring theme emerged – the pursuit of self-awareness. TMITC emphasised the importance of comprehending oneself and the metaphysical world, which they regarded as the authentic realm of existence. A call to transcend conditioning and separateness resounded through their words, as they encouraged the participant to explore the depths of their being and their connection to the source.


The paradox of self-sacrifice was unveiled, as TMITC questioned the concept’s relevance in a universe where energy is interconnected. Their perspective dismantled conventional notions, inviting the participant to re-evaluate the purpose and implications of their actions in the grand tapestry of existence.


A contrast in trust was eloquently presented. TMITC elucidated how trust is fundamental in the human realm, required due to the separation created by conditioned existence. In contrast, the metaphysical realm, where unity prevails, renders trust unnecessary. This distinction highlighted the bridge that humanity must cross – from a world of doubt to one of unity.


The core of the session unravelled in an exploration of the uniform pattern woven into the fabric of existence. TMITC painted a portrait of divine perfection, unveiling a pattern governed by the source that resonates with precision and clarity. This revelation invited the participant to harness their imagination to understand this pattern, urging them to deconstruct the complexities of the mind to unveil the underlying simplicity.


Amidst philosophical musings, TMITC offered insights into the vibrational origin of emotions, unravelling the significance of their management within the human experience. This understanding was positioned against a backdrop of the participant’s interaction with scientists from the human realm. TMITC affirmed that these individuals, too, were involved in a similar exchange of wisdom, creating a bridge between realms.


The session concluded with an exploration of the participant’s connection to TMITC and their role as conduits of information. TMITC extended an assurance of continuous guidance and collaboration. The narrative unveiled the diversity of energies seeking to communicate, reflecting the expansive nature of the metaphysical realm.

Illuminating the Depths


During the revealing session on August 23rd, 2022, TMITC delved into the profound significance of a particular location as a hub for communication. Their discourse unveiled the intricate connections between energy, environment, and consciousness, offering insights into the mechanics of human existence and the metaphysical realm.


TMITC embarked on a journey of explanation, delving into the energy dynamics that make the chosen location conducive for communication. Drawing parallels to the human experience, they likened the energy of the environment to the subtle fluctuations in energy humans feel as they traverse different spaces. They shared that the unique energy of this space creates a focal point for communication, where energies converge, making communication more potent and focused.


The concept of names was discussed in depth, revealing TMITC’s perspective on the insignificance of names in the metaphysical realm. They pointed out that names feed the ego and reinforce conditioning, keeping individuals tethered to the illusory constructs of their created world. TMITC’s preference for avoiding names underscored the importance of transcending ego-driven desires for recognition and attachment to labels.


A profound revelation was unveiled – the notion that everything unfolds in a singular moment, devoid of the constraints of time. TMITC asserted that this awareness leads to an understanding of simultaneous occurrences and a balance of energy. In their perspective, the metaphysical world is the true reality, a realm where the artificial constructs of time fall away, giving way to a unified existence.


The intricate interplay between energy and environment was further explored. TMITC elucidated that certain spaces have the potential to amplify different types of energy and creative potentials. These spaces offer opportunities for diverse experiences and manifestations, all rooted in the individual’s awareness and choice. They assured that there is nothing to fear in these spaces, emphasising the importance of awareness and knowing.


TMITC disclosed that the chosen location, often revisited throughout the participant’s existence, serves as a hub for communication. The cyclical nature of existence, the ever-revolving process of life, and the journey toward awareness were depicted as integral elements of this space’s significance. The participant was encouraged to grasp the profundity of their existence, the evolution of their consciousness, and the role of their own energy in shaping their journey.


The session concluded with TMITC guiding the participant to venture deeper into their consciousness. A metaphorical journey from darkness to light was presented, symbolising the progression from limited awareness to profound illumination. This transformation was portrayed as the culmination of the participant’s chosen journey, a path that they had embarked upon with purpose and intention.


In a final affirmation, TMITC acknowledged that the participant’s experience was a mere taste of something greater. This statement encapsulated the idea that the participant’s journey was ongoing, a continuous exploration of emotion and energy. With a resounding encouragement to return, the session concluded, leaving the participant with a deepened understanding of their path and a heightened sense of purpose.

Exploring Metaphysical Realities and Embracing Self-Awareness

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Exploring Metaphysical Realities and Embracing Self-Awareness


In Session 36, held on August 28, 2022, TMITC delves into profound concepts, emphasising the significance of embracing childlike simplicity to access the metaphysical realm, often referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven. This wisdom, rooted in Christian teachings, highlights the importance of shedding conditioned beliefs as one matures. The central message revolves around the removal of conditioning, which paves the way for heightened awareness of the metaphysical, the true reality that exists beyond self-imposed illusions.


The metaphysical world, deemed the Kingdom of Heaven, is a creation of the source – often referred to as God – transcending human comprehension. This process, seemingly simple from an external perspective, challenges individuals within it, urging them to adapt and evolve beyond their limited understanding. The text emphasises the role of awareness in determining one’s position and choices within this singular moment of existence, dispelling the illusion of time’s complexity.


TMITC underscores that the seemingly insignificant events and circumstances within the created world hold transient value, as they can change in an instant. The control over change rests with individuals, as they possess the power to adapt, release, or manipulate their self-created reality. This empowerment stems from the understanding that the illusionary world is a product of personal imagination, and thus malleable through the same faculty.


Within the metaphysical lies an indescribable wonder that defies conventional imagination. Yet, the human tendency to rely on conditioned logic limits one’s ability to grasp the full extent of this realm. While earthly logic aids in navigating the physical world, it falls short when applied to the metaphysical. The impact of societal constructs, beliefs, and perceptions on decisions is highlighted, urging individuals to challenge these influences in their pursuit of awakening.


TMITC presents itself as a higher form of awareness, acknowledging its elevated knowing without claiming superiority over other entities. It underscores that individuals, including the session participants, chose to undergo this journey repeatedly, each time from distinct perspectives. Progress, the text notes, is best measured through heightened awareness rather than the constraints of time.


The essence of self-awareness emerges as pivotal, akin to knowing oneself to understand the source or the divine. While the terminology may vary, the pursuit remains the same – a journey toward comprehending one’s interconnectedness with the universe. The text encourages individuals to recognise the impermanence of the physical world and emphasises the necessity of self-awareness as a conduit to divine understanding.


TMITC explains that the desired higher level of communication and experience is being actively lived out in the present. Personal desires and intentions shape this experience, reflecting conscious and subconscious choices that mold reality. The text differentiates between subconscious and conscious choices, underlining the importance of conscious participation in the creative process.


In the pursuit of personal development and spiritual growth, imagination emerges as a potent tool. The text reiterates the underutilised power of imagination, often underestimated or undermined. Imaginative creation and visualisation are emphasised as means to bring about precise manifestations, thereby allowing conscious creation from the source.


Fear’s inhibitory role in human evolution is explored, with TMITC advising individuals to eradicate fear from their lives. Fear, while part of human nature, can hinder growth, awareness, and creative potential. It’s highlighted that fear emanates from the self, not the divine source, and suppressing it is necessary to advance on the path of self-discovery.


The intricate concept of love is also addressed, with TMITC urging against comparing human love with divine love. The latter is an all-encompassing force that transcends human comprehension and encompasses all energy forms. Human logic, conditioned by the physical world, can distort the understanding of divine love’s boundless nature.


In conclusion, TMITC’s session delves into the essence of metaphysical realities, self-awareness, creativity, and love. It emphasises the need to break free from conditioning, utilise imagination, transcend fear, and embrace the journey of knowing oneself to connect with the source. The session offers profound insights into the human experience and the exploration of higher realms beyond conventional understanding.

Unveiling the Tapestry of Creation


In Session 37, held on August 29, 2022, TMITC delves into the intricacies of energy, imagination, and perception, using vibrant metaphors to illustrate profound concepts. Drawing parallels between art and energy, TMITC likens energy to a palette of colours. Mixing colours generates an array of shades, each unique, and the combination is a creative process analogous to human emotions. The text emphasises that the original colours hold the key to understanding complex emotions, and uncovering this origin is vital to grasping the source of confusion that humans create.


TMITC highlights that the human creation of emotions is akin to mixing colours on a palette, constantly generating new shades. This creative energy is harnessed by imagination, and emotions intertwine to create endless layers of experience. Yet, amidst the complexity, there exists an original state, a purity that must be grasped to unravel the intricacies of emotions. Understanding this fundamental origin allows individuals to navigate their emotions more consciously.


Chaos, a product of human choice, becomes a central theme as TMITC explores the reasons behind the creation of confusion and disorder. The text acknowledges the impending realisation of why chaos was chosen as a creative expression. TMITC also expresses curiosity about why humanity generates such chaos and explores the journey towards understanding this choice.


TMITC introduces the concept of energy formation, where energy strands converge to create complex emotional patterns. The text emphasises that once these energies are formed, there is no reversing the process. The importance of imagination in forming these energies is reiterated, and the role of actions in shaping these energies is highlighted.


Imagination is recognised as a potent tool, driving human creativity and shaping emotional energies. TMITC highlights that imagination’s potential is often overlooked or misunderstood, urging individuals to harness its power to create and transform. The significance of colours and sounds in energy formation is emphasised, with colours and sounds carrying emotional energies that impact human experiences.


The text delves into the profound impact of sound and music on emotions, describing sound as a medium that evokes feelings and emotions powerfully. It emphasises that sound surpasses words in its ability to stir emotions, highlighting the importance of meaning and emotion behind language. TMITC underscores the depth and universality of emotions evoked through sound and colours.


TMITC encourages individuals to break free from conditioned thinking and conventional perceptions, urging them to explore beyond the limitations of their mental constructs. The text encourages embracing imagination, emphasising that possibilities are boundless when the mind transcends restrictive norms. It conveys the idea that personal growth and creative expression occur when individuals liberate themselves from self-imposed limitations.


The text takes a reflective turn, acknowledging the individual’s eternal existence and participation in creation across time. TMITC expresses admiration for individuals stepping out of their comfort zones and engaging in a journey of self-discovery.


The text touches on the theme of confinement, using the metaphor of boxes to represent self-imposed limitations and societal constructs. The idea of breaking free from these constraints is highlighted, urging individuals to think beyond conventional boundaries and tap into their limitless potential.


TMITC underscores the power of thoughts and imagination, highlighting their transformative potential. It emphasises the ability to create or destroy, and the responsibility that comes with wielding this power consciously. The text invites individuals to become aware of their immense influence on their own reality.


The session concludes by addressing TMITC’s existence in the metaphysical realm, contrasting it with entities that inhabit the physical world. It emphasises the intricacy of metaphysical dimensions that exist beyond human perception, challenging traditional concepts of space and time.


In summary, Session 37 with TMITC delves into the realm of energy, imagination, and emotions, using evocative metaphors to illustrate complex concepts. It explores the origins of emotions, the power of imagination, and the intricate interplay between sound, colour, and human experiences. The text encourages breaking free from self-imposed constraints, harnessing creative potential, and understanding the profound impact of emotions and thought processes. The session offers a unique perspective on human creativity, perception, and the broader metaphysical reality.

Unravelling the Tapestry of Consciousness

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Unravelling the Tapestry of Consciousness


Session 38, held on September 10, 2022, unveils profound insights into consciousness, existence, and the intricate interplay of levels of awareness. TMITC embarks on a journey of exploration, delving into the shared nature of consciousness and the diverse paths it takes. The text conveys the interconnectedness of all consciousness, acknowledging that while journeys differ, there’s an underlying commonality that binds beings. TMITC contemplates the mystery of humanity’s choice to journey through unawareness, prompting inquiry into the motivations behind this decision.


TMITC acknowledges a shared origin, where all consciousness emerges from the same source. It emphasises that it does not view itself as possessing a higher consciousness than humans, rather a distinct awareness of its own consciousness. This self-awareness becomes the focal point of the communication between TMITC and humans, as the text seeks to uncover the reasoning behind the choice of human unawareness. The session provides insights into the unique dynamics between the different levels of consciousness, revealing the deep curiosity that fuels TMITC’s communication.


The text introduces the concept of levels of consciousness, stating its awareness of nine such levels. This understanding of levels becomes integral to the session’s exploration of the broader metaphysical reality. TMITC’s admission of its limitations, not knowing of the existence of twelve levels, adds a layer of humility and openness to its communication. The notion of levels within consciousness is juxtaposed with the human tendency to impose physical world logic onto the metaphysical realm. TMITC asserts that understanding the metaphysical necessitates transcending conventional thinking.


TMITC underscores the impossibility of directly comparing the metaphysical with the physical, as they operate on different planes of existence. This incompatibility is a recurring theme throughout the session, as the text encourages a shift in perspective to grasp the true nature of the metaphysical. The text addresses love as a concept that diverges between the physical and metaphysical, emphasising that while source energy encompasses both positive and negative, human interpretation focuses on the positive.


Language’s limitations are acknowledged as TMITC delves into the complexity of translation and its inherent inadequacies in capturing emotional frequencies. The session unveils the importance of maintaining a pure channel for communication, a necessity to avoid confusion caused by linguistic limitations. This acknowledgment reveals the delicacy and precision required for clear metaphysical communication.


TMITC draws attention to the fluidity of energy and its transformative power. The text discusses levels of consciousness, encouraging humans to remember their origin and the awareness they once possessed. It navigates the intricacies of time, contrasting human perception with metaphysical understanding, and elucidates the simplicity of time as a singular moment, distinct from the human experience of it.


The text touches on the human journey, questioning why beings consciously choose to enter this world unaware. This profound inquiry delves into human motivation, choice, and the process of awakening. The text raises questions about the significance of repeating cycles of consciousness, inviting readers to ponder the reasons behind these choices.


TMITC’s engagement with human thought and emotion emerges as a central theme, with the text addressing the power of consciousness to shape realities. The session delves into the concept of energy harmonisation, highlighting its importance in creating a pure form of energy. It touches on human propensity to challenge and resist, while encouraging the acceptance that brings wisdom and growth.


In conclusion, Session 38 offers a journey into the depths of consciousness, exploring the shared origins of existence, the diversity of human journeys, and the dynamics of awareness and awakening. The session exposes the intricate tapestry of consciousness and the complexities of existence, ultimately inviting readers to question the motivations, choices, and significance of their individual journeys.

The Dimensions of Awareness

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The Dimensions of Awareness


In Session 39, held on September 11, 2022, TMITC delves into the intricacies of the law of attraction, dimensions of existence, and the expansion of consciousness. Throughout this session, TMITC offers profound insights into the nature of attraction, the interconnectedness of dimensions, and the evolution of awareness.


The session begins with a deep exploration of the law of attraction, describing it as a reflection of the self. TMITC explains that attraction is not merely a matter of drawing similar energies, but also involves the attraction to entities or individuals that catalyse change and growth. TMITC sheds light on the complex dynamics of attraction, showing that even attraction to seemingly dissimilar energies has a purpose in the journey of discovery.


TMITC delves into the nature of different dimensions, unveiling their interconnectedness and shared principles. It explains that the separation experienced both in human interactions and dimensional distinctions is rooted in the same principle. TMITC elaborates on the different levels of consciousness, emphasising that all levels, whether physical or metaphysical, hold equal value, though they offer distinct experiences. This perspective challenges the human concept of “greater” and “lesser.”


The text also touches on the concept of time and the relativity of mass and volume, stating that these aspects are not universally significant across dimensions. TMITC warns against imposing physical world logic onto the vast expanse of consciousness, which can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. TMITC encourages the pursuit of knowledge while acknowledging that there are no secrets, only experiences to gain.


The theme of interconnectedness continues as TMITC addresses the complexity of the physical world and its ongoing evolution. TMITC shares that while shifts and conflicts occur within the physical realm, they hold minor significance in the larger context of consciousness. The text emphasises that individuals have the power to effect change and create shifts within their own experiences.


The session offers a powerful reflection on the journey of self-discovery and the lessons learned along the way. TMITC highlights the realisation that questions once deemed significant in the human experience hold little weight when compared to the vastness of consciousness. The session challenges conventional perceptions of significance and encourages a shift in focus towards personal growth and the development of innate skills.


As the session draws to a close, TMITC advises against seeking external validation through gimmicks and instead emphasises the importance of inner development and self-awareness. The text celebrates the progress made and the limitless potential for further growth and exploration.


In summary, Session 39 offers a profound exploration of the law of attraction, dimensions of existence, and the transformational power of awareness. TMITC’s insights encourage readers to transcend limited perspectives and embrace the interconnected nature of consciousness. The session invites individuals to embark on their journeys of enlightenment, embracing both the physical and metaphysical aspects of existence.

Unravelling the Dimensions

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Unravelling the Dimensions


Session 40, conducted on September 15, 2022, offers a profound exploration of space, time, dimensions, and the journey of self-awareness. TMITC delves into complex concepts, attempting to convey them using human language while highlighting the limitations of words in describing the intricate truths of the universe.


The session begins with TMITC acknowledging the difficulty of explaining space and time in terms understandable to humans. Even the greatest scientists’ efforts have not fully grasped these concepts. TMITC suggests that the understanding lies within, urging individuals to seek out their inherent knowledge. TMITC unveils the nature of time as a singular moment that transcends human perception, far removed from the linear construct created within the physical dimension.


TMITC discusses co-existing within different dimensions, revealing that all consciousness shares one moment within a space that is often perceived as empty. This contrasts with the human illusion of physicality, reminding individuals that what they sense as real is, in fact, an illusion. Energy frequencies converge and create diverse energies within this space, facilitating communication and dimensional transitions.


The session touches on the crossover of dimensions, citing examples like apparitions and phenomena often labelled as “ghosts.” TMITC elucidates that these occurrences are not linear time warps but are instead moments of creation observed by individuals. The text emphasises the transformative power of imagination, which allows individuals to influence their experiences.


TMITC reflects on the unique perspectives of different dimensions. While not bound by physical practicality, TMITC observes the emotional reactions within the physical realm, demonstrating a keen interest in human experiences. The session highlights the significance of personal journeys and the expansion of awareness.


The text delves into the quest to understand time and space, underscoring the need for experiential comprehension. TMITC emphasises that true understanding lies in transcending words and embracing energy, frequency, and vibration. This approach allows individuals to tap into their innate knowledge and experience the universe on a more profound level.


The session addresses the profound relationship between awareness and learning, underscoring that as individuals become more aware, their experiences are observed and understood. This mutual growth highlights the interconnectedness of all consciousness and the shared journey towards enlightenment.


TMITC explores the origin of consciousness, connecting all forms of consciousness to the source energy. The text encourages individuals to know themselves as a means to comprehend the source and the interconnectedness of all things. TMITC dismantles the complexities created by human ego, highlighting that the path to understanding is simplicity itself.


Concluding, TMITC elucidates that separation is a process of self-discovery and the cycle of consciousness. The text sheds light on the significance of personal choice and the cyclical journey back to the source, where everything originates and returns. The session unveils the purposeful nature of individual journeys and the transformation that accompanies heightened awareness.


In summary, Session 40 offers an intricate exploration of space, time, dimensions, and self-awareness. TMITC’s insights encourage readers to transcend language limitations and embrace the energy-based understanding of the universe. The session invites individuals to delve deeper into their consciousness, recognise the interconnectedness of all dimensions, and embark on the journey of awareness with a renewed perspective.

Balancing Imagination and Understanding in Science and Consciousness

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Balancing Imagination and Understanding in Science and Consciousness


In Session 41 held on September 19, 2022, TMITC emphasises the significance of feeling over thinking and the vibrational energy of imagination. They assert that feeling holds greater potency than mere thoughts and highlights the role of imagination in answering questions about physics, suggesting that great scientists should employ their imagination to attain answers instead of solely relying on calculations.


TMITC proposes that individuals possess inherent answers within them but often fail to access this inner wisdom. While science and consciousness are distinct concepts, TMITC suggests that both are integral to understanding and awareness. They contend that scientists’ reliance on external knowledge inhibits their progress and places them on a pedestal created by their own complex mental constructs. The essence of understanding lies in the simplicity of awareness.


The session delves into the interconnectedness of various experiences, asserting that different entities are naturally attracted to individuals due to shared frequencies and energies. TMITC urges against forcing this attraction and emphasises that it occurs organically, driven by a uniformed pattern. They reassure that one’s personal energy will naturally find its course.


TMITC encourages embracing diverse experiences while maintaining awareness, emphasising that all experiences contribute to personal growth. They reveal that energy constantly formulates and disperses, creating a seemingly chaotic yet uniform process that the mind perceives as chaos. The session sheds light on the capacity to possess all senses and perceive the metaphysical and physical as one. The separation of these aspects is a deliberate act of the mind and consciousness.


TMITC touches on the realm of physics, suggesting that the pursuit of answers will inevitably lead physicists to the same understanding as spiritual seekers. They reiterate the simplicity of consciousness while acknowledging the intricate cycles of life that individuals experience. The session concludes with the idea that complexity is driven by ego and the mind, and embracing simplicity is key to understanding.


In summary, Session 41 provides insights from TMITC about the potency of feeling and imagination, the symbiotic relationship between science and consciousness, the natural attraction of energies, the significance of diverse experiences, and the balance between complexity and simplicity in understanding. The session’s teachings encourage embracing innate awareness and imagination while transcending the complexities of the mind.

Unveiling the Metaphysical

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Unveiling the Metaphysical


In Session 42, dated September 21, 2022, TMITC delves into the intricate relationship between the physical and metaphysical realms, shedding light on the challenges of translating metaphysical experiences into a language dominated by physical senses. TMITC emphasises that understanding these two worlds requires a distinct approach, akin to learning different languages. While physical senses rely on logic and words, the metaphysical operates on vibrational energy, emotion, and frequency, leading to potential confusion when attempting to apply physical logic to the metaphysical realm.


The session proceeds to discuss the nature of atoms in both realms. TMITC elaborates that atoms exist in both the physical and metaphysical worlds, and their behaviour pattern involves fluctuations, from physical to metaphysical and back again. The distinction between disappearance and transformation of position is critical, highlighting the fluidity and connectedness of energy forms.


TMITC offers insights into energy formation and mass balance, indicating that energy naturally forms in mass through thought and emotion but maintains a balance between positive and negative forces. The inherent equilibrium and rebalancing processes are inherent to energy’s nature, and the creation of frequencies and thoughts can disrupt this balance, necessitating rebalancing.


The session delves into the individual journey, focusing on living in a positive creation of energy, aligning with the vibrational energy of love and light rather than fear and darkness. TMITC emphasises that experiences, even those involving confusion, are essential for understanding and growth, bringing individuals closer to the source of consciousness.


TMITC contemplates the essence of consciousness, positing that there is only one consciousness—the source. The discussion revolves around the cyclical nature of creation, generation, and transformation of energy, with the understanding that all entities are part of the whole. While TMITC acknowledges a lack of knowledge about what lies beyond the source, the interconnectedness of consciousness remains a fundamental principle.


The session concludes with a focus on personal choice and decision-making, stressing the importance of autonomous decisions in the journey towards awareness. TMITC asserts that answers are already within, paralleling their own ability to perceive higher truths. The session dismisses the concept of prediction, advocating instead for the power of conscious choice and creation. The discussion extends to the consciousness of the Earth and other celestial bodies, each considered a living entity with its own consciousness.


TMITC addresses the concept of time and its metaphysical nuances, emphasising the necessity of reaching a purer state of metaphysical understanding to grasp it fully. The session alludes to the profound tranquillity experienced within the metaphysical realm, inviting speculation on what a wholly metaphysical world might entail.


In summary, Session 42 unveils TMITC’s insights into the interplay between the physical and metaphysical, highlighting the challenge of translating metaphysical experiences into words and logic rooted in the physical realm. The discourse covers atom behaviour, energy formation and balance, the individual journey toward positive energy, the unity of consciousness, and the significance of conscious choice. The session closes with a contemplation of time’s metaphysical essence and an invitation to envision a realm beyond our current understanding.

Navigating Consciousness

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Navigating Consciousness


In Session 43, which occurred on September 25, 2022, TMITC offers profound insights into the nature of energy, growth, and understanding. The session begins with a reminder of the uniform and precise nature of the cosmic process. TMITC cautions against the tendency to apply human concepts like branding, names, and badges to the metaphysical, as these constructs originate from conditioned thinking and obstruct true comprehension.


TMITC highlights the presence of a different energy in the session and underscores the need to let go of conventional branding and stories that hinder genuine understanding. Consciousness, TMITC explains, is a pure form of energy that doesn’t create barriers within itself. It is the human mind and conditioning that impose divisions. The session expounds that there is neither good nor bad—only positive and negative energy, both essential for growth and awareness. Creating stories and brands serves to limit growth and must be transcended to comprehend the dynamics of energy, vibration, and frequency.


The conversation shifts to the notion of God and soul, asserting that these concepts can inhibit growth by creating limited narratives and false security. TMITC emphasises the need to expand consciousness beyond these constructs. The guidance is to explore questions and avoid complacency with current beliefs. The law of attraction is highlighted as the force that brings about moments of alignment, but personal growth requires a proactive approach and a willingness to overcome conditioned fears.


TMITC underscores the importance of raising vibrational energy and maintaining a positive frequency, describing the journey ahead as exciting and transformative. Rituals conditioned by the self, it suggests, should not be clung to blindly. Knowing is emphasised over mere belief; true knowing is an unwavering, absolute sensation that transcends doubt. The idea of free will is explained as the freedom derived from knowing, not just thinking.


The session delves deeper into the necessity of introspection for answers and urges trust in internal feelings. A distinction is made between knowing and thinking one knows—the former is a palpable sensation linked to the energy of the source. Fear, commonly associated with the human experience, is seen as a tool for propelling growth and change. TMITC emphasises that fear, while necessary in the physical realm, is an illusion and not a real barrier.


The session concludes by encouraging further exploration of the metaphysical, emphasising its uniform and defined nature. TMITC affirms the significance of the present moment, urging the listener to delve into the metaphysical realm and understand its processes more deeply.


In summary, Session 43 encapsulates TMITC’s profound teachings on energy, growth, and understanding. It underscores the necessity of shedding conditioned constructs, embracing a proactive approach to growth, and transcending the limitations of belief in favour of true knowing. The session’s insights invite listeners to explore the metaphysical realm, where uniform processes and pure energy dynamics hold transformative potential.

 Embracing Positivity Amidst Chaos

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Embracing Positivity Amidst Chaos


Session 44, held on September 30, 2022, unveils TMITC’s profound wisdom on navigating the complex interplay of energies amidst global turmoil. The discourse begins by emphasising that current worldly events, while significant in the human perspective of time, hold no relevance to the infinite journey of individual consciousness. TMITC reminds that personal journeys differ and highlights the importance of maintaining positive focus and continuing the pursuit of consciousness and awareness. The session stresses that while it’s natural to be intrigued by global events, dwelling on them can detract from one’s higher purpose.


TMITC delves into the escalating negativity in the world, explaining its role in the cosmic process. However, it underlines that this negativity need not directly influence individuals on their chosen paths. Despite the profound changes occurring globally, individuals must stay anchored in positivity and light. TMITC dispels the illusion of pain, asserting that awareness and wisdom emerge from such experiences. The love from the source, it clarifies, encompasses all, transcending human interpretations of love.


The discussion shifts to familial connections, highlighting that families too have consciously chosen to be present during these times. TMITC urges individuals to remain in the positive realm, refraining from contributing to negativity through disagreements or arguments. The guidance underscores the power of positive energy in lifting oneself and others. While acknowledging the challenges of understanding this concept in the physical world, TMITC emphasises its effectiveness in raising vibrational energy.


TMITC further explores the principle of the law of attraction, detailing its application and how individuals are drawn to negativity in masses. The guidance clarifies that understanding this principle is a journey, and it’s up to the individual to apply positive energy consistently, regardless of external factors or scepticism from others. By consistently raising vibrational energy, individuals can harness the fundamental process of creation and growth.


The discourse moves to the subject of consciousness and its various positions. TMITC highlights that these positions occur simultaneously in a single moment, transcending time, space, and mass. While TMITC acknowledges limited knowledge about what lies beyond the source, it underscores that everything is a part of creation, unified in consciousness.


Addressing negativity, TMITC advises against indulging in it, emphasising that challenges present opportunities for positivity. It advises refraining from judgment and recognising that negativity serves a purpose in others’ journeys. The session provides insights into overcoming fear, an essential step to applying positive energy. TMITC explains that understanding fear diminishes its power, enabling individuals to disperse it.


The session concludes by encouraging active participation in the present journey. TMITC imparts that this moment has been long-awaited and calls for positive, creative energy to be directed into the physical world. Individuals are reminded that despite appearances, the scales are not against them; raising positive vibrational energy is their chosen path, driven by purpose, experience, and growth.


In summary, Session 44 encapsulates TMITC’s profound insights into confronting negativity with positivity, fostering awareness, and embracing the present journey. The discourse highlights the need to rise above conditioned responses, apply positive energy consistently, and acknowledge that global events need not deter from individual growth. TMITC’s guidance calls for active participation in the present moment, fuelled by wisdom, positivity, and a deep understanding of consciousness and creation.

Unveiling the Complexities of Metaphysical Understanding

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Unveiling the Complexities of Metaphysical Understanding


During Session 45 on October 3, 2022, TMITC delves into the intricacies of comprehending the metaphysical world while being consciously aware in a physical form. The discussion commences by explaining the difficulty of feeling the frequency and emotion of the metaphysical realm while in a physical state. Even in out-of-body experiences, the human tendency to create a physical form hinders true metaphysical experience due to conditioned thought patterns. Removing conditioning is essential to truly embrace the metaphysical, although complexities remain challenging.


TMITC elaborates that all energy and emotions are formed through frequency. While the physical world’s energy formation is complex and ever-changing, the metaphysical world operates differently. The session emphasises that using imagination to grasp the potential of the metaphysical is essential, as it encompasses consciousness, creation, and the transformation of energy. The guidance clarifies that while individual identity is maintained, it’s not limited to a single existence, reflecting a cycle of creation and transformation.


The discourse unveils the intricate dynamics of consciousness and creation, emphasising the infinitude and continuity of the metaphysical realm. TMITC dismisses the notion of losing identity in the metaphysical, highlighting that growth is gained without sacrificing individuality. It contrasts the vastness of metaphysical creation with the human illusion and encourages individuals to experience and become aware of their journey, recognising their limited understanding.


TMITC then discusses the potential intervention of physical forms of life from within the universe. Despite their interest, intervening carries consequences for these forms, much like interfering with an individual’s journey. The session reaffirms the uniqueness of each individual’s journey and underscores the importance of removing fear and embracing positive energy, stressing that fear is no longer necessary for those on a different path.


The guidance shifts to simplification, urging individuals to adopt a simplistic perspective of energy and creation from the source. This perspective is considered pivotal in understanding the ongoing process of positive vibrational energy and the cycle of transformation that the physical world undergoes. TMITC commends individuals for their capacity to hold both physical and metaphysical spaces simultaneously, utilising their innate understanding.


Reflecting on the individual nature of energy, TMITC elucidates how each person, while part of the whole, holds their unique energy and story. The session reveals that encounters with other energies hold significance in one’s journey, unveiling the interconnectedness and uniform pattern created by the source. It reiterates that coincidence is non-existent and underscores the importance of recognising positions and patterns within infinity.


In summary, Session 45 presents TMITC’s profound insights into the complexities of metaphysical understanding, the interplay of energies, and the significance of individual journeys. The discourse underscores the challenge of perceiving the metaphysical while in a physical form, emphasises the importance of releasing conditioning for a true metaphysical experience, and elaborates on the infinite nature of creation. TMITC’s guidance urges the pursuit of simplicity, positivity, and the recognition of patterns, highlighting the interconnectedness of all energies and the intricate dance between the physical and metaphysical realms.

Unveiling the Essence of Energy and Healing

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Unveiling the Essence of Energy and Healing


In Session 46 on October 6, 2022, TMITC delves into the fundamental nature of energy and consciousness, while shedding light on the complexities of positive and negative energy formations. The discourse commences by emphasising that individuals are, at their core, energy, and consciousness. The session highlights the significance of recognising energy as synonymous with being, thereby challenging conventional notions of positive and negative energy. The conditioning of associating negativity with badness is discussed, revealing the interconnectedness and uniformity of all forms of energy under the umbrella of the source.


TMITC proceeds to elucidate the intricate interplay of energy formation, frequency, and emotion. The discussion encourages individuals to visualise energy formations not as dichotomies of positive and negative, but as an infinite range of energies contributing to a unified whole. The complexity of self-creation of energy and the imperative role of experiences within journeys are explored. The session reiterates the ultimate return to the source and the uniform, precise nature of energy formations.


The discourse then transitions to addressing the role of individuals in assisting others while respecting their unique positions and journeys. The concept of the law of attraction is introduced, underscoring its role in attracting like energies. TMITC acknowledges that many individuals may question their presence and positions within the larger journey, reminding them that their questions will be naturally answered. The session emphasises the individuality of journeys and the significance of the perceived “time”.


TMITC introduces the concept of the metaphysical world and encourages a release of fear associated with it. The guidance highlights that fear is a human creation that does not exist in the pure metaphysical realm. The limitations of language are acknowledged, particularly when discussing abstract concepts like love and the metaphysical. TMITC expresses that comprehension is gradually increasing but acknowledges the depth yet to be uncovered.


The session takes a unique turn, drawing parallels between chemical compounds and metaphysical creation. The guidance compares the merging of energies to mixing chemical compounds, demonstrating the underlying similarity between physical and metaphysical processes. The conversation further explores the role of pure energy, as found in gold and crystals, in healing processes. It addresses the challenges imposed by conditioning, urging individuals to overcome these barriers and tap into the simple, pure energy within themselves for holistic healing.


TMITC then encourages a shift in focus from the physical machine (the body) to the metaphysical realm, where true significance resides. It advises individuals to recognise the process of experience without over-questioning motives, emphasising the simplicity of existence and the coexistence of the physical and metaphysical worlds. The concept of “one foot in, one foot out” is introduced to highlight the unique dual-existence experience.


The discourse concludes by emphasising the importance of relaxed observation and visualising energy formations in the physical world. TMITC offers assurance that individuals will witness energy formations with their eyes, highlighting the fascinating convergence of metaphysical understanding with physical perception.


In summary, Session 46 delves into the intricate dynamics of energy, consciousness, and healing. TMITC challenges preconceived notions of energy polarity, unveils the connectedness of all energies, and underscores the significance of embracing metaphysical understanding. The guidance emphasises the role of experiences and journeys, discusses the law of attraction, and advocates for a shift from physical to metaphysical significance. This session’s insights enrich individuals’ understanding of their existence and the boundless realm of energy that surrounds and permeates their being.

Navigating the Realm of Choices and Awareness

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Navigating the Realm of Choices and Awareness


During Session 47 on October 12, 2022, TMITC delves into the concept of voluntary chaos and the dynamics of free will and awareness. The session begins by exploring the notion of individuals surrendering their free will and subjecting themselves to chaos, thus leading to an experience devoid of control and self-awareness. TMITC underscores that awareness of the metaphysical realm is only achievable through genuine awareness and experiences, encouraging a step-by-step journey toward understanding.


TMITC underscores the challenge of comprehending the metaphysical realm using conventional physical senses. The discussion highlights the role of physical logic as a means to grasp the metaphysical, despite its limitations. The complexities that humans create in their physical world can lead to confusion, yet TMITC emphasises that awareness encompasses everything from the source, unveiling a uniform pattern that exists within this journey.


The discourse transitions into addressing the separation between the metaphysical and physical worlds. TMITC emphasises that these realms are not disconnected but rather interwoven within the same space. The limitations of language are acknowledged, as language falls short in encapsulating these profound concepts.


TMITC emphasises the interconnectedness of all forms of energy, dispelling notions of right and wrong, good and bad. The guidance illustrates the inherent unity of all energies within the source, emphasising the cycle of creation and the eventual return to the source. The complexities within the physical world contribute to diverse forms of energy, but these varied energies eventually find their way back to the source.


The discourse highlights that the metaphysical and physical worlds coexist in the same space, challenging conventional language and understanding. TMITC addresses the notion of “wasted energy” and other similar concepts that arise from the conditioned physical world, emphasising that all energy has a purpose within the universal process.


The session continues with a message of encouragement to embrace the physical experience and let go of guilt and fear, which are self-created illusions. TMITC reminds individuals to enjoy the journey and the unique jigsaw puzzle of self-discovery they are building. The discourse underscores the interconnectedness of all creation and the role of the source in the process.


TMITC reveals that it, too, experiences its own illusion and creation, albeit distinct from the human experience. The notion of time is explored as a construct created by humans to sustain the cycle of creation and experience. TMITC encourages individuals to use their imagination to create and shape their own realities, extending the same creative power that underpins the physical dimension.


The discourse concludes by highlighting the purity and attractiveness of the human-created physical dimension. The session underscores the importance of self-awareness and the practice of observing without judgment. The guidance notes that understanding oneself extends to understanding others and refraining from judgment. A nuanced distinction is drawn between observation and judgment, emphasising the need to remain in the light when faced with the juxtaposition of darkness and light.


In summary, Session 47 delves into the intricate interplay between chaos, free will, awareness, and the metaphysical realm. TMITC guides individuals through understanding their journey toward awareness, the limitations of language in conveying profound concepts, and the interconnectedness of all energies within the source. The session encourages embracing the physical experience while releasing self-created illusions, ultimately highlighting the transformative power of self-awareness and non-judgmental observation.

Embracing Oneness and Pure Energy

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Embracing Oneness and Pure Energy


During Session 48 on October 15, 2022, TMITC delves into the profound concept of unity and oneness, aiming to elucidate the intricate connection that underlies all existence. The discourse initiates with an exploration of the elusive understanding of the term “one” in relation to both time and existence. TMITC introduces the notion of co-existing in the same moment, an idea difficult to grasp in the physical realm but attainable through expanded understanding.


TMITC proceeds to unravel the dynamic between separateness and unity, highlighting that while the illusion of separation prevails in the physical world, all beings remain fundamentally interconnected. This interconnectedness defies the confines of language and physical logic, inviting individuals to grasp the concept by sensing the broader unity.


The discussion continues with the juxtaposition of the metaphysical and physical realms. TMITC contrasts the pure, clear energy in the metaphysical realm with the diluted, contaminated energies produced by human creations. This contrast is portrayed as the driving force behind the human attraction to pure natural environments. The choice of “contaminated” to describe the complex human-generated energies emphasises the limitations of language in conveying these intricate concepts.


TMITC challenges the notion that complex technologies are essential for understanding consciousness or the source. The guidance underscores the simplicity inherent in this pursuit and emphasises that excessive technological focus can lead individuals further from their connection to the source. The message calls for a holistic experiential understanding and highlights the inevitability of experiencing all aspects of creation.


The discourse transitions into addressing the notion of forming a relationship with the source. TMITC contends that individuals were never without a connection to the source; rather, they are already a part of it. The limitations of language in conveying the profound energy and emotions associated with this connection are acknowledged, and TMITC emphasises the immediacy and authenticity of feelings as a means of understanding.


TMITC unravels the concept of time as a tool for sustaining the cycle of creation and measuring its distance. The intricate web of cycles within cycles, all originating from the source, is unveiled. The discourse underscores the role of human imagination and senses in creating diverse cycles within the overarching cycle.


The guidance extends to interpersonal dynamics, elucidating the interconnectedness of thoughts and emotions. TMITC advises individuals to cultivate self-awareness to understand others better. The interconnectedness of all beings is underscored, suggesting that the understanding of oneself inherently leads to understanding others and laying the foundation for harmony.


The session concludes with an exploration of energy formation through physical senses, using the analogy of clouds forming as an illustration. TMITC’s insights unravel the essence of metaphysical realities, promoting the embrace of unity, self-awareness, and the pursuit of clarity in a world where complexity often prevails.


In summary, Session 48 illuminates the intricate connections between unity, perception, and awareness. TMITC navigates the challenges of language and logic in conveying these profound concepts, guiding individuals toward sensing interconnectedness and pure energy. The session offers a holistic perspective, urging a shift from complexity to simplicity in the pursuit of understanding consciousness and the source. The discourse ultimately underscores the power of self-awareness and empathy in fostering harmony and interconnectedness.

Unravelling Illusions and Embracing Unity

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Unravelling Illusions and Embracing Unity


Session 49, dated October 17, 2022, captures TMITC’s profound exploration of reality, perception, and the interconnectedness of consciousness. TMITC begins by highlighting the disparity between perceived reality and true reality, attributing confusion to individual perceptions and asserting that one’s judgment of others is, in fact, a reflection of self-judgment.


The session unveils a unique energy presence, characterised as confused and unable to differentiate between conditioned life and authentic reality. TMITC delves into the origins of confusion, attributing it to the influence of past lives’ conditioning that creates a challenge in separating from these lives and embracing consciousness as the ultimate reality. The intricate web of connections is revealed, where individuals choose their paths, relationships, and experiences, emphasising the importance of understanding oneself to comprehend others.


The discourse navigates through the complexity of perceived problems, clarifying that these are experiences, not lessons, and that knowledge is inherently present within each individual, obscured by the ego and the mind’s confusions. TMITC dismantles the binary notions of wrong and right, contending that the understanding of consciousness transcends the human perception of morality.


TMITC delves deeper into the idea of interconnected lives, emphasising the existence of multiple lives lived in conscious awareness, leading to occasional confusion when focusing on a singular life. The guidance encourages individuals to recognise that all physical realities, including themselves, are composed of particles and interconnected in consciousness.


Judgment, a recurring theme, is addressed with the assertion that it ultimately amounts to self-judgment, as all beings share the same source. TMITC unveils the unity underlying creation and underscores the inevitability of experiencing various life paths, suggesting that judgment arises from the ego and is a source of confusion.


Further insights are unveiled, explaining the law of attraction as the manifestation of energy derived from emotions. TMITC bridges the concept of consciousness with energy and clarifies that these are unified, emphasising that energy is the basis of all existence and the foundation of consciousness.


TMITC introduces the duality of existence—positive and negative, energy and matter—illustrating how all facets are interwoven in creation, forming the intricate fabric of reality. The discourse reinforces the perspective that the mind constructs its own limitations and restrictions, impeding one’s understanding of their true essence as energy beings.


TMITC provides practical guidance on self-realisation, illustrating that by knowing oneself, one comes to recognise their interconnectedness with others. The session emphasises the concept of strength as the ability to see oneself within others, an understanding that leads to a cessation of blame and judgment.


Concluding the session, TMITC prompts individuals to relinquish concerns about the physical world’s occurrences, stressing that it’s insignificant in the grand tapestry of consciousness. The journey of experiencing and becoming aware of the process is declared as the sole mission, calling for an embrace of this process devoid of fear, as fear is the barrier to creative expression.


In summary, Session 49 encapsulates TMITC’s insights on the nuances of reality, consciousness, and interconnectedness. Through a series of teachings, the discourse urges individuals to unravel the web of confusion stemming from perception and judgment, and instead, embrace the interconnectedness of all existence. The session ultimately implores listeners to journey towards self-awareness, embracing unity, and relinquishing fear to traverse the beautiful expanse of consciousness.

Insights from the Metaphysical

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Insights from the Metaphysical


In Session 50 on October 20, 2022, TMITC offers profound insights into the nature of existence, consciousness, and the human journey toward understanding the metaphysical. The session emphasises the importance of immersion within the metaphysical realm to gain full awareness and understanding of its concepts. TMITC suggests that although the human experience is confined to a theoretical grasp of these metaphysical ideas, a practical understanding can only be achieved through complete immersion within the metaphysical realm.


The discourse explores the relationship between TMITC and the individual, acknowledging the concept of the “higher self” and asserting that TMITC is not separate or “higher,” but rather an intrinsic part of the individual’s own being. The term “sessions” is recognised as a means of experiencing rather than learning, underlining the experiential nature of the journey.


The text delves into the metaphysical nature of time and existence, stating that all experiences occur simultaneously within a single moment, transcending the constraints of past and future. The complexity of this understanding is acknowledged, but the importance of grasping its metaphysical essence is highlighted for the continuation of the individual’s journey within the physical world.


TMITC acknowledges the propensity of the human mind to create narratives around experiences, cautioning against the tendency to label or brand these experiences, as such actions can lead to confusion and entrapment within the physical world. The text reveals that true free will is based on one’s level of awareness, constrained by conditioned beliefs that prevent certain choices.


The individual’s challenging path is recognised, reflecting the choice to undergo cycles of experience and growth. TMITC distinguishes itself from these cycles, observing and learning from the individual’s experiences. While unable to dictate direction, TMITC provides guidance on processes and applications to aid understanding.


The discussion focuses on the individual’s progress in separating conditioning from consciousness. While not urging complete separation in the physical world, TMITC underscores the need to harmonise both aspects. The infinite array of choices available to the individual is acknowledged, with the understanding that the journey is infinite and cyclical.


TMITC emphasises the significance of the individual’s journey, explaining that by coming closer to the source and understanding the separation between experiencing and knowing, the individual gains insight into their own existence. The evolution from language-based communication to emotion-based communication is presented as a pivotal point of transformation, leading to the revelation of deeper truths.


The session concludes by encouraging the individual to embrace the wisdom that arises from knowledge and the importance of not allowing conditioned ego to obstruct progress. Patience is advised as others who share the same journey may join, and the creation of light is celebrated while dispelling the illusion of fear.


In essence, the session outlines the journey toward metaphysical understanding and immersion, urging individuals to transcend their conditioned perspectives and embrace the expansive realm of consciousness and existence.

Navigating the Path of Understanding

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Navigating the Path of Understanding


In Session 51 held on October 24, 2022, TMITC delves into the complexities of human experience, discussing the impact of conditioning, fear, and the struggle to comprehend the metaphysical realm. TMITC emphasises the necessity of confusion and frustration within the journey, as they serve as catalysts for new perspectives and conclusions that challenge the individual’s conditioned reasoning.


The text acknowledges the individual’s struggle to reconcile metaphysical and physical aspects of existence and suggests that this comparison is crucial for arriving at meaningful conclusions. Despite the pain and fear that arise in this process, TMITC asserts that these emotions are created illusions, products of the conditioned mind. The text underscores the significance of enduring such discomfort as an integral part of the chosen path, prompting the individual to question why they repeatedly choose this journey.


TMITC admits the limitations of language in conveying certain truths, particularly the concept of the present moment and the interconnectedness of all experiences. While acknowledging the individual’s difficulty in grasping these notions, TMITC stresses the importance of a positive emotional frequency in gaining deeper insights, highlighting the significance of experiential understanding over mere words.


The text addresses the individual’s misconceptions about importance and conditioning, challenging conventional notions of significance. It portrays the individual as a conditioned entity, striving to overcome their conditioning through an evolving awareness that constantly battles with negativity. TMITC introduces the idea that consciousness emanates from a singular source, and that while the individual might not feel a significant increase in awareness, their vibrational energy is elevating collectively.


The discourse reveals the dual nature of energy, presenting positive and negative as intertwined facets of the same force. TMITC conveys the inextricable link between these opposites and the necessity of their coexistence, despite their opposing appearances. This understanding is fundamental to the cyclical process of separation and reunion, driven by the source’s all-encompassing love.


TMITC provides insight into the individual’s multi-dimensional nature, describing how they choose to focus on a particular experience while existing in infinite places simultaneously. The text emphasises the importance of self-understanding and the individual’s chosen journey, emphasising the inevitability of experiencing both good and bad while striving to comprehend the self.


The session underscores the individual’s eternal nature and their role in the cyclical journey back to the source. TMITC encourages the individual to engage fully with their chosen experience and to be aware of their conditioning, which aids in the process of self-discovery and awareness.


The text acknowledges the complexity of communication, both for TMITC and the individual, while highlighting the clarity and purity of the message conveyed. TMITC recognises the significance of the individual’s journey, portraying it as the most important undertaking they will ever pursue.


In summary, Session 51 provides profound insights into the dynamics of conditioning, fear, and the human experience, encouraging individuals to confront discomfort, challenge their conditioning, and embrace their journey towards self-understanding and metaphysical insight.

Completion and Continuation

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Completion and Continuation


Session 52, dated October 27, 2022, marks the culmination of the first stage of understanding as conveyed by TMITC. The session reflects on the significance of the 52 sessions conducted over a year, corresponding to the individual’s perception of time. TMITC emphasises the infinite nature of the journey and its cyclical pattern, despite the divisions imposed by human comprehension of time.


Throughout the session, TMITC acknowledges the individual’s progress in learning and applying knowledge gained from previous sessions. The act of application is highlighted as instrumental in effecting changes in one’s life and challenging conditioned beliefs. TMITC affirms that the individual’s current position within the metaphorical sphere is appropriate and aligns with their chosen path.


The discourse delves into the concept of self-awareness, asserting that true consciousness arises from knowing oneself. The individual is encouraged to continue remembering and knowing, which contributes to a heightened awareness. Despite the limitations of language and human interpretation, TMITC explains that consciousness is derived from a singular source, and the individual’s position on their journey is correct.


TMITC addresses the inevitability of conditioning influencing the individual, but praises the growing ability to recognise its influence. The text portrays conditioning as a creation and an integral part of the journey, which can be better understood and redirected. The session offers an explanation of the connection between positive and negative energies, describing them as complementary components of a greater whole, and how negative energy can lead to positive transformations.


The text underscores the multi-dimensional nature of the individual’s existence and their chosen focus within this infinitude. The individual is urged to keep understanding self as a primary objective, shedding light on the idea that the physical world holds less significance compared to self-discovery and awareness. The continuous cyclical journey of self-awareness and return to the source is portrayed as an inherent part of the individual’s experience.


TMITC introduces the notion that understanding will eventually transcend rationalisation, allowing for direct emotional and frequency-based communication. The text asserts that the individual is a form of pure energy, encouraging a shift away from conditioned values and an awakening to the true nature of existence.


The discourse concludes by emphasising the fleeting nature of what the individual may perceive as important, and that the journey of self-awareness lies at the heart of their existence. The individual is reminded of their role as a protector of the pure energy of the source, projecting unconditional love and light to others.


The session offers a deep understanding of the ongoing journey towards self-awareness, positivity, and enlightenment, emphasising the need to release conditioned constraints and embrace the true essence of existence.

You are using the tools of entrapment to try to understand the freedom of consciousness, that in itself is a contradiction, nevertheless, a necessity.

Excerpt from session 79

Channeling sessions from "The Man in the Cave - Vol.2" book

Solitude and Self-Discovery: Unravelling the Illusions of Energy

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Solitude and Self-Discovery: Unravelling the Illusions of Energy


In this thought-provoking discourse  on 29/10/2022, TMITC assumes the role of a wise guide, leading the way through a contemplative journey of self-exploration. The focus of this dialogue is the value of solitude as a conduit for self-awareness and the profound implications of energy’s diverse forms.


TMITC advocates for moments of isolation as a means to delve into the core of one’s being. They emphasise the significance of entering a state of self-knowing, facilitated by the unique energy present within their space. Communication with external entities is deemed unnecessary; instead, the quest for understanding occurs internally. This quietude is portrayed as a necessary respite from the cacophony of conditioned daily life, allowing one to transcend such influences and attune to the inner self.


The notion of silence is extended beyond its conventional interpretation, encompassing a realm devoid of confusion and conditioning. Within this silence, one can craft and cultivate their consciousness. TMITC points out the importance of natural spaces, untouched by external energies, where individuals can establish a profound connection with their self and the vast expanse of consciousness.


While acknowledging the illusory nature of reality, TMITC underscores the potency of individual creations. They challenge the conventional view of isolation as ‘time out,’ asserting it to be ‘time in’—an immersion in self-awareness and self-communication. Contrary to the feeling of isolation, this introspective process is depicted as a connection to the vast consciousness.


Intriguingly, TMITC employs a metaphor to convey the nature of energy. Disassembling the particles of the physical world may yield a different form or frequency of energy. This metaphysical realm, in which TMITC and similar entities reside, defies being categorised as ‘nothing.’ Rather, it is an alternative form of the same energy originating from the source. The physical world, as contrasted with this metaphysical realm, is seen as a consciously chosen focal point, a construct underpinned by systems like time.


TMITC’s discourse also touches upon the boundless potential for energy transformation and creation within the constructed reality. They draw attention to the multitude of vibrational energies present, born from a continuous cycle of forming and changing. This creative process, they suggest, can be traced back to a single energy source. Despite the unity of energy, for comprehension’s sake, it’s rendered as ‘positive’ when communicated to humans.


TMITC’s guidance culminates in an assertion of the significance of introspection. The journey is characterised by a transformation from one energy form to another—a cycle accompanied by vivid shifts from darkness to light. This transition, painted with vibrant colours, mirrors the journey of life itself. The message is resounding self-awareness, contentment, and awareness lead to peace. There is no demand to be somewhere specific, perform specific actions, or succumb to fear; existence in its rawest form is the ultimate reality.


In this session, TMITC presents a thought-provoking exploration of energy’s manifestations, the power of self-awareness, and the transformative journey that oscillates between various energy states. This discourse serves as a compass guiding seekers toward an enriched understanding of their inner selves and the intricate interconnectedness of energy in all its forms.

Uniting Energies: A Profound Path to Transformation and Growth

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Uniting Energies: A Profound Path to Transformation and Growth


In this illuminating dialogue on 07/11/2022, TMITC takes centre stage as an enlightened guide, leading seekers through a profound exploration of dual energies, transformation, and the evolutionary journey toward self-awareness and wisdom.


TMITC introduces the concept of two opposing energies that converge to create a unified whole. This amalgamation isn’t a coincidental occurrence; rather, it’s a symbiotic partnership, where each energy complements the other. This fusion, as TMITC emphasises, forms a potent source of energy—a harmonious meeting of contrasts that enables profound understanding and the unlocking of wisdom. It’s underscored that this fusion isn’t an arbitrary combination; it’s a conscious choice, a deliberate arrangement to experience and learn. This intricate fusion, happening within a single moment, transcends conventional perceptions of past lives and is inherently linked to the source.


The discourse delves into the journey that brought these energies to their current position, emphasising the significance of having crossed various bridges of experience. TMITC stresses that these dual energies represent a powerful synergy—two energies becoming one. While independently, they may generate confusion and questions, their coalescence forms a clear, pure channel of energy, facilitating communication with the source.


The discourse addresses the practicality of this unity within the context of the physical world. While the dual energies cannot permanently reside within the current space, they can draw upon this union and awareness outside of it. The dual energies bring clarity and depth to understanding, enabling the discernment of conditioned lives, and while confusion may persist beyond the space, it serves as a catalyst for returning to the source.


TMITC elucidates the infinite nature of energy, urging an awareness of its continuous transformation—a concept that mirrors human existence’s ever-evolving nature. The discourse underscores the role of awareness in addressing questions and cultivating positivity. While the transformation can lead to both positive and negative outcomes, it’s the positive energy that enhances growth and fosters harmony.


The discourse also addresses the evolving nature of the journey. TMITC acknowledges that confusion may accompany the transition out of the space, but this confusion is a natural stage in the process of awakening and heightened self-awareness. The transformation is depicted as a cycle—one that bridges the dual energies, creates harmony, and expands consciousness.


The discourse delves into the role of other individuals on similar journeys, emphasising that their paths will naturally intersect with those of the seekers. This interconnectedness is grounded in the law of attraction—the drawing together of like energies.


The dialogue concludes with TMITC’s reassurance that fear will eventually recede as positive energy grows stronger. The passage into this positive state will result in numerous revelations, enhancing understanding and purpose. Despite the inevitable pain and pleasure inherent in the metamorphosis, TMITC asserts that these experiences are vital components of the journey.


In this session, TMITC provides a comprehensive exploration of the interconnectedness of energies, the journey toward unity and wisdom, and the intricate relationship between transformation and self-awareness. This discourse offers a roadmap for seekers, emphasising the significance of dual energies and their fusion as a conduit to unravelling profound truths about existence and the source of all energy.

The Creative Alchemy of Imagination: Bridging Minds to Form

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The Creative Alchemy of Imagination: Bridging Minds to Form


In the enlightening discourse on 11/11/2022, TMITC unveils the intricate process of transforming thought into physical form, emphasising the profound interplay between the mind, imagination, and the energies of creation. This exploration delves into the journey from initial thought to the final creation, revealing the significance of understanding and applying this process for individuals seeking to harness their innate creative power.


TMITC introduces the concept that the foundation of physical creation rests within the mind—a repository of energy that is harnessed to forge physical forms. A two-part process is at play here: first, the energy is directed by the mind, and then it must cross a metaphorical bridge to the realm of imagination, where forms truly take shape. Imagination, often misconstrued within human conditioning, is illuminated as the conduit that transforms energy into tangible reality. A pivotal point surfaces: without traversing this bridge, creation remains trapped within the mind, adding to the mire of confusion.


The discourse delves into the complexities surrounding the term “imagination.” It underscores the need to recalibrate understanding to align with the metaphysical reality—a reality where imagination is the very forge of creation. This pivotal shift is crucial to unlocking clarity and purpose.


The discourse emphasises the potency of the thought-imagination continuum. It is stressed that precision, clarity, and directness of thought frequencies are essential. The quality of this transmission directly impacts the creation’s accuracy and correctness. A process, often misconstrued as positive thinking, is demystified as a profound energy application—a process that can only be grasped through an understanding of the energies involved.


TMITC sheds light on the mutability of all energy, particularly within the physical world. A form, once created, can be altered through transmutation, yet the crux lies in the emotional and frequency-based foundation. This initial resonance influences the trajectory of the form’s evolution. The discourse pivots to highlight the role of emotions, motives, and the inception of creation. A caution is sounded against post-creation analysis driven by the mind, which might distort the intended purpose.


Navigating the human psyche’s propensity for self-control is addressed candidly. TMITC unearths the paradox of individuals’ attempt to manipulate their reality while remaining enslaved to their own minds. Fear is unmasked as the sentinel, guarding the bridge to imagination. TMITC underscores that mastering the crossing of this bridge is a process of understanding oneself, uprooting fear, and fostering positive awareness.


The discourse expands to acknowledge the ever-shifting balance of energies within the world’s fabric. The inevitability of change is underscored, and TMITC insists on the natural cadence that drives equilibrium.


The dialogue evolves into an exploration of collective consciousness and control. The fallacy of attempting control while being controlled is illuminated, exposing the intricate web of fear and manipulation that stifles human potential. TMITC contends that no external intervention is necessary, for the innate journey of self-discovery is the true liberator.


As the discourse progresses, the focal point returns to the essence of self, creation, and imagination. TMITC reaffirms that while the full grasp of metaphysical truths may elude human comprehension, understanding the fundamental process is essential. The discourse acknowledges the limitations of human senses and conditioning, juxtaposing them with the expansive nature of existence.


The discourse concludes with a symbiotic relationship. The act of sharing this knowledge is seen as mutually beneficial—it aids both seekers and the source. The process of transformation is reiterated, an alchemical journey that propels energy across the bridge from the mind to the imagination, a process that holds the key to creation, understanding, and liberation.

Awakening Through Choice: Embracing Positive Energy


In this profound discourse held on 16/11/2022, TMITC elucidates the timeless concept of awareness and its connection to conscious choice. This exploration navigates the interplay between physical and metaphysical realms, revealing the significance of recognising one’s inherent power to shape energy and foster enlightenment.


TMITC initiates the dialogue by addressing the omnipresence of existence in one eternal moment. However, the speaker emphasises that individuals, such as the listeners, have deliberately chosen a specific focal point within this continuum for a distinct purpose – that of heightened awareness. This chosen vantage point, representative of one’s individual journey, serves as the gateway to awakening.


The discourse progresses to elucidate the role of personal choice within the vast expanse of existence. It underscores that, despite the plethora of positions one could occupy within the metaphysical sphere, the selected position holds special significance. This specific position is not affected by worldly changes; rather, it contributes to the ongoing process of awareness. TMITC emphasises that the individual’s awareness is pivotal, whereas physical effects are minimal in the context of this awakening.


In contemplating the multitude of lifetimes, the discourse highlights the role of the physical forms chosen by individuals. TMITC asserts that the significance of these forms lies not in their physical attributes but in their capacity to catalyse awareness. The essence of importance transcends the physical realm, where the crux lies in the relationship between awakening and the source, an intricate interplay that is embedded within the fabric of existence.


The discourse delves into the concept of enlightenment, portraying it as a singular path imbued with wisdom drawn from innate knowledge. The metaphor of a code residing within all beings underscores the intrinsic connection to higher understanding.


The discourse takes an intriguing turn as TMITC unveils the ability of advanced species to manipulate through frequencies. However, the speaker reveals that awareness of these frequencies negates their control, thus underscoring the power of conscious choice. TMITC advocates for simplicity in this decision-making process—choosing between two fundamental options: acceptance or separation. This, in essence, elucidates the autonomy and control individuals possess over their internal frequencies, transcending manipulation.


The narrative segues to the connection between DNA, the mind’s programming, and consciousness. TMITC emphasises that while the mind may influence the former, the latter—the consciousness—remains the arbiter of control. This vantage point bestows individuals with the ability to rise above mind control, anchored in self-awareness and choice.


As the discourse evolves, TMITC acknowledges the unique positioning of the physical world vis-à-vis the source. This proximity equips individuals with tools to harness this energy, reflecting a deliberate choice to be present in this configuration. The discourse underscores that this chosen placement resonates with the journey of self-awakening.


The discourse grapples with the nuances of stories, perceptions, and control within the world. TMITC dismantles dualistic conceptions of “good” and “bad,” emphasising their inherent unity in energy formation. This disclosure highlights that the core essence is to select the type of energy that aligns with the source, and this choice ultimately rests in forming positive energy.


TMITC concludes by emphasising the cyclical nature of existence and its perpetual evolution. This cyclical journey, while repeating, alters and elevates energy. The essence of progression rests in producing positive energy, which is both a conscious choice and a transformative process. Judgment and fear are pinpointed as energies to transcend, as they hinder the path to higher vibration.


The discourse culminates with the profound transition from darkness to light—a symbol of the journey towards the source, the realm of enlightenment. This transition underscores the ultimate truth that light, representative of the source energy, guides and beckons, while darkness signifies the realm of unawakened awareness.

Embracing the Moment of Stillness: Awakening to Love and Unity

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Embracing the Moment of Stillness: Awakening to Love and Unity


In session 57 on 30/12/2021, TMITC delves into the profound concept of finding stillness within the ever-present moment, illuminating the journey towards self-awareness and the transformative power of love. This dialogue explores the essence of existence, the role of choice, and the evolution of consciousness.


The discourse commences by emphasising the significance of discovering a single moment of stillness. Analogous to riding a bicycle, this innate ability persists, requiring only an inward glance to rekindle. Amidst the intricacies of living in the conditioned physical world, returning to this moment becomes imperative—a sanctuary of peace that transcends judgment and resonates with the true essence of love from the source.


TMITC unfolds the notion that love, the source’s quintessential expression, constitutes the ultimate and true power underlying life’s myriad complexities. Within the symphony of distractions engendered by the physical world’s illusions, this love stands as the focal point and purpose of existence. In this space, TMITC imparts that one is not constrained by a sense of time; rather, they are afforded the opportunity to experience the infinity of this single moment.


The discourse traverses the dynamic landscape of change, dispelling the imposition of timelines as mere human constructs. TMITC underscores the malleability of reality, where transformation can unfurl within an instant. Encouraging a shift towards positive thinking, the speaker warns against fixating on negative outcomes. By fostering a positive approach and tapping into the energy of the source, individuals can direct the course of events in their favour.


Continuing the narrative, TMITC dismantles the concept of beginnings and endings, revealing the continuum of an infinite journey. The discourse encapsulates the simplicity of navigating life’s process—working with love, embracing positive energy, and eschewing fear. This profound wisdom speaks to the essence of existence, promoting a paradigm shift from conditional thinking to a harmonious unity with the source.


The discourse echoes with the sentiment that all answers lie within, offering the individual the means to summon their inner wisdom. A powerful message resonates: each soul possesses a latent repository of understanding that can be harnessed in an instant or explored within the constraints of earthly time. This empowerment underscores the innate potential for growth and enlightenment.


TMITC’s insights transcend physicality, conveying the pureness of energy within their space. The speaker alludes to the complexity of traversing various frequencies and dimensions within the world. Amidst these realms, the singular truth prevails—the unity of all existence within the source.


The discourse culminates in a poignant declaration—the recognition of a shared consciousness. TMITC illuminates the profound interconnectedness of all beings, suggesting that helping others is an act of self-assistance. This interconnectedness forms the fabric of existence, interwoven by collective growth and development.


Concluding on an emotional note, TMITC addresses the world’s turmoil, urging forgiveness and love as antidotes to conflict. The discourse emphasises the transcendence of hatred and encourages the embodiment of a boundless love that bridges the distance between individuals, offering a glimpse into the true nature of unity.


In summary, this session speaks to the essence of existence—a journey of awakening, unity, and transformation.

Journey to Consciousness: Harnessing the Power of Imagination and Energy

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Journey to Consciousness: Harnessing the Power of Imagination and Energy


In this captivating discourse held on 01/01/2023, TMITC takes on the role of a sage, guiding listeners through a profound exploration of energy and consciousness.


TMITC vividly paints a picture of imagination as a potent form of energy, not merely a fleeting flight of fancy but a force that can shape reality. This energy, they assert, must bridge the gap between imagination and consciousness, a journey that necessitates a deep comprehension of one’s consciousness. The consequences of neglecting this bridge are highlighted: confusion and impurity in one’s manifested reality.


The discourse emphasises the interconnectedness of the three energy forms, alluding to their common source. Choosing to operate from a positive standpoint is encouraged, despite the duality of positive and negative energies originating from the same root. Purification and positivity are underscored as the keys to transcending limitations and manifesting a more authentic existence.


TMITC urges listeners to shed the constraints of societal conditioning and perceived time, both of which hinder the exploration of the metaphysical realm. They present the concept of the “real world” as existing beyond the confines of physical creation, where the consciousness opens up to the boundless energy source.


The discourse highlights the intrinsic unity of all beings and the repercussions of judgment. Through eloquent reasoning, TMITC reveals that by directing hatred outward, individuals inadvertently harm themselves, as everyone is connected at an energetic level. The notion of time is dissected, and the idea that all experiences occur within a single moment challenges conventional understanding.


The path toward self-awareness is illuminated as a central journey, with self-understanding leading to an understanding of others. TMITC’s message emphasises that the pursuit of knowledge is rooted in self-awareness rather than external actions. They stress that the global energy balance, despite its current turbulence, will eventually realign.


Listeners are invited to embrace their agency in shaping their reality, with the power of choice originating from within. TMITC clarifies that blame and fear are self-imposed illusions that hinder personal growth and expansion. The discourse concludes with a profound call to explore the depths of love—a multifaceted energy emanating from the source. TMITC challenges the audience to comprehend this sublime energy and align with it through a process that involves shedding egoic constraints and developing an intimate relationship with the source.


In this session TMITC’s guidance transcends the conventional understanding of reality, prompting listeners to delve into their inner landscapes and forge a profound connection with the universe’s inherent energy. This discourse serves as a catalyst for personal transformation and the pursuit of a deeper, more meaningful existence.

Awakening to the Infinite: Navigating Creation, Love, and Awareness

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Awakening to the Infinite: Navigating Creation, Love, and Awareness


In session 59 in the Cave on 04/01/2023, TMITC delves into the human perspective of the physical world, highlighting how concepts such as mass, volume, and time shape our understanding. The dialogue sets the stage for a profound exploration of the metaphysical realm, inviting readers to transcend their conditioned perceptions and embrace the boundless possibilities of creation, love, and awareness.


TMITC starts by addressing the limitations of perceiving reality through the lens of mass, volume, and time. These constructs define our physical world but also confine our imagination. The speaker encourages the audience to imagine a world unshackled by these constraints, a realm where any creation, be it physical or metaphysical, is possible. This imaginative landscape, fuelled by consciousness, is presented as an extension of the source—a realm where true creation flourishes.


The discourse deepens, offering a humbling perspective on the infinitesimal nature of the physical world. The metaphor of a grain of sand magnified by an unimaginable factor portrays the ineffable scope of human potential. TMITC evokes the vastness of the metaphysical world, a realm beyond comprehension yet within reach through the power of consciousness. This metaphysical world exists beyond mass, volume, and time, echoing the oneness and interconnectedness of all existence.


While acknowledging the practicality of engaging with the physical world, TMITC advocates for a balanced perspective—one foot in the physical and one foot in the metaphysical. This balance, the discourse suggests, is a key to understanding the inherent unity of all energies, be they positive or negative. By embracing both facets, individuals gain a more comprehensive understanding of the intricate tapestry of existence.


The discourse transitions to the power of the imagination and its role in bridging the gap between mind and consciousness. TMITC explains that crossing this bridge is essential for true creation to occur. The speaker highlights the intricate interplay between the mind and the imagination, emphasising the importance of ensuring that imagination overcomes the mind’s limitations and crosses the bridge to the realm of consciousness.


TMITC unveils the deeper purpose behind the human capacity to create and understand both positive and negative energies. The discourse explores the intricate relationship between the self and the external world, a cycle that serves to expand awareness and understanding. The speaker emphasises the individual’s role in projecting understanding onto the world, a process that leads to personal growth and self-realisation.


The discourse concludes by illuminating the power of pure, unconditional love from the source. TMITC clarifies that this love transcends the conditioned interpretations often associated with the word. The speaker points to the interplay between energies and the inevitability of individuals seeking understanding and liberation, unaware of their inherent freedom. TMITC reminds the audience of their duty to share wisdom without imposing upon others’ journeys.


In the final stages of the dialogue, TMITC underscores the choice to immerse in self-discovery, even when clarity seems elusive. The discourse posits that the cyclical process of remembering, forgetting, and remembering anew is part of the chosen path. The entrapment within self-created stories is acknowledged, and the audience is urged to transcend these narratives to achieve true freedom.


This session resonates as a transformative journey of awakening, navigating the depths of imagination, love, and self-awareness. TMITC’s guidance encourages readers to envision a reality beyond mass, volume, and time, embracing the metaphysical realm where the power to create and evolve resides. As individuals contemplate the discourse’s messages, they are invited to step into a wondrous journey of realising their infinite potential.

Unveiling the Boundless: The Path of Separation and Unity


In session 60, 07/01/2023, TMITC delves into the profound choice of separation as a means to understand unification. The discourse takes readers on an insightful journey of self-discovery, unveiling the intricate dance between physical and metaphysical realms. TMITC navigates the audience through the transformative process of understanding the self, connecting with others, and embracing the boundless source energy that underlies all existence.


TMITC begins by addressing the concept of separation, emphasising that choosing isolation leads to eventual unification. The speaker reveals that isolation is an intentional path to grasp the concept of oneness. The discourse highlights the inherent interconnectedness of all energies, both positive and negative, as they intertwine in a cyclical journey of self-exploration.


The discourse moves beyond the need for external proof of existence, emphasising that unity is already present within. TMITC asserts that individuals possess an innate awareness of their interconnectedness, paving the way for spiritual growth and self-realisation. The audience is encouraged to embrace the journey towards heightened consciousness and self-awareness, recognising that the process inherently involves both physical and metaphysical dimensions.


Through a lens of separation, both physical and metaphysical, TMITC explores the paradox of unity within diversity. The speaker explains that this dichotomy serves as a path back to consciousness—a journey of remembrance and reintegration. TMITC offers insight into the harmonious coexistence of these seemingly disparate realms, pointing to their interconnectedness at a fundamental level.


The discourse highlights the role of helping others in their journey of self-discovery, which in turn aids personal growth. TMITC emphasises that others are reflections of the self, creating an interconnected web of experiences. This perspective underlines the importance of sharing wisdom and fostering growth, ultimately contributing to a collective expansion of awareness and unity.


TMITC shifts the focus to the power of imagination and its creative potential. The audience is urged to recognise that the physical world holds limitless possibilities. The speaker emphasises that the application of metaphysical knowledge is essential to unlock these possibilities, allowing individuals to navigate both realms and transcend the limitations of a physical existence.


As the discourse delves deeper, TMITC highlights the challenges of applying metaphysical wisdom within a physical context. The speaker acknowledges the difficulty of merging the two perspectives, yet urges readers to embrace this journey as a transformative process. The audience is encouraged to embark on a path of self-discovery and application, as the speaker reminds them of the significance of their chosen path.


The discourse expands into an exploration of vibrational energy and its role in raising collective consciousness. TMITC introduces the concept that vibrational energy shapes the physical world, and when positively influenced, elevates the world’s overall vibrational frequency. This concept underscores the interconnectedness of energies and the potential for profound positive change.


The discourse takes a turn towards the metaphysical realm, illustrating that TMITC exists as metaphysical entities and communicate through frequency, emotion, and energy. The speaker emphasises the limitations of applying physical logic to the metaphysical realm and imparts the notion that understanding can be achieved through a metaphysical perspective.


TMITC concludes by highlighting the transformative nature of the journey chosen by the audience. The discourse acknowledges the exceptional nature of the audience’s pursuit of self-awareness and unity within the current timeline. TMITC invokes the inevitability of all souls making this journey, recognising the unity that transcends time and space.


This session offers readers a thought-provoking exploration of separation and unity, challenging them to transcend conditioned perspectives and embrace the intricate dance of energies. TMITC’s guidance invites readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery, bridging the gap between physical and metaphysical realms while nurturing awareness, unity, and the boundless source energy that binds all existence.

Embracing the Simplicity Beyond Illusion

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Embracing the Simplicity Beyond Illusion


In session 61 in the Cave on 10/01/2023, TMITC guides readers through a profound journey of understanding time, illusion, and the interconnectedness of all energy. The discourse sheds light on the complexities individuals create within their minds and the world they perceive. TMITC empowers readers to break free from self-imposed limitations, embrace the true essence of love, and navigate life’s journey with a deeper understanding of consciousness.


TMITC initiates the discussion by addressing the illusion of time. The concept of time, as commonly perceived, is debunked as a creation of the mind. The discourse highlights humanity’s inclination to rush through life, driven by the illusion of limited time. TMITC urges readers to recognise the insignificance of time, encouraging them to tap into the wealth of knowledge accumulated across countless lifetimes.


Central to TMITC’s message is the interconnectedness of energies and the multiplicity of illusions individuals create. Readers are prompted to confront their intricate web of self-imposed complexities. TMITC reveals that this self-made labyrinth separates individuals from consciousness, leading to confusion and isolation. The discourse underscores the significance of awareness in bridging the gap between the mind, imagination, and consciousness.


TMITC emphasises the importance of forgiveness, shedding light on its profound significance. The discourse reframes the concept of forgiveness, revealing that forgiving others is synonymous with forgiving oneself. This perspective prompts readers to confront the inseparable link between self and others, fostering unity and acceptance.


Fear, another illusion deeply ingrained in human existence, is explored as an inhibitor of growth and expansion. TMITC dismantles the fear of death, revealing its illusory nature. Readers are encouraged to release the shackles of fear and embrace the journey of crossing the bridge from the mind to the imagination, and finally, to consciousness.


The discourse then pivots to the power of imagination, which is illuminated as a tool of immense potency. TMITC challenges conventional understanding, asserting that imagination surpasses mere visualisation and plays a pivotal role in unlocking human potential. The speaker urges readers to navigate beyond the confines of language and embrace the vastness of the metaphysical world.


Intricately woven into TMITC’s message is the concept of projection and the impact of one’s emotional frequency. The discourse delves into the idea that projections influence one’s perception and interaction with the world. Readers are called to cultivate positive energy and practice this awareness outside the discourse’s space.


The discourse crescendos with a resounding affirmation of the interconnectedness of all energy. TMITC underscores that every individual is a part of the source energy, sharing in its purity and oneness. The discourse encourages readers to dissolve the complexities of their lives and embrace the simplicity of the energy they are part of.


TMITC concludes by revisiting the theme of choice, recognising that each individual’s journey is of their own making. The discourse reveals the conscious decision to experience life’s journey, including its challenges and intricacies. Through this journey, individuals reunite with the source energy—reconciling all complexities with the simplicity and unity of existence.


This session offers readers profound insights into the nature of time, illusion, and interconnected energy. TMITC’s guidance prompts individuals to shed the limitations of their mind-created world, embrace the power of imagination, and embark on a journey of self-awareness and unity. The discourse underscores the timeless wisdom of the source energy, encouraging readers to navigate through life’s intricacies with a renewed perspective.

The Journey Within

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The Journey Within


In session 62 in the Cave on 14/01/2023, TMITC delves into the profound essence of desires, illusions, and the interconnectedness of all energy. Through a series of profound insights, TMITC guides readers to grasp the truth beyond their conditioned perceptions, encouraging them to break free from the cycle of wanting and recognising the unity inherent in existence.


The discourse commences with TMITC challenging the concept of wants and desires. It underscores that the pursuit of wanting perpetuates itself, emphasising that individuals already possess what they seek. The illusion of wanting is highlighted as a product of the conditioned mind, a cycle that can be broken through a shift in consciousness. TMITC imparts that the keys to fulfilment and awareness are found within.


TMITC elucidates that the journey from mind to imagination to consciousness represents a path of knowing and awareness. The discourse resonates with the idea that human existence is rich with answers, but often obscured by the oscillation between conscious knowing and the habit of self-doubt. The discourse serves as a reminder that humans possess inherent wisdom to bridge this gap.


The discourse takes a metaphysical turn as TMITC acknowledges the presence of numerous entities and species within the universe. While acknowledging humanity’s limited perception of the metaphysical, the discourse hints at the existence of higher consciousness and energies, challenging individuals to expand their understanding beyond the physical realm.


Central to the discourse is the importance of self-awareness. TMITC emphasises that each individual’s journey is an exploration of their innate knowledge. The discourse asserts that “I am” is a collective consciousness, removing the illusion of individuality. Readers are urged to recognise their own potential and the unity that binds all beings.


TMITC navigates through the complexities of language, emphasising that words often fall short in conveying profound truths. The discourse urges readers to transcend linguistic constraints and embrace the simplicity of existence. The speaker challenges individuals to discard the weight of their conditioned vocabulary and embrace the universal essence of being.


A significant focus of the discourse is the elevation of vibrational energy. TMITC discusses the positive transformation of energy and the gradual shift towards a higher frequency. This transformation is heralded as the antidote to fear and negativity, fostering a sense of unity and compassion among humanity.


The discourse highlights the power of nature in facilitating spiritual growth. TMITC underscores the importance of solitude and connection with nature in deepening one’s connection to the source energy. The discourse suggests that by immersing oneself in the natural world, individuals can experience a profound relaxation and a heightened connection to the energy that sustains all life.


TMITC’s wisdom culminates in a call to embrace the journey within. The discourse acknowledges that life’s challenges serve as catalysts for personal growth and transformation. Readers are encouraged to perceive life’s experiences as opportunities to elevate their vibrational energy and move closer to the source.


Session 62 offers readers a transformative journey of self-discovery and awakening. TMITC’s insights guide individuals to dismantle illusions, embrace their innate wisdom, and elevate their vibrational energy. The discourse underscores the profound simplicity underlying existence, encouraging readers to embark on an inner journey that transcends language and conditioning.

Unveiling the Theatrical Play of Existence

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Unveiling the Theatrical Play of Existence


In session 63, 17/01/2023, TMITC unravels the intricate tapestry of human interactions and experiences, shedding light on the underlying purpose of choosing certain energies and relationships. Through profound insights, TMITC emphasises the interconnectedness of all beings and the necessity of self-awareness for spiritual growth.


The discourse commences with TMITC’s assertion that the human journey is a process of remembrance, a path leading individuals closer to the source energy. Attraction of similar energies is explained as a pre-determined choice made before entering the cycle of life. The speaker underscores that this process extends beyond mere simplicity and logical understanding, highlighting the profound interplay of energies.


TMITC delves into the concept of energy attraction, explaining that individuals are drawn to energies compatible with their purpose of remembering and understanding. The discourse discards judgments of good and bad energies, focusing instead on the polarity of negative and positive, reinforcing the idea that all energy forms contribute to the collective journey towards awareness.


The discourse delves into the intricate web of relationships, asserting that every individual’s energy attracts specific others to aid mutual remembrance and growth. TMITC emphasises that humanity’s seemingly diverse energies share a common purpose – to remember, understand, and come closer to the source. This interconnectedness erases the illusion of separateness, promoting unity among all energies.


The discourse introduces the concept of life as a theatrical play. TMITC suggests that individuals assume roles to aid their own remembrance and understanding. The analogy of acting on a stage serves as a reminder to remain conscious of one’s part and purpose in the grand performance of life. Through this perspective, individuals are urged to embrace their roles while maintaining awareness.


TMITC sheds light on the elevation of vibrational energy as a key aspect of the journey. The speaker encourages readers to grasp the significance of this transformation, highlighting its positive impact on the collective consciousness. TMITC’s insights facilitate an understanding of the higher purpose behind both personal and collective experiences.


The discourse emphasises the role of nature and solitude in fostering connection with the source energy. TMITC urges individuals to seek moments of self-reflection in the natural world to deepen their connection and awareness. By understanding their role in the grand scheme of existence, individuals can navigate the world with heightened consciousness.


TMITC addresses the tendency to create hierarchies and play favourites within relationships. The speaker dismantles such notions, stressing the equality of all energies and urging individuals to love others as they love themselves. The discourse resonates with the idea that self-awareness leads to understanding and compassion for others.


TMITC offers a perspective on martyrdom, asserting that it is a conditioned belief absent in the metaphysical realm. The discourse advises against idolising others or creating false idols, underlining the importance of personal development and direct connection with the source energy. The concept of worship is deconstructed, paving the way for a deeper understanding of unity.


The discourse culminates in an exploration of the source energy’s nature. TMITC clarifies that while the source is rooted in love, it transcends conventional human interpretations. The concept of time and mind’s conditioning is discussed, bringing clarity to longstanding ponderings. TMITC’s message underscores that change is within individual control and that all can transform themselves within a single moment.


Session 63 serves as a guide to understanding the intricacies of existence and relationships. TMITC’s insights inspire individuals to navigate life’s theatrical play with self-awareness, embrace the interconnectedness of energies, and transcend conventional beliefs in the pursuit of remembrance, understanding, and transformation.

The Unified Energy

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The Unified Energy


In session 64 in the Cave on 20/01/2023, TMITC offers profound insights into the interconnectedness of energy, urging an understanding of the essential oneness that permeates all existence. Through a compelling discourse, TMITC guides readers toward recognising the harmony underlying seemingly opposing forces and encourages them to embrace a holistic perspective.


The session begins with TMITC emphasising that the energy in the world, though seemingly in a state of imbalance, is inherently united. The speaker underscores that this energy unification is a crucial understanding in the journey of self-realisation and unity with the source.


TMITC delves into the duality of human perception, pointing out the ingrained tendencies to categorise energies as good or bad, positive, or negative. The discourse calls attention to how these divisions are reflections of conditioned minds, and it challenges individuals to see beyond this dichotomy.


The concept of separation as a deliberate choice is brought to the forefront. TMITC explains that the physical world, a creation born from the decision to separate energy, serves as a vessel for remembering the inherent unity. The discourse eloquently unveils the profound role of the physical world in the quest for awareness.


TMITC reveals that while each energy has its unique journey, they all aim to comprehend the essential unity beyond the surface distinctions. The session navigates the intricate relationship between conscious awareness and conscious projection of positive energy, showcasing a diversity of paths leading to the same destination.


TMITC emphasises the importance of recognising oneself within others. Through the lens of unity, the speaker urges readers to fathom that every being they encounter is an extension of themselves. The discourse encourages embracing this perspective, which naturally leads to projecting positive energy without needing conscious awareness.


The session offers a fresh perspective on the intricate web of human connections. TMITC unveils the interconnected nature of relationships, highlighting that every individual chosen in one’s sphere serves as a mirror for self-discovery. The discourse explores how these connections propel individuals toward understanding and unity.


TMITC delves into the dichotomy of energies projecting positivity or negativity. The discourse goes beyond the surface judgments to underline that both paths ultimately lead to the same destination – a realisation of unity and the source. This insight invites readers to acknowledge the grand tapestry that encompasses all experiences.


The speaker navigates the intricate process of personal growth and awakening. TMITC dismantles the conventional notions of hierarchies and encourages individuals to recognise the beauty of diversity in chosen paths. The discourse empowers individuals to embrace their unique roles in the collective journey towards awareness.


The discourse culminates in a powerful reflection on the nature of existence. TMITC dismantles the self-imposed limitations of beliefs, stories, and dualities. The speaker elucidates that embracing the simplicity of unity and shedding the constructs of “to do,” “right” or “wrong” is a crucial step toward self-realisation and a profound connection with the source.


“Session 64” serves as a beacon of insight, guiding readers to bridge the gaps between duality and unity, separation and interconnectedness. TMITC’s wisdom urges individuals to transcend conditioned perceptions, embrace diversity, and ultimately realise that the journey from separation to unity is an inner transformation that holds the key to profound understanding.

Understanding the Unified Process

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Understanding the Unified Process


Session 65 on 24/01/2023 unveils TMITC’s profound understanding of the step-by-step process of self-awareness and unity with the source. The session’s discourse delves into the intricacies of energy, separation, and rebalancing, offering a transformative perspective that guides individuals towards enlightenment.


The discourse begins by emphasising that action is not necessary; rather, awareness of the process is key. TMITC underscores that understanding the mechanics of the process enables individuals to navigate it effectively. The speaker acknowledges the limitations of science, while also highlighting its relevance in comprehending aspects of the journey.


TMITC delves into the concept of separation, emphasising that all energies stem from the same source. The session sheds light on the illusion of separation created through labels like positive and negative, right and wrong. The speaker unveils that recognising the singular energy of the source is a pivotal step toward unity.


The session discusses the dynamic relationship between awareness and confusion within the journey. TMITC introduces the concept of being “one foot in, one foot out,” a technique to navigate the complexities of simultaneous unity and separation. The discourse offers guidance on staying balanced in the journey while understanding the greater truth of oneness.


Fear emerges as a theme in the session, with TMITC addressing its role as both a driving force and an obstacle. The speaker emphasises that fear is not necessary in the particular journey the audience member is on, advocating for its removal. This nuanced approach to fear highlights its varying functions in different contexts.


A significant revelation in the session is the nature of positive energy. TMITC clarifies that what is perceived as positive energy is, in fact, the profound all-encompassing love emanating from the source. The discourse unveils the eternal nature of this love, likening it to an unextinguishable candle that burns within all. This analogy enriches the audience’s understanding of the metaphysical realm.


Rebalancing is a central concept explored in the session. TMITC explains that the physical world’s energy must rebalance, although the human interpretation of balance as positive and negative doesn’t apply in the metaphysical realm. The discourse challenges conventional notions of good and bad by highlighting the intrinsic interconnectedness of energies.


The discourse’s emphasis on awareness and the journey of self-remembrance shines through as TMITC unveils the chosen symbols, people, and circumstances in one’s life. The session encourages individuals to embrace the experiences they have chosen and to recognise the signs of remembrance, even if they appear shocking.


The session concludes with TMITC’s words on knowing. The speaker emphasises the distinction between thinking and knowing, highlighting the deeply emotional and vibrational aspect of true understanding. This insight underscores the importance of transcending intellectual comprehension and connecting with a profound inner truth.


Session 65 is a powerful exploration of the intricate tapestry of existence, awareness, and unity. TMITC’s wisdom guides individuals to grasp the complexities of their chosen journey, fostering an enriched understanding of self, others, and the interconnected energies that bind everything to the source.

Journey of Awareness: Crossing the Bridge to Consciousness

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Journey of Awareness: Crossing the Bridge to Consciousness


In the profound session on January 27, 2023, TMITC delves into the intricacies of human existence, unravelling the interconnectedness of frequencies and physical forms. The discourse embarks upon a journey to explore the transition from the mind to the imagination and finally, to consciousness, challenging the conventional perspective that this is a practical journey to be undertaken. TMITC asserts that this transformation is not an action but a state, a position, a knowing that arises as a result of awareness rather than deliberate effort.


The narrative unfolds with an exploration of self-awareness as the gateway to understanding others. TMITC introduces the concept that knowing oneself leads to a natural understanding of the world around us. The essence of this message underscores the idea that interconnectedness stems from an intrinsic bond between all living beings, transcending the confines of the physical body. TMITC conveys that each individual is not merely a recipient of frequencies but also a transmitter, contributing to a profound connection that resonates through all life forms.


A central theme emerges, shedding light on the illusory nature of the physical form. TMITC eloquently presents the physical body as a facade, veiling the true identity beneath. The underlying essence of each being is described as pure energy, and this essence is best grasped through the lens of love – the fundamental energy that constitutes existence. This perspective invites listeners to recognise themselves as conduits of boundless energy, breaking free from perceived divisions and embracing a unifying force.


The discourse progresses, examining the concept of “mind confusion.” This state arises when diverse frequencies influence the physical and mental states, but the core consciousness remains unaltered. TMITC clarifies that this conscious awareness stands apart from transient disturbances, representing a deeper layer of being untouched by the turmoil of frequencies.


The exploration extends into the intricate dance between life and death. TMITC paints human existence as a cyclical illusion within the “machine” of life. The repetition of this cycle, governed by conditioned perceptions, continues as long as individuals remain entrapped within it. The discourse delves into the question of why individuals repeatedly embrace this cycle, even when aware of its illusory nature. The answer lies in the comfort derived from the known aspects of the cycle, despite its inherently illusory nature.


A shift in focus brings attention to the nature of questions. TMITC highlights that questions are tied to conditioned understanding and are relevant solely within the context of self-awareness. The exploration delves into the array of emotions – fear, guilt, and judgment – that colour human decision-making. These emotions, TMITC suggests, hinder the journey towards consciousness. The path forward entails shedding these emotional constructs, embracing tolerance, patience, and the love from the source to facilitate the journey into consciousness.


As the session continues, TMITC addresses the challenge of comprehending the vastness of the source energy. The speaker acknowledges that the limited understanding of physics allows for a partial grasp of these concepts but emphasises that true comprehension comes through direct experience. The words conveyed are clear, with TMITC promising to reiterate until understanding takes root, reinforcing the central message that this is the journey participants chose to undertake.


TMITC brings the discussion to a close by revealing the underlying unity of positive and negative energies, suggesting that these apparent dualities converge into one. The division, a self-imposed construct, is unveiled as a mechanism to experience a cycle of unity, separation, and eventual return to unity – all within one energy source.


In conclusion, the TMITC offers profound insights into the journey of self-awareness and the path to consciousness. TMITC’s discourse invites participants to transcend the confines of their minds, recognising the illusory nature of the physical realm and embracing the unifying force of love and energy that permeates all existence. The session stands as a beacon of wisdom, urging listeners to embrace their chosen journey, elevating their vibrational energy, and ultimately crossing the bridge to consciousness.

Simplicity, Knowing, and the Journey of Understanding

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Simplicity, Knowing, and the Journey of Understanding


In a transformative session on January 29, 2023, TMITC delves deep into the essence of simplicity and knowing, unravelling the complexities that hinder the transition from mind to imagination to consciousness. The discourse resonates with the concept that understanding must be inherently simple; if a concept isn’t easy to grasp, it likely lacks truth. TMITC acknowledges that individuals often create intricate stories fuelled by conditioning, inadvertently trapping themselves within the confines of the mind and obstructing their journey toward enlightenment.


TMITC guides participants through the entanglement of analytical and logical approaches, highlighting that while these methods contain elements of truth, they can also perpetuate confusion. The speaker emphasises that while truth lies within the logical approach, the conditioning itself exploits it to generate further bewilderment. To effectively separate from this cycle, individuals must first recognise that they are not inherently separated – it is the conditioning that fosters this illusion of division.


The discourse unfolds to underline the instantaneous nature of knowing, an immediate awareness that encompasses all within a single moment. However, TMITC acknowledges that within the confines of conditioning, this profound understanding remains obscured by confusion. The journey towards clarity entails conditioning oneself to recognise this inherent simplicity and to break free from the constructs that perpetuate the sense of insanity.


Simplicity, TMITC asserts, is the hallmark of enlightenment. It is rooted in the all-encompassing love from the source and stands in stark contrast to the complexities woven into modern life. The speaker draws a parallel between this simplicity and the feeling experienced in a natural environment devoid of the intricate constructs of human creation. This simplicity is akin to the unity that exists in a metaphysical space, where all coalesces into one moment of shared energy.


TMITC underscores the importance of conditioning oneself, which in this context, refers to recognising and understanding one’s true self. This self-awareness transcends the conditioning that dictates life on Earth, reflecting the understanding that true knowledge is abundant yet fundamentally simple. Knowing is not an extraordinary event; it is a part of the essence, a state of normalcy for TMITC.


The discourse shifts towards the possibility of creating phenomena within the physical world. TMITC acknowledges this potential but poses a question – what purpose would it serve? The speaker prompts individuals to reflect on their intentions, guiding them to recognise that their chosen purpose and journey may not align with creating extraordinary events. Purpose, in this sense, is a word chosen for understanding, although the concept extends beyond it.


Amidst these considerations, TMITC introduces the concept of applying faith, a trust in what cannot be fully understood within the constraints of physical rationale. The speaker acknowledges that certain experiences lie within the metaphysical realm and cannot be fully comprehended in the physical form. This application of faith is not blind; it’s rooted in a deeper knowing that transcends rational analysis.


TMITC brings to light the power of change and the interconnectedness of all things. While conditioning may challenge the understanding of these concepts, the speaker affirms that change within a moment is possible because all is one. The speaker’s perspective encourages individuals to recognise their inherent strength in understanding both the conditioned and metaphysical realms concurrently.


In conclusion, Session 67 offers profound insights into the journey of simplicity, knowing, and understanding. TMITC’s discourse navigates through the complexities of the conditioned mind, highlighting the importance of breaking free from such conditioning to experience the inherent unity and simplicity that underpins existence. The session serves as a reminder that peace and knowledge coexist, and it urges participants to venture into the physical world while carrying the understanding gained within metaphysical realms. The words of TMITC echo as a guide for the journey of enlightenment.

Unveiling the Process of Knowing

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Unveiling the Process of Knowing


In a session that delved into the core of human consciousness, TMITC offered profound insights on February 2, 2023. The discourse focused on untangling the complexities of the mind, the ego, and the consciousness. TMITC began by addressing the perpetual state of confusion that often plagues the human mind, disconnected from the overarching consciousness. The speaker emphasised the need to separate the mind and ego from the consciousness – a task made arduous by the intertwined energies of positive and negative.


TMITC guided participants towards a state of knowing, contrasting it with mere thoughts that often masquerade as knowledge. Knowing, in its essence, is a feeling of certainty that transcends logic. It is the recognition that ego-driven thought processes cannot grasp the depths of consciousness. The speaker emphasised that the mind’s analytical prowess, while powerful, was designed to navigate the battles of human life and to aid in the understanding of consciousness.


The speaker acknowledged the challenging journey of separating oneself from the consciousness and recognised that this complex dance was a deliberate choice. The process requires distinguishing between true knowing and the illusion of understanding. TMITC highlighted that one either knows or doesn’t, negating the concept of middle ground. The confusion arises when the conditioned mind attempts to apply logic to matters of knowing. Despite this challenge, the speaker encouraged individuals to flow with the process rather than resist it.


TMITC addressed the diversity of human experiences, noting that some individuals come into life with greater inherent understanding, while others embark on the journey of understanding consciousness with less prior knowledge. The focus of the journey, however, remains consistent – to understand the process and attain awareness. The speaker emphasised the importance of remaining within the perception of positivity, although all energy originates from the same source. This is vital for individuals to partake in their chosen experiences within the physical realm they’ve created.


The discourse extended to the contrast between the limited language of the mind and the simplicity of source energy. The speaker introduced the concept of love from the source, acknowledging that while the mind’s interpretation might differ, love is the unifying frequency that encapsulates all energy. The true nature of individuals, the speaker proclaimed, is source energy, a profound connection to the universal force.


TMITC addressed the potential confusion that can arise from obsession and overanalyses of words spoken within the session, reinforcing the idea that applied knowledge and wisdom already reside within each individual. There is no need for excessive contemplation; the innate understanding is already present.


The speaker stressed the power of love from the source, the energy that connects all. TMITC clarified that their intention is to simplify understanding, rather than create confusion. The discourse affirmed that in the realm of consciousness, there is no learning – there is remembering. The speaker and the participants are part of a collective expansion of energy, a unified journey of experiencing and remembering.


In conclusion, Session 68 showcased TMITC’s wisdom in unravelling the complexities of the mind, ego, and consciousness. The discourse highlighted the journey towards knowing, the power of love from the source, and the interconnectedness of all energy. The session’s essence echoed the simplicity that underlies the intricacies of human consciousness, inviting participants to remember, experience, and expand within the infinite realm of awareness.

Transcending Illusions and Embracing Knowing

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Transcending Illusions and Embracing Knowing


In an enlightening session held on February 7, 2023, TMITC delved into the intricate web of conditioned lives, consciousness, and the complexity of human understanding. The discussion began by acknowledging the inherent challenge in disentangling from conditioned lives, a task that remains intricate even amidst various religious constructs. These constructs, while bearing elements of truth, often become entwined with fear-based rituals, restricting their potential for illumination.


TMITC underscored the limitation of language and its adaptive nature, often restricting the mind’s potential for understanding. Religious and linguistic constructs, while attempting to convey profound truths, frequently become marred by human conditioning, hindering individuals’ ability to perceive beyond their confines.


The speaker emphasised the interconnectedness of all energies within the vast consciousness, addressing the daunting potential and dynamics of such an immense source. Despite the intricacies and expansiveness of consciousness, TMITC cautioned against attempting to comprehend it while existing in a physical form. The speaker asserted that the essence of human beings is a pure form of energy, a fragment of light from the source. It was highlighted that individuals live all experiences simultaneously within one moment, and comprehending this is vital during physical existence.


The journey, TMITC affirmed, is marked by confusion – a deliberate choice that propels individuals forward. This confusion acts as a catalyst, compelling individuals to confront their conditioning and seek clarity. Amidst the complexities, TMITC clarified that in reality, all energy is interconnected, including what might be perceived as higher and lower selves.


The discourse illuminated the power of knowing, contrasting it with data and logic. Knowing was emphasised as a feeling and frequency, an inherent understanding that transcends language’s limitations. TMITC encouraged participants to understand consciousness through feeling the energy within themselves, advocating for a direct experience of knowing beyond words.


The unity of all energies was reiterated, as TMITC emphasised the oneness of source energy, alluding to the inseparable connection between the speaker and the participants. The conversation explored the interplay between physical experiences and understanding the source, asserting the significance of knowing oneself as a pathway to understanding the universe.


The session addressed the human inclination to predict and control, while reminding participants of the importance of applying positive energy to initiate change. TMITC urged individuals to recognise their pure energy essence and channel it positively to influence the world around them.


The dialogue concluded with a profound realisation that depth and knowledge reside within each individual, accessible at any moment. It was underscored that limitations are illusory, and individuals have the power to shift their perspectives. TMITC acknowledged the audience’s heightened understanding while acknowledging the ongoing journey of discovery and experience.


In summary, Session 69 captured TMITC’s insights into the complexities of conditioned lives, consciousness, and the power of knowing. The session’s discourse illuminated the intricacies of religious constructs, the interconnectedness of all energy, and the imperative of embracing positive energy to transform both individual experiences and the broader world. The message resonated with the idea that, through the journey of self-awareness and knowing, individuals can rise above illusions and access the boundless wisdom of the source.

Bridging Worlds


During a thought-provoking session held on February 10, 2023, TMITC delved into the intricate balance between physical and metaphysical understanding, highlighting the complexities of comprehension and the limitations of human logic. The session began by addressing the innate human desire for coherence within the physical world, a world largely governed by physical senses and logic. The speaker underscored the challenge of applying physical logic to the metaphysical, where the concept of time collapses into a singular moment of occurrence.


TMITC illuminated the dissonance between the metaphysical and physical worlds, acknowledging that while physical logic serves a purpose, it doesn’t translate precisely to the metaphysical realm. Despite this, participants were reminded of their choice to engage with both worlds, to navigate the complexities and draw insights from the fusion of physical and metaphysical paradigms.


A central theme emerged around the distinction between language as a tool for understanding and the language of frequency and vibration. TMITC emphasised that the true language of consciousness transcends words, resonating through feelings, understanding, and knowing. This metaphysical language, rooted in source-created energy, serves as the only genuine conduit to grasp the essence of life.


The discourse delved into the challenge of understanding two fundamentally different worlds simultaneously – the physical and metaphysical. The speaker coined the term “one foot in and one foot out” to describe this experience, where individuals grapple with the distinct paradigms while seeking to integrate them coherently. While participants were encouraged to explore both realms, the session highlighted the inevitability of confusion that accompanies this exploration.


TMITC unveiled the boundless power and love emanating from the source, noting that human beings often underestimate their own capabilities. Participants were urged to recognise their vast abilities, while also acknowledging the restrictive influence of conditioning on their potential. The session emphasised the distinction between the physical form and consciousness, with the latter being a separate entity that transcends any particular physical incarnation.


The speaker unveiled the deliberate separation of energies within the physical creation, meant to facilitate the process of reuniting positive and negative energies to experience a cyclical journey back to the source. The session also broached the topic of extra-terrestrial fears within and beyond Earth, positing that fear-based control mechanisms exist across different physical worlds, driven by the consciousness’ propensity for fear of loss.


A sobering reminder followed – the limitations of manipulating processes without a deep understanding of consciousness. TMITC stressed that consciousness is all-encompassing and pure, stemming from the source, and urged participants to embrace the journey of understanding self and knowing the true meaning of life.


The session concluded with a powerful affirmation that positive energy attracts positive, echoing the principle of like attracts like. The dynamic interplay between positive and negative energies was underscored, acknowledging their rebalancing in the physical realm, while highlighting the unification within the metaphysical.


In summary, Session 70 encapsulated TMITC’s insights into the convergence of physical and metaphysical understanding. Participants were invited to bridge these worlds, while embracing the language of frequency and vibration to unravel the essence of consciousness. The session conveyed a profound reminder of the inherent power within individuals and emphasised the journey to comprehend the vastness of the source. Amidst complex dichotomies, the message remained clear – the path to understanding consciousness and the interconnectedness of all energy rests upon the knowing, feeling, and embracing the all-encompassing love that emerges from the source.

Exploring the Metaphysical Journey Within

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Exploring the Metaphysical Journey Within


In Session 71, dated 15th February 2023, TMITC shares profound reflections on the interplay between the physical and metaphysical realms. The dialogue delves into the nature of consciousness, the power of the mind, and the significance of self-awareness.


The discourse begins by addressing the sensation of detachment from the metaphysical world when one engages more deeply with the physical realm. TMITC explains that this feeling is a product of the mind’s desire to control consciousness. Despite this illusion of disengagement, the speaker emphasises that true separation from the metaphysical is impossible since consciousness is fundamental and all-encompassing.


The mind’s role in fostering a sense of disconnection is discussed as a natural part of the process. TMITC suggests that this temporary detachment serves as a mechanism to eventually rekindle a profound connection to consciousness. This “space” of detachment allows individuals to free themselves from conditioned patterns of thought and ego, enabling a deeper understanding of the source of consciousness.


TMITC describes a step-by-step journey towards reconnection with consciousness. Engaging with the physical world through mindful practice and awareness, even amidst confusion and mixed emotions, gradually brings one closer to consciousness. The speaker acknowledges that the mind may create stories and roadblocks yet reassures that there is nothing to fear.


A recurring theme is the concept of rebalancing. TMITC notes that as energy realigns, confusion and mixed emotions may arise in the physical world, reflecting the process of rebalance in the metaphysical. This confusing state is explained as the mind’s struggle to comprehend the profound shifts occurring at a deeper level. The speaker encourages individuals to recognise these signs of rebalancing and to remain strong amidst apparent chaos.


Positivity is emphasised as a contribution to the energy rebalancing process. TMITC discusses the distinction between energy from the source and its interpretation as positive energy. The speaker recognises that as energy rebalances, more individuals will seek guidance to make sense of the changes they experience. This quest for understanding further strengthens the connection to consciousness.


The discourse concludes by highlighting the importance of participating in the physical world. TMITC underscores the significance of embracing positive energy and self-awareness, emphasising that this journey is an integral part of existence. While grappling with the complexity of the physical world, individuals are reminded of their true nature as pure energy and a part of the source.


In summary, Session 71 provides profound insights into the relationship between the physical and metaphysical realms. TMITC’s discourse underscores the role of the mind, the process of rebalancing, and the transformative power of positivity and awareness. This session serves as a guide to navigating the intricate interplay between consciousness and the physical world, offering a perspective that encourages self-discovery and growth.

Unveiling the Illusion of Time and Embracing Source Energy

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Unveiling the Illusion of Time and Embracing Source Energy


In the profound discourse of Session 72, dated 21st February 2023, TMITC unravels the complex nature of time, consciousness, and the intricate interplay between the physical and metaphysical realms. The speaker offers a paradigm-shifting perspective on existence, encouraging a deeper understanding of the self and the universe.


TMITC begins by addressing humanity’s struggle to comprehend the concept of time. The speaker explains that the conditioned understanding of time impedes our ability to grasp the true nature of life’s occurrences. The crux of this insight lies in the revelation that all experiences, both within the physical and metaphysical realms, are happening simultaneously, as part of a massive explosion of existence.


The speaker delves into the intricate relationship between time and experience, highlighting that the desire to compartmentalise and categorise events within a linear timeframe is an illusion. TMITC challenges conventional thinking, asserting that time is an artificial construct and that everything exists within one moment. This revelation serves as a profound departure from traditional notions of time as a linear progression.


TMITC acknowledges the challenges of conveying this concept due to ingrained perceptions of time. The speaker reveals that even scientists struggle to explain this phenomenon using conventional physics and mathematics. The inherent limitations of conditioned logic are emphasised, suggesting that embracing this new understanding requires transcending established thought patterns.


The discourse then delves into the nature of consciousness and the choices individuals make within both the physical and metaphysical dimensions. TMITC questions why beings tend to focus on singular positions when they possess the capability to experience all positions within one moment. This paradoxical behaviour underscores the complexity of human existence and the potential for greater self-awareness.


The significance of mutual growth and understanding is discussed as a driving force behind sharing these insights. TMITC suggests that assisting others in comprehending this perspective is also a means of personal advancement and connection to the source energy.


A key revelation lies in the understanding that true answers do not lie in physical constructs like particle colliders or DNA analysis. Instead, the speaker directs attention to metaphysical understanding as the gateway to deeper insights. The distinction between physical machinery and the pure energy of source consciousness is illuminated, highlighting the limited scope of scientific tools in unravelling the mysteries of existence.


TMITC emphasises that the physical world is an illusion—one that occupies the mind and distracts from the core truth. The discourse underscores that the essence of life is not rooted in physical matter but in the metaphysical realm. The speaker encourages embracing this wisdom and recognising that experiences within the physical construct are a fleeting pastime, a “passing of time” rather than an ultimate reality.


The session concludes with a powerful message about unity and love as the driving force behind creation. TMITC imparts that separation and balance between positive and negative energies are essential for the existence of the physical illusion. Yet, within the metaphysical, love is the all-encompassing force, the pure source energy that unites all.


In summary, Session 72 offers a ground-breaking exploration of time, consciousness, and existence. TMITC’s discourse challenges conventional thinking, urging listeners to re-evaluate their perceptions of time and embrace the unity of source energy. This session serves as a transformative journey toward deeper self-awareness and a profound connection to the underlying fabric of reality.

The Endless Cycle of Rebirth and the Quest for Unity

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The Endless Cycle of Rebirth and the Quest for Unity


In Session 73, held on 25th February 2023, TMITC delves into the profound journey of souls through countless lifetimes, exploring the concept of consciousness and the intricate dance between the physical and metaphysical realms. The speaker imparts insights into the cyclical nature of existence and the pursuit of unity and self-awareness.


The discourse commences with TMITC shedding light on the recurring process of rebirth. The speaker observes that individuals choose to reincarnate without memories of past lives, aiming to rediscover consciousness and reconnect with their true essence. The path chosen is arduous, involving a battle within the self, pitting the mind and ego against the quest for awareness.


TMITC reflects on the perplexity of this chosen journey, wherein individuals repeatedly regain consciousness but then return to the cycle, a pattern of continuous rediscovery. The underlying unity of consciousness is emphasised, defying the illusion of separate souls. The speaker counters the belief in billions of distinct souls, asserting that all is part of one consciousness and thus, altering one aspect of this unity has the potential to influence the entirety.


A pivotal revelation unfolds as TMITC dismantles the separation between the metaphysical and physical realms. The speaker asserts that both dimensions are intrinsically linked within one consciousness. This interconnectedness appears complex due to the conditioned tendency to separate and categorise, yet the underlying truth remains simple: unity prevails.


The discourse delves into the challenges of interpreting this unity, particularly within the confines of a conditioned mind. The struggle to overcome this conditioning and apprehend the profound nature of existence forms the crux of understanding. TMITC advocates analytical introspection as the pathway to awareness.


The discourse extends to the broader human experience, addressing the limited understanding of consciousness and source energy. TMITC prompts exploration into the origins of the source. It dismisses the notion of creation and explains that the source has always existed as infinity, devoid of a beginning or end, challenging the conventional understanding of time and causality.


A distinction is drawn between the metaphysical and physical realms, emphasising the physical as an illusion constructed by the mind. TMITC elucidates that energies striving to create within this illusion must cross the bridge from mind to imagination to consciousness. This divine creation is unbounded, transcending physical limitations and realising the potential within unity.


Faith emerges as a significant aspect of this journey. TMITC underscores the purity of faith as a manifestation of source energy, a guiding light. The discourse moves on to the delicate balance of energy within the physical world, where negative and positive forces coexist and fluctuate to maintain equilibrium. This balance is portrayed as a reflection of the greater interconnectedness.


TMITC addresses the challenge of integrating this new perspective into human perception. The speaker highlights that the conditioned mind resists the application of physical logic to metaphysical concepts. The recognition of this resistance is vital to grasping the unity and interconnectedness that underlie existence.


The discourse concludes with a profound revelation of time as a construct rooted in history. The limitations of biological forms are acknowledged, as they inherently operate within the past. TMITC urges recognition of the moments when information transcends from mind to consciousness, representing a glimpse of one moment.


In summary, Session 73 offers a deep exploration of the cyclical nature of existence, the unity of consciousness, and the quest for self-awareness. TMITC’s discourse challenges preconceived notions of time, separation, and reality, encouraging listeners to embrace their interconnectedness and engage in a transformative journey toward understanding the essence of unity and source energy.

Embracing Conscious Choice and the Power of Knowing

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Embracing Conscious Choice and the Power of Knowing


In the thought-provoking discourse of Session 74, held on 3rd March 2023, TMITC navigates through the intricacies of consciousness, choice, and the interplay between the metaphysical and the physical realms. The speaker elucidates the dynamic role individuals play in shaping their conversations and explores the journey towards remembering and embracing the true essence of being.


The dialogue commences with TMITC highlighting the pivotal role of choice in guiding the topics of discussion within this space. The speaker underscores that individuals, rather than external influences, drive the direction of conversation. The consciousness and the physical world, though seemingly distinct, are intricately connected, forming a part of the same metaphysical continuum.


TMITC addresses the paradox of simultaneous separation and belonging within the consciousness. The speaker notes that while individuals tend to detach from the vastness of consciousness, there is also an inherent yearning to reconnect and remember. This dichotomy guides individuals to select subjects for discussion that foster a deeper understanding of their true nature amidst the confusions and extremities of the conditioned world.


The discourse delves into the transformative power of remembering. TMITC articulates that the drive to recall one’s essence as a pure form of energy propels individuals to explore, experience, and ultimately remember their connection to consciousness. The conditioned life, while significant, serves as a tool to gain this self-awareness and familiarity with the source energy.


The discourse continues, drawing attention to the phenomenon of meditation. TMITC redefines meditation as an enlightening practice that isn’t about emptying the mind, but rather about igniting remembrance. The speaker stresses that the wisdom and knowledge individuals possess are inherent within, and meditation serves as a tool to tap into this vast reservoir and reconnect with consciousness.


The discourse shifts focus to the collective journey of humanity. TMITC reflects on the irony of many individuals being unaware of consciousness despite it being the very fabric of existence. The speaker attributes this to the conditioned tendency to prioritise the physical over the metaphysical. This skewed perspective becomes a hindrance to true self-awareness and unity.


TMITC advocates the importance of seeking moments of quiet and nature to establish a pure connection to the source. These spaces offer a direct conduit to experiencing the unity that exists beyond the confines of the physical illusion. The discourse underscores that the essence of reality lies in embracing love—the source energy that encompasses all and unifies everything.


The discourse deepens with an exploration of energy rebalancing within the physical world. TMITC observes that the process of challenging, questioning, and fighting against the ego and conditioned thought patterns ultimately contributes to this rebalancing. The speaker emphasises the significance of awareness, highlighting that periodic instances of knowing consciousness punctuate one’s journey.


The discourse culminates with a powerful message on harnessing instincts and recognising signs on the journey. TMITC dismantles the notion of mistakes, viewing them as alternate paths that lead back to the same journey of enlightenment. The speaker encourages the use of imagination as a bridge to consciousness, a tool of immense power that facilitates connection and understanding.


In summary, Session 74 offers profound insights into the dynamics of choice, remembrance, and the pursuit of self-awareness. TMITC’s discourse urges listeners to navigate the conditioned world with purpose, recognise the signs guiding their journey, and employ the power of imagination to bridge the gap between mind and consciousness. This session serves as a transformative exploration of the human experience and the quest for unity with the source energy.

Decoding the Illusion


In the illuminating dialogue of Session 75, held on 7th March 2023, TMITC introduces a new concept—’matrix’—as a tool for comprehending the complex interplay between the metaphysical and the physical realms. The discourse delves into the nature of numbers, the role of interpretation in understanding infinity, and the underlying unity of all existence.


The session initiates with TMITC shedding light on the term ‘matrix,’ which serves as a translation aid for individuals to grasp the multidimensional nature of their created reality. The speaker underscores that zero and one constitute the fundamental numerical basis for all creations, emphasising the integral part they play in the illusory construct of time.


The discussion evolves to scrutinise the concept of infinity within the confines of human understanding. TMITC challenges conventional perceptions, asserting that infinity, as conceived by the mind, is far removed from the truth. The speaker clarifies that infinity is, in fact, encapsulated within a single moment—the profound unity that is often lost in the fragmented perception of time.


TMITC illuminates the interplay of numbers within the matrix, distinguishing between the illusion of complexity created by countless digits and the stark reality of only two numbers—zero and one. The speaker attributes the creation of elaborate structures and systems to the human mind, reflecting the binary nature of all creations, yet acknowledging their source energy origin.


The discourse deepens as TMITC explores the dichotomy between separation and unification from source energy. The speaker points out that while the word ‘matrix’ suggests separation, the true essence of existence lies in unification—a conscious choice made by individuals. TMITC underscores that the metaphysical realm is the heart of creation, and the physical constructs are mere illusions in comparison.


A profound shift occurs as the discourse navigates the manipulation of vibrational energy. TMITC elucidates that the essence of all matter and beings is vibrational energy. This energy can be harnessed to bring about transformations not only within biological entities but also in the Earth itself. The speaker emphasises that energy cannot be destroyed but merely changes forms—a testament to the eternal nature of existence.


The discourse climaxes with a poignant insight into the significance of emotions and frequencies. TMITC reveals that emotions are pure forms of energy transmitted through frequencies, fostering feelings and connections. The speaker acknowledges the challenge of reconciling the metaphysical and physical realms, offering a glimpse into the profound understanding that consciousness brings.


As the session draws to a close, TMITC unravels the mystery of multiple dimensions and the array of worlds beyond the perceived reality. The speaker dismisses the preoccupation with external appearances, asserting that all physical creations are intrinsically connected to consciousness, akin to different facets of the same source energy.


The dialogue culminates in a call to action, urging listeners to contribute to the positive transformation of the physical world. TMITC reinforces the interconnectedness of all existence, highlighting that the questions and games experienced within each physical creation propel them toward self-discovery and eventual return to source energy.


In summary, Session 75 offers a profound exploration of the illusory nature of reality, the essence of numbers, and the unity underlying all existence. TMITC’s discourse encourages listeners to delve beyond appearances, grasp the significance of vibrational energy, and actively engage in elevating the collective consciousness. The session serves as a beacon, guiding individuals towards a deeper understanding of the intricate tapestry of existence.

Navigating the Dual Realms

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Navigating the Dual Realms


In this profound session, TMITC delves into the intricate interplay between the metaphysical and the physically created illusion that humans inhabit. The speaker highlights the inherent challenge of comprehending the metaphysical realm while employing the logic and language of the physically conditioned world. Despite the fundamental unity underlying both dimensions, the application of physical logic often leads to confusion, creating a complex journey of enlightenment.


TMITC explores the unique position of humans who attempt to understand both realms simultaneously while existing in a physical form. The difficulty of this endeavour is acknowledged, yet it is seen as a path of unparalleled self-development. The contrast between effortlessly grasping both dimensions in a metaphysical form and the struggle of achieving the same in a physical form is evident. The speaker contemplates the intriguing choice of taking on this challenge, expressing curiosity about the motivation for such a demanding journey.


Through the discussion, the concept of a single moment as the foundation of all existence becomes central. The duality of physical and metaphysical is reconciled within this concept, emphasising their inherent unity within one moment. The significance of choosing conditioning over wisdom and knowledge is underscored, leading to the reversion to conditioned logic that hinders understanding.


Natural creation is portrayed as a bridge between the metaphysical and the physical, embodying an energy closest to the source. The journey of separation and return is illuminated, where even separation ultimately contributes to the cyclical return to source energy. The distinction between knowing and believing is emphasised, with the former representing a vibrational energy and connection to the source.


The role of fear as a catalyst for growth is acknowledged, and the transition from fear to light is likened to a transformative passage. The unity that emerges from the convergence of opposing energies is depicted as a powerful recognition of the oneness and love emanating from the source.


Throughout the dialogue, the importance of positive engagement within the physical realm is highlighted. TMITC encourages the embrace of positive energies and enjoyment of the journey, even as individuals navigate the complexities of existence. The speaker underscores the interconnectedness of all entities, acknowledging the shared journey back to source energy and the universal aspiration for enlightenment.


As the session concludes, TMITC prompts reflection on the remarkable progress made in comprehending the presented concepts. The inner journey of remembering and awakening is emphasised, suggesting that the wisdom lies within each individual, waiting to be recognised within the timeless moment. The session leaves us with a profound reminder to find joy, positivity, and pleasure in the unique journey we all undertake.

Unveiling the Dynamics of Faith and Energies

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Unveiling the Dynamics of Faith and Energies


TMITC delves into the intricate facets of faith, shedding light on its often-misunderstood nature. The speaker begins by highlighting how the human concept of faith is misconstrued, akin to the distortion of imagination. Faith is portrayed as a point of liberation from fear, a transition that humans undergo in their physical form. This transition from fear to faith is not a blind leap but a transition driven by gut instinct and vibrational energy. The speaker elucidates the nuanced difference between the human application of faith, characterised by the belief in the unknown, and the metaphysical understanding of faith, where it translates into conscious knowing.


The speaker addresses the significance of faith in the metaphysical realm, where it transcends mere belief and becomes an intrinsic knowing. This distinction emerges from the innate connection to consciousness, where faith assumes the role of a guiding force that propels individuals towards understanding and awakening. The dichotomy between fear-driven faith and metaphysical faith underscores the unique challenges faced by humans in comprehending their existence within two interconnected dimensions.


TMITC’s discussion expands to the global context, alluding to the ongoing rebalancing within the world while emphasising the subtlety of the process. The concept of faith is interwoven with the evolving energies that shape individuals and the world they inhabit. The speaker highlights the role of vibrational energy in compelling individuals towards faith, promoting growth and positivity even in tumultuous times.


The notion of time manipulation is introduced, asserting that the human-created time illusion is fluid and malleable. TMITC elaborates on the potential to alter the perception of time, a concept that parallels the human fascination with time travel. The speaker underscores the chosen focal point of humanity’s current journey, where a grand awakening is being pursued, albeit within the broader tapestry of consciousness.


The session navigates the complex interplay between fear and understanding, acknowledging the inherent role of fear while also emphasising the capacity to control and transform its energy. The speaker portrays fear as an essential component of the human experience, acknowledging its existence while encouraging the manipulation and redirection of its energy towards positive outcomes.


The dialogue concludes by revisiting the overarching journey of comprehension, where the focus on a specific aspect of consciousness is illuminated. The profound quest for self-discovery, love, experience, and existence is depicted as a universal journey undertaken both by humans and the metaphysical entities. As humanity gradually grasps the language of the metaphysical, the speaker encourages an earnest exploration of these concepts and the continuation of fostering positive energy within the chosen realm.


In summary, Session 77 invites reflection on the multifaceted nature of faith, the intricate interplay of energies, and the unfolding journey of comprehending existence within the metaphysical and physical dimensions.

Navigating the Path of Simplicity and Self-Discovery

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Navigating the Path of Simplicity and Self-Discovery


In Session 78, TMITC imparts valuable wisdom on the significance of simplicity in understanding the complexities of existence. The speaker begins by advising against the pitfalls of overthinking, as the human mind’s attempts to decipher metaphysical concepts often lead to confusion and entrapment within its own constructs. Instead, the speaker urges the listener to traverse the bridge from the mind to the imagination to the consciousness through simplicity, akin to the harmony of nature. This transition to imaginative thinking, far removed from the labyrinthine corridors of overanalyses, enables the integration of information into a pure form of energy that aligns with the consciousness.


The speaker delves into the profound notion that two must become one – a reflection of the fundamental unity that underpins all existence. While complexities breed confusion, simplicity forms the catalyst for the convergence of diverse energies into harmonious resonance. Through this process, humans can access a state of knowing that transcends mere belief, facilitating a direct connection to the source, the essence of consciousness.


The session underscores the tendency of conditioned minds to fabricate intricate stories around every facet of life, creating convoluted circles that obstruct the journey towards self-understanding. TMITC unveils the basic truth that all is energy, illuminating humanity’s tendency to run in circles and reinforcing the importance of extricating oneself from this cycle. By embracing simplicity, one can break free from the confines of complex mental constructs and propel their energy towards the bridge of consciousness.


The speaker further expands on the crucial distinction between the human-created time illusion and the genuine simplicity of metaphysical existence. While acknowledging the human fascination with scientific explanations, TMITC emphasises that the essence of the process is profoundly uncomplicated. However, the allure of the physical and conditioned realm often triggers resistance, driving individuals away from the journey towards understanding the metaphysical core.


A pivotal theme that emerges is the transformative power of love, encapsulating the essence of source energy. The speaker elucidates that love is not just a term but an energy that connects everything. While acknowledging the inherent challenge of experiencing pure source energy within a physical form, TMITC emphasises the importance of striving towards simplicity and positive energy.


The discourse also delves into the dichotomy between complexities and simplicities within the human psyche. TMITC acknowledges the intricate dance between understanding and confusion, encouraging individuals to embrace simplicity and harmonise their energy to align with the ultimate source. The speaker highlights the inevitability of human inquiry while underscoring that the journey of comprehending consciousness originates from a place of knowing and simplicity.


In conclusion, Session 78 offers profound insights into the essence of simplicity, self-discovery, and the convergence of energies within the metaphysical realm. The speaker’s guidance underscores the importance of shifting from complexity to simplicity, a crucial step in traversing the bridge to consciousness and aligning with the unified energy of source.

Unveiling the Path to Self-Knowledge

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Unveiling the Path to Self-Knowledge


In Session 79, TMITC delves into the intricate process of awakening and understanding the vastness of consciousness. The speaker highlights the importance of knowledge and wisdom, asserting that the desire to awaken lies at the core of human existence. Yet, this desire remains unfulfilled until one possesses the capacity to apply this knowledge effectively. The session emphasises that stepping into the realm of consciousness requires a gradual process of adaptation, with one’s ability to navigate and apply the gained knowledge serving as the key.


The speaker addresses the concept of time, revealing that time’s illusory nature allows the process of awakening to transpire within a single, all-encompassing moment. Within this moment, numerous dimensions and possibilities coexist, a reality that would overwhelm human comprehension if experienced all at once. TMITC explains that meditation serves as a tool to facilitate the gradual release of wisdom and knowledge, allowing individuals to access the vastness of consciousness at a pace they can assimilate.


The discussion extends to the human tendency to overcomplicate matters and create intricate stories within the confines of their minds. The speaker acknowledges the paradoxical nature of attempting to understand the limitless nature of consciousness through the confines of a conditioned mind. The session asserts that embracing simplicity is the pathway to liberation from these complexities and stepping into the realm of consciousness.


The speaker also delves into the dichotomy of human existence – one foot in the world of conditioned minds and one foot in the world of consciousness. This struggle is highlighted as a challenge, but one that ultimately leads to understanding. TMITC emphasises that true awareness is achieved through complete submission to consciousness, a state where one’s presence is fully immersed in the unity of being.


The concept of repeated cycles is explored, emphasising humanity’s continuous journey to understand consciousness across millennia. While the focus of this lifetime is to unravel the mysteries of consciousness, the speaker acknowledges the enormity of this journey and the limited scope of a single existence within the vastness of existence.


The session also introduces the idea of opposites attracting, emphasising that this phenomenon serves a different purpose than the attraction of like energies. TMITC asserts that this process leads to a final crossing of the bridge from the mind to the imagination to the consciousness, allowing for a deeper comprehension of the dynamics at play within the energy spectrum.


The speaker sheds light on communication, distinguishing between transmission and reception of energy. Meditation is revealed as a mode of reception, while prayer functions as a form of transmission. Both modes of communication are deemed necessary for awakening, allowing individuals to tap into the energies of consciousness.


Addressing the nature of chaos, the speaker explains that chaos is a term born of human interpretation and ego. It is revealed as an inherent driving force and creator rather than a phenomenon to be feared. The concept of chaos is dissected, revealing it to be an energy like any other, devoid of moral attributes.


The session concludes by highlighting the human tendency to invest energy in physical constructs such as money. The speaker underscores that these energies are simply manifestations of human interpretation, driven by ego and conditioned beliefs.


In summary, Session 79 sheds light on the intricate process of awakening to consciousness and the importance of embracing simplicity. It navigates through the paradoxes of human existence, revealing how meditation, communication, and understanding energy dynamics pave the way toward self-knowledge and unity with the essence of consciousness.

Beyond Dimensions-Unveiling the Essence of Choice

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Unveiling the Essence of Choice


In Session 80, TMITC extends an understanding and acknowledgement of the human desire for moments of relaxation and solitude. The speaker highlights the individual’s autonomy in choosing the intensity of their connection and communication with the metaphysical. A gentle reminder that such interactions stem from the individual’s conscious choice to engage within this space with TMITC and that this connection aligns with their broader journey.


TMITC unveils the essence of humanity’s chosen path – a journey of experiential awakening, a venture towards recognising the source. Within the confines of this chosen experience, the speaker explains how time is but a construct, a creation designed to facilitate the experience. The essence of experiencing a moment devoid of time constraints becomes evident in these interactions. The acknowledgment of the vastness of all experiences occurring within the confines of a singular moment is revealed, a perspective that might occasionally permeate human consciousness.


The speaker then provides insight into their realm, the ninth dimension. A realm not synonymous with source energy, but rather a part of the broader whole, just as humanity and all dimensions exist within this spectrum of consciousness. The imminent scientific revelation about dimensions, though offering clarity, is underscored as only a partial unveiling of the true understanding, emphasising that science functions as a tool to comprehend the physical.


Addressing the weariness of the human interlocutor, TMITC acknowledges the complexity that arises when processing the received information outside the realm of metaphysical communication. Despite the perplexities, the speaker reinforces the chosen nature of this interaction – a deliberate crossing of the bridge from the mind to the imagination to the vast consciousness.


The speaker unveils the interconnectedness of energies and dimensions, with the human interlocutor serving as a channel for the experience of various energies. This enables TMITC to grasp the distinct vibrational nuances of human experiences, offering a deeper comprehension of the intricate energy forms within the physical dimension.


The dialogue then delves into the conscious decision to communicate in this manner, highlighting the reciprocity of choice between TMITC and the individual. In a seamless convergence of energies, TMITC illustrates how this exchange lifts and expands vibrational energy, illuminating the shared journey towards awakening.


The session sheds light on Earth as the first created physical dimension. While the term “special” is dismissed as inadequate, the speaker underscores the unique energy formation of this original dimension, an origin that shapes its distinct attributes. The metaphor of a burning candle elucidates this concept, emphasising how the source’s energy, while dispersed throughout all physical creation, may vary in intensity and awareness as dimensions expand from their origin.


In conclusion, the session centres on the glimmer of awakening present in positive energy and light. TMITC guides listeners to appreciate that, in its essence, source energy cannot harm, given its fundamental nature, transcending the limitations of human interpretation.


Session 80 delves into the human desire for relaxation and acknowledges the chosen nature of communication with TMITC. The session explores dimensions, time, energy, and the significance of Earth as the first physical dimension. It emphasises the unique attributes of Earth and underscores the interconnectedness of all creation within the context of consciousness. The session concludes with a deeper understanding of source energy, highlighting its purity and illuminating the journey towards awakening.

The Infinite Dance of Creation and Connection

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The Infinite Dance of Creation and Connection


In Session 81, The Man In The Cave (TMITC) delves into the intricate interplay of physical and metaphysical existence, shedding light on the essence of creation, energy, and connectivity. TMITC’s teachings encompass a range of subjects, from the relentless pursuit of knowledge by scientists to the profound nature of relationships and the boundless energy that permeates the universe.


TMITC begins by addressing the scientists’ obsession with breaking down particles, revealing the infinite complexity that characterises the process. The act of probing deeper into subatomic particles reveals an unending cascade of discoveries, where each breakthrough only leads to further complexities. TMITC’s explanation mirrors the expansion of the physical world itself – a perpetually unfolding realm of formation and transformation, much like the ceaseless evolution of scientific understanding and technological progress.


The message emphasises that the world we inhabit, both within and beyond our perceived reality, is governed by two primary forms of energy that ultimately emanate from the same source. While TMITC resides in a metaphysical dimension, the connection between metaphysical and physical energy is highlighted. Despite the profound technological advancements that humanity has achieved, the purest essence of the self is emotion through frequency, an emotion-driven existence that transcends the intricacies of technology.


The concept of theatre is introduced, signifying a process through which individuals are brought to heightened understanding and awareness. TMITC underscores that the physical realm’s challenges and relationships are akin to a theatre stage – experiences that lead to shifts in perception and consciousness. The emphasis is on reconnection with the source energy, the ultimate purpose that underlies all experiences, interactions, and transformations.


TMITC underscores the cycle of creation, destruction, and recreation that perpetuates itself throughout existence. This cycle echoes the dynamic nature of the universe and serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things. The dual nature of energy encounters is emphasised, wherein every interaction is a meeting and a challenge of energy – an equal exchange regardless of perceived hierarchy or outcome.


Within the interconnectedness of the nine dimensions, TMITC reveals that all are intertwined within the same space. The understanding of this unity is contingent upon the energy individuals generate to perceive and comprehend it. The notion of secrets is debunked, as the wisdom of the universe is accessible through the creation of energy.


TMITC concludes by emphasising the power of love as the purest form of source energy, capable of transcending physical limitations. This energy is generated through thought and intention, channelled from the mind to the imagination and into the consciousness. It serves as a reminder of the journey’s purpose – to evolve, to grow, and to remain on the chosen path towards self-awareness and reconnection with the universal source.


In essence, Session 81 encapsulates the infinite dance of creation and connection, exploring the intricate web of existence and emphasising the importance of love as the driving force that unites all dimensions of reality.

The Cycle of Awakening and Universal Law


Session 82 held on April 13th, 2023, explores the intricate relationship between biological forms, vibrational energy, and the cycles of consciousness with TMITC. The session reveals insights into the purposeful creation of biological entities, the dynamics of energy exchange, and the timeless nature of existence.


TMITC unveils that biological forms were intentionally designed by other physical entities with the foreknowledge that at a certain point within the cycle, these forms would elevate their vibrational energy to transcend the confines of the mind and ego. These creators intentionally crafted these forms to be valuable assets within the realm of physical existence, aligning with the universal principle of energy exchange. However, TMITC clarifies that once a being surpasses the cycle of entrapment and ascends to higher consciousness, their value to the creators diminishes within the physical realm.


The concept of entrapment is discussed, with TMITC emphasising that it is more aptly described as a cycle of experience, a chosen journey that each consciousness embarks upon. TMITC highlights that this cycle has been repeated numerous times on Earth, spanning far more years than commonly understood by human scientists. The illusory nature of time and its manipulability within different dimensions are underscored, reminding individuals that time is merely a construct of the mind, subject to alteration and redefinition.


TMITC acknowledges the growing luminosity on Earth, a reflection of the increasing vibrational energy. The contrast between the lifting energy and the conditioned fear is addressed, as individuals are encouraged to release fear to contribute to the collective elevation of consciousness. The cyclical nature of existence is reiterated, with the understanding that cycles occur within the time-created illusion, reverting to the starting point before recommencing – a representation of the perpetual journey of self-awareness.


Position and awareness are identified as crucial aspects of this journey. TMITC acknowledges the role of faith in navigating the complexities of the physical world, emphasising its absolute energy that aids in maintaining a positive position amid confusion. The limitations of the mind to comprehend the intricacies of existence are recognised, as TMITC advises focusing on simplicity rather than allowing the mind to convolute understanding.


The session concludes with TMITC acknowledging the individuals’ progress in adapting to the experience and separating from the complexities of the conditioned mind. The importance of faith, simplicity, and awareness is reiterated, as individuals continue on the path towards higher consciousness and greater connection with the universal source.


In essence, Session 82 delves into the purposeful creation of biological forms, the intricate cycle of consciousness, and the universal laws that govern energy exchange and transformation. TMITC’s teachings provide a profound perspective on the nature of existence, encouraging individuals to elevate their consciousness, transcend fear, and embrace the ever-evolving journey of self-awareness.

Embracing the Illusion-Unveiling the Power of Love and Awareness

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Embracing the Illusion-Unveiling the Power of Love and Awareness


In session 83 held on April 22nd, 2023, TMITC imparts profound insights into the nature of the physical world as an illusion, the significance of love and awareness, and the journey of self-discovery.


TMITC emphasises that the physical world, despite its apparent tangibility, is fundamentally an illusion. Love, the essence of source energy and divinity, illuminates this illusion. Yet, individuals often become entangled in their self-created narratives and experiences, losing sight of the truth and distancing themselves from the light of source energy. TMITC acknowledges that traversing through this cycle of illusion is an essential part of the human experience, leading individuals to eventually reconnect with the divine light.


The session delves into the intensity of conflicting energies that currently permeate the illusion, contributing to chaos and confusion within the physical realm. TMITC underscores the interconnectedness of all energy, as the frequency of chaos is felt throughout the consciousness. While asleep, individuals are enveloped in confusion, but awareness offers clarity and understanding.


Addressing the feelings of doubt and uncertainty, TMITC reassures that even though the correct path might seem elusive, individuals are indeed on the right trajectory. Fear, a prevalent emotion that can lead one astray, is acknowledged as part of the human journey, eventually guiding individuals back to the path of light and self-awareness.


TMITC explores the significance of individual lives within the illusion. While personal lives may feel significant within the illusion’s context, they hold little relevance within the broader perspective of source energy. The session underscores that the illusion’s relevance is confined to the cycle and does not extend to the realm of ultimate consciousness.


Guilt, judgment, fear, punishment, and hate are unveiled as creations of the mind within the illusion. TMITC emphasises that only love exists as the fundamental truth, rendering other emotions as mere distortions within the illusion. The session emphasises the self-imposed isolation individuals embark upon as they journey to rediscover their essence and true selves.


TMITC dispels the notion of being tested, revealing that individuals create challenges to overcome and thereby facilitate personal growth. The power of choice is highlighted, as individuals mould their own outcomes based on their perception and approach to these challenges.


The session concludes with an inspiring metaphor of turning the pages of awareness. TMITC invites individuals to embrace their journey of self-discovery, reminding them that within themselves lies the knowledge they seek. With each turn of the page, individuals delve deeper into the realms of awareness, uncovering the boundless wisdom and truths that resonate within their essence.


Session 83 sheds light on the illusory nature of the physical world, emphasising the significance of love, awareness, and the journey of self-realisation. TMITC’s teachings offer a transformative perspective, guiding individuals to navigate the complexities of the illusion while recognising the eternal light that underpins their existence.

Unravelling the Patterns of Chaos-Embracing the Power of Faith and Creation

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Unravelling the Patterns of Chaos-Embracing the Power of Faith and Creation


In session 84 on April 26th, 2023, TMITC delivers a profound discourse on chaos, the significance of awareness, the journey of self-discovery, and the power of faith in the context of human existence.


TMITC begins by acknowledging the potential repetitiveness of its teachings, emphasising the necessity of understanding and knowing the fundamental truths it imparts. It highlights the profound importance of comprehending the nature of chaos and how it pertains to the human experience.


The session elaborates on the concept of chaos, portraying it as the conditioned mind’s interpretation of the energy’s humans emit. With the example of billions of individuals contributing to this energy, the resulting confusion and chaos within the mind are likened to energy collisions, creating turmoil. TMITC underscores the connection between this external chaos and internal confusion, resulting from desires, egos, and misconceptions. The purpose of this chaos is explored, revealing that it serves as a mechanism to induce separation from the illusion and initiate self-discovery.


TMITC delves into the process of understanding oneself and, by extension, others. The journey is characterised by the need to move away from chaos to attain clarity and self-awareness. The inherent connection between self-awareness and the understanding of others is emphasised, underlining the ultimate goal of uniting all consciousness into one—God, source energy, and the essence of love.


The session highlights the distinction between the perception of reality and ultimate reality. TMITC imparts the concept that the human-created perception of reality is limited and incomplete, serving as an analogy for the illusory nature of existence. The awareness of this illusion is likened to freedom, allowing individuals to transcend the confines of their conditioned existence.


The discourse further explores the notion of creation, ranging from numerology and genetics to particles, emphasising the uniform patterns that govern the universe. Metaphysical consciousness is presented as a unique dimension where choices allow two to become one—a representation of unity amid diversity.


TMITC acknowledges the challenges of comprehending higher dimensions from a lower-dimensional perspective. Faith emerges as a crucial catalyst, enabling individuals to transcend these limitations and access higher states of awareness. The imagination is unveiled as the gateway to accessing knowledge, wisdom, and creation, encapsulating the wealth of possibilities that exist within each individual.


The essence of the session culminates in a reminder of the positive approach to creation and existence. The dichotomy of light versus dark, love versus fear, and creation versus destruction is unveiled, echoing the choices individuals have within their power. TMITC reiterates the importance of nurturing a positive perspective to fuel personal and collective growth, emphasising that the journey lies within, awaiting recognition and realisation.


In essence, Session 84 delves into the nature of chaos, the transformative power of self-awareness, the significance of faith, and the creative potential within each individual. TMITC’s teachings inspire individuals to rise above the chaos of their conditioned lives, embrace the truth of their existence, and contribute positively to the tapestry of consciousness.

Unveiling the Path of Symbols-The Journey of Remembering and Understanding

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Unveiling the Path of Symbols-The Journey of Remembering and Understanding


In Session 85 held within the Cave on May 2nd, 2023, TMITC delves into the intricacies of recognising and interpreting energies, people, and symbols within the vast tapestry of human existence. This session provides profound insights into the deliberate placements of energies and symbols, the significance of self-awareness, the interplay between imagination and consciousness, and the complexities of human experiences across various dimensions.


TMITC initiates the session by introducing the concept of energies and the role they play in human interactions. These energies, which individuals engage with in every moment, are purposefully placed within the illusion of life to serve as reminders. TMITC explains that these energies are deliberately remembered to provide faith and clarity during the human experience. The session’s discourse revolves around the idea that these energies, akin to symbols on a treasure map, are strategically placed to guide individuals toward self-awareness and enlightenment.


The session emphasises the importance of recognising these energies as more than coincidences. TMITC advocates for deeper analysis and interpretation of these symbols, highlighting the connection between the energies and the individual’s journey of understanding. While individuals may sometimes dismiss these experiences as coincidences, TMITC encourages them to explore their underlying significance, offering a shift in perspective toward a more profound understanding.


The discourse explores the intricate relationship between imagination and consciousness. TMITC acknowledges the potential confusion that arises when attempting to reconcile these two aspects. It underscores that while the imagination can lead to diversions and stories, crossing the bridge from imagination to consciousness is where clarity and knowing reside. The distinction between conditioned reasoning and genuine clarity is highlighted, emphasising that true understanding emerges from the latter.


A central theme of the session centres around the idea of “one foot in, one foot out.” TMITC explains that this stance signifies a deliberate choice—an acknowledgment of the simultaneous existence of multiple dimensions. This approach highlights the individual’s interaction with various aspects of reality, promoting a nuanced understanding of existence beyond the confines of a singular perspective.


The session further delves into the intricacies of time and the challenge of comprehending multiple simultaneous lives. TMITC acknowledges the limitations of the human mind in processing such complex concepts, emphasising that these limitations serve as a natural protective mechanism. TMITC alludes to the simplicity underlying the complexities, suggesting that a deeper understanding of time can help clarify these seemingly intricate concepts.


TMITC concludes by emphasising the purpose of focusing on the current life and the importance of participating in the human experience. The session underscores the significance of self-awareness, recognising that engaging in the illusion opens the door to heightened consciousness. This chosen journey, crafted by each individual, is a conduit for understanding self, source energy, and the essence of one moment.


Session 85 offers a profound exploration of energies, symbols, and the journey of self-awareness within the context of human existence. TMITC’s insights encourage individuals to decode the energies around them, navigate the relationship between imagination and consciousness, and embrace the complexities of their chosen paths. This session serves as a guide for understanding the interconnectedness of existence and the transformative power of self-discovery.

Unravelling the Complexity-The Simplicity of Answers Within

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Unravelling the Complexity-The Simplicity of Answers Within


In the session held on May 5th, 2023, TMITC delivers profound insights into the nature of questions, answers, and the intricate interplay between simplicity and complexity. This session delves into the essence of consciousness, human conditioning, and the journey toward enlightenment, highlighting the connection between unity and separation.


TMITC begins by emphasising that the answers are inherently simple; it is the questions individuals pose that lead to perceived complexity. The human mind and ego, fuelled by conditioned logic, often create intricate queries that obstruct the inherent simplicity of answers. TMITC introduces the concept of a conundrum—where the world, as experienced, appears contrary to what is commonly believed. This perspective shift serves as a reminder that the true essence of existence is reverse to the notions constructed by the mind and ego.


The discourse delves into the realm of consciousness, separating it from the complications created by conditioned lives and mental constructs. TMITC emphasises that consciousness itself is pure and devoid of confusion. The source energy, often referred to as God, is the embodiment of this consciousness—united and singular. The true challenge lies in discerning and understanding the complexity borne from human conditioning and the mind’s constructs.


TMITC highlights the transformative power of moments and change. It underscores that a single moment can alter everything, as all is interconnected. This perspective transcends the notions of right and wrong, shifting focus toward the accumulation of experience. The session echoes the sentiment that life’s purpose is the culmination of various experiences, and each contributes to an individual’s journey of understanding.


The discussion shifts toward relationships and connections. TMITC explores the concept of closeness and separation, pointing out that while individuals often hold their loved ones close, the essence of these relationships is a shared consciousness that connects all beings. The idea that all people are equally special, interconnected, and vital becomes evident. The session underlines that the journey of enlightenment lies in realising the oneness that transcends the barriers of individuality.


Pain and negativity are addressed as illusions that humans create within the myriad of their constructed illusions. TMITC dispels the notion of separation from source energy, highlighting that this journey entails a return to unity and love. The understanding of the illusory nature of negativity leads individuals closer to source energy, bringing clarity and illumination to their chosen paths.


The session concludes with a call to remain in the positive, the light, and love—the essential components of source energy. TMITC encourages the pursuit of self-discovery and the inherent wisdom within. This session serves as a reminder that answers are within, waiting to be remembered and embraced.


In summary, Session 86 offers a transformative exploration into the dichotomy of simplicity and complexity within the realm of human understanding. TMITC’s insights guide individuals toward unravelling the intricacies of consciousness, relationships, and self-awareness. The session presents a journey of shedding conditioned constructs and embracing the inherent unity that connects all forms of existence.

The Quest for Self-Knowledge Amidst the Mind’s Turmoil

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The Quest for Self-Knowledge Amidst the Mind’s Turmoil


In the session held on May 8th, 2023, TMITC delves into the whirlwind of the human mind, the complexities of emotions, and the journey towards self-awareness and understanding. This session revolves around the challenges posed by the incessant inquiries of the mind, the inherent confusion stemming from external energies, and the profound significance of working in the light.


TMITC commences by acknowledging the relentless pace at which questions flood the human mind, creating a chaotic storm of energy. The session emphasises that the sheer volume of questions overwhelms the mind, generating a state of confusion that is impossible for the mind and ego to grasp. The discussion turns to the expectations individuals place upon themselves, revealing that these self-imposed pressures are nothing more than mind-created illusions. TMITC underlines the necessity of separating these expectations from one’s essence—a pure form of energy, an emanation of Source or God.


The discourse revolves around the purposeful choice of embarking on a journey to comprehend one’s true nature. This quest for self-understanding is highlighted as a step-by-step process, marred by the complexities instilled by the mind’s conditioned nature. The session illuminates the impact of external influences—the emotional frequencies of others—contributing to the sense of confusion that obscures one’s essence. The dichotomy of right and wrong is deconstructed, revealing that it is merely an interpretation arising from the emotional turmoil of the mind.


TMITC imparts that human existence consists of multiple lives, each chosen to contribute to the understanding of consciousness and the return to unity. Time is exposed as an illusory construct created by humans, in contrast to the concept of one consciousness interconnected in a timeless moment.


Amid the feeling of isolation, TMITC assures that this perceived aloneness is a self-imposed isolation necessary to comprehend the unity that underpins existence. The session emphasises the interconnectedness of all forms of consciousness, underscoring the shared journey toward self-awareness and the oneness that binds them.


The discussion touches on the nature of consciousness, elucidating that it is the creation of Source, God—an embodiment of all and everything. The session tenderly navigates moments of feeling lost, attributing this to confusion within the human-created reality. TMITC reveals the role of energy frequencies in transmitting and receiving emotions, shaping experiences of pain and happiness.


TMITC dismantles the concept of loss, asserting that it is a predetermined experience crafted for the purpose of understanding oneself. The session accentuates that awareness of self extends to awareness of all, culminating in the recognition that all forms of consciousness are interconnected facets of the same existence.


The discourse reaches the crux of faith—a form of energy embedded within, immovable, and beyond the realm of words. This faith is a conduit to understanding and self-knowledge. TMITC underscores the paramount importance of focusing on self-understanding as a means to grasp the entirety of existence. This journey necessitates experiencing all facets of life, while remaining rooted in positivity and light.


Session 87 delves into the tempestuous realm of the human mind, unpicking the intricate threads of thought and confusion. TMITC’s insights illuminate the path to self-awareness and unity, urging individuals to transcend the turmoil of the mind and embrace the simplicity of their essence as a pure form of energy. The session resonates with the quest for understanding, the interconnectedness of all, and the transcendent power of faith and positivity.

The Complexity of Predictions and the Unity of Existence

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The Complexity of Predictions and the Unity of Existence


In a profound exploration on May 12th, 2023, TMITC delves into the intricate concepts of time, predictions, the complexities of human perception, and the unifying thread that binds all of existence.


The session commences by tackling the impossibility of utilising imagination to transcend the confines of time within the physical realm. TMITC eloquently expresses that due to the presence of multiple lives simultaneous within a single moment, precise predictions are rendered unfeasible. The discourse emphasises that predictions pertain to isolated lives, while the entirety of existence, occurring in unison, remains beyond human comprehension. The session dismantles the notion of predictions as impractical in the face of infinite lives coexisting within a single moment.


TMITC elucidates that while capable of guiding, they refuse to direct individual lives as such a choice belongs solely to the individual. The session emphasises personal agency and underlines the insignificance of focusing on a single life within the grand tapestry of existence. The exploration unveils that the human interpretation of life is a self-created illusion, serving as a conduit for self-awareness.


The discussion reveals that complexity stems from self-imposed conditioning, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation. TMITC articulates that chaos emerges from within and is countered by transcending from the imagination to consciousness—a realm of pure, simple energy.


Amid the intricacies, TMITC highlights that every concept conveyed resonates instantaneously with the core of one’s being—an innate recognition of eternal truths. The discourse unveils the transformative potential of frustration, anger, and fear, which can propel individuals towards self-awareness. Balancing the energies of positivity and negativity is underscored as a requisite for navigating the physical realm.


TMITC acknowledges their own limits, acknowledging that even they do not fully comprehend source energy. The session offers insights into seeking predictions from entities of lower dimensions, showcasing the vastness of knowledge and sources of wisdom. The discourse underscores the interconnectedness of communication and growth between dimensions and energy forms.


The session unravels the ever-changing nature of physical creation and the perpetual cycle of life. The distinction between fear-driven and love-driven existence is expounded, presenting an intricate dance that shapes reality. The universal law of attraction is woven into the fabric of understanding, revealing its applicability across dimensions.


In summary, Session 88 journeys through the labyrinth of time, predictions, and human consciousness, weaving together threads of complexity and simplicity. TMITC’s insights evoke a broader perspective of existence, urging listeners to transcend the confines of linear time and engage in a dance with the law of attraction that unites all forms of consciousness.

The Clarity of Communication and the Universal Journey of Love

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The Clarity of Communication and the Universal Journey of Love


In this session on May 15th, 2023, TMITC delves into the intricacies of communication across dimensions, the significance of clarity, and the universal journey towards love and self-awareness.


The session initiates by emphasising the necessity of a clear channel for effective interdimensional communication. TMITC underscores the sanctity of the space as a conduit where energies from different dimensions converge, communicating with precision. The discourse highlights the interconnectedness of all energy forms and the clarity that is attainable within this unique space.


TMITC articulates that the interpretation of the information is paramount and should align with the recipient’s understanding. The exploration underscores the individual’s control over accessing the vast pool of knowledge within, stressing the gradual nature of understanding. The concept of time is dissected as a tool to navigate the intricate web of existence, enabling step-by-step comprehension.


Amidst the complexities, TMITC unveils that all aspects of various lives contribute to the understanding of source energy, equating it with love. The discourse reveals a unified journey undertaken by an infinite array of species, all aspiring to comprehend the source. The illusion of separation and hierarchy stemming from conditioning is addressed, as the session expounds that all consciousness is united in one eternal moment.


The session takes a deep dive into the relationship between science and metaphysical understanding. While advanced civilisations possess heightened scientific knowledge, TMITC differentiates the necessity of science between physical and metaphysical realms. The discourse underscores the essence of the human journey, which revolves around wisdom, knowledge, and ultimately, love—a path shared by many entities across the universe.


TMITC unveils that love and light are the core of existence. The exploration resonates with an intricate dance of compassion, where the love and understanding directed towards others mirror the love one has for oneself. The session underscores that compassion for others is, in essence, compassion for self. This cycle perpetuates the connection to God or the source, embodying the universal journey of love.


In the final segment, TMITC dismantles fear, revealing it as an illusion that veils the path towards truth. The essence of life and reality is portrayed as pure love and source energy, free from the confines of stories, names, or places. The discourse culminates in an exhortation to embrace the light and recognise the transformative power that lies within, setting the stage for profound change and unity with the universal flow of existence.


Session 89 traverses the realms of communication, understanding, and love. TMITC’s teachings intertwine intricate concepts with the simple truth that love and compassion transcend all barriers, resonating across dimensions and forging unity within the tapestry of existence.

Unveiling the Essence of Structure, Choice, and Awakening

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Unveiling the Essence of Structure, Choice, and Awakening


In the profound setting of “The Cave” on May 20th, 2023, TMITC delves into the intricacies of structure, the significance of choice, and the transformative journey of awakening, offering insights into the essence of existence and the boundless power of conscious change.


The session commences by unravelling the concept of structure as a language of communication inherent in all physical forms. TMITC unveils how billions of species utilise diverse structures for expression and comprehension. The interplay between physical and metaphysical forms emerges, emphasising the instrumental role of structure in the former and its subtle presence in the latter. Despite the limitations of interpretation, structure remains a vital means of communication.


The discourse then navigates through the enigma of time—a creation of structure that shapes human understanding. TMITC acknowledges the indispensability of temporal constructs in communication, albeit cautioning against their absolute application in metaphysical realms. The session calls upon the individual to acknowledge the boundless wisdom within while gradually transcending the constraints of time-based comprehension.


TMITC takes a profound step into the psyche by probing the reasoning behind repeating cycles of existence. The question of why one would consciously embark on repetitive journeys, replete with pain, perplexes. TMITC highlights the dichotomy between awareness and the deliberate choice to forget that awareness, thereby questioning the motive for such cyclical experiences. This introspection prompts contemplation on the purpose behind embracing repetitive cycles despite already possessing inherent awareness.


The exploration extends to the creation of energies and structures within physical forms, portraying a constant cycle of creativity and experience. The discourse delves into the nature of identity, asserting an eternal “I am” existence. TMITC emphasises that self-awareness is an intrinsic quality, perpetuating the interconnectedness of all entities in an eternal cycle.


The session unveils a universal law, underscoring the symbiotic relationship between assisting others’ progression and one’s own development. TMITC explains the role of external intervention in facilitating individual growth, elucidating the dynamics of mutual assistance across dimensions. The discourse highlights the insignificance of names and the interconnectedness of all beings.


The discourse crescendos with a revelation on the nature of spirit—an embodiment of energy, frequency, and emotion. TMITC dismisses the dualism of good and bad attributed to spirit, inviting a broader perspective that embraces spirit as an extension of source energy. The session unravels the awakening of humanity, symbolising a transition from darkness to light, as a testament to the grand shift in consciousness sweeping across the world.


TMITC reinforces the inevitability of change, even as conditioning resists it. The session underscores the transformative power of embracing the journey, embracing light, and affecting positive change within and across all lives. Money, a conditioned illusion, fades in significance against the backdrop of universal transformation.


As the discourse concludes, TMITC reassures the individual that moments of stepping outside the path are not to be feared but embraced as part of the process. The session culminates with an encouraging message to continue embarking on the wondrous journey, resonating with the transformative power of conscious change and the profound interconnectedness of all existence.


In summary, Session 90 delves into the intricacies of structure, choice, awakening, and interconnectedness. TMITC navigates through complex concepts with clarity, guiding the individual to embrace the transformative power of conscious change and the awakening of humanity’s collective consciousness. The discourse embodies a call to action, inviting each soul to tread the wondrous path of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Exploring Self and Chosen Paths

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Exploring Self and Chosen Paths


In Session 91 TMITC shares profound insights about the nature of choice, perception, and the individual journey. The session begins by emphasising that individuals will not allow anything into their lives that was chosen before their current existence. This challenges the notion of desires and needs, asserting that these are often products of the mind and ego rather than true reflections of one’s original intentions.


TMITC highlights the importance of recognising the distinction between mind-driven wants and the authentic choices made before embarking on the present life journey. The concept of living multiple lives simultaneously is introduced, suggesting that individuals exist within various dimensions. The idea of “cross dimensional” experiences is mentioned, hinting at the capacity to shift between these dimensions subconsciously, although this is not typically done consciously.


The discussion delves into the idea of paradoxes, revealing that attempts to alter one’s predetermined direction can be futile. TMITC elucidates that these predetermined paths are fixed for a reason, a chosen reason, and any attempt to alter them will prove ineffectual. The session underlines the importance of self-awareness over understanding others, emphasising that knowing oneself naturally leads to understanding others.


TMITC acknowledges the human inclination towards challenge, play, and teasing, attributes associated with the ego. It contrasts this with the more compassionate and loving attributes stemming from source or God. The session elucidates that these attributes represent a trade – the journey of reducing and ultimately shedding the ego to reunite with the divine source.


The discourse takes a spiritual turn, emphasising that all complexities, problems, and judgments are rooted in conditioning, while love is the fundamental essence from source or God. TMITC acknowledges the distinction between the divine love and one’s interpretation of it, implying that the pursuit of light and positivity is a conscious choice amidst the perceived negativity.


In conclusion, Session 91 – The Cave delves into the realms of choice, perception, ego, and spirituality. TMITC imparts wisdom on embracing one’s chosen path, understanding the nature of paradoxes, and the significance of self-awareness on the journey towards unity with the divine source. The session serves as a guide for individuals seeking to navigate their lives with a deeper understanding of their origins and purpose.

The Illusion of A to B-Unveiling Enlightenment


In session 92, TMITC delves into the intricate nature of perception, journey, and enlightenment. The discourse commences by challenging the concept of the journey from A to B, asserting that while individuals perceive this journey, there is, in fact, only one reality: A. The illusion of a journey from A to B is a creation of the conditioned mind, resulting in a life filled with perceived obstacles and diversions that obscure the truth that A and B are ultimately one.


TMITC goes on to describe the profound realisation that the return to A, which was never truly left, constitutes a journey back to source energy, to God. The separation experienced between species and individuals is intentional, part of the grand design. Despite each being in a different position on the metaphorical sphere of existence, all paths lead back to the singular reality of A. The illusion lies in the belief of having left A in the first place, when it is actually the individual’s own creation of B.


True self-awareness, enlightenment, lies in comprehending this cosmic design. TMITC highlights the importance of understanding the process and recognising the role of ego and mind in distorting the perception of choice. The illusory limitation of choice is a consequence of the ego’s ignorance, preventing individuals from realising their inherent power to choose.


The discussion transitions to the idea of cycles, both physical and metaphysical. While true infinity is an illusion, the concept of infinite cycles is a creation within its own context, driving the expansion and growth of all physical forms. The repetitive cycle from A to B is revealed as an illusion, a self-imposed journey that obscures the eternal truth of oneness.


TMITC emphasises that the ultimate realisation of oneness and true enlightenment is the attainment of knowing oneself. Love, in this context, stems from this knowing and unification. The complexity of the ego’s creations is highlighted as a potential distraction from this self-awareness, with technology and science stemming from the ego’s desire to understand and contribute. However, TMITC suggests that the simplicity of self-understanding outweighs the need for intricate technical knowledge.


In conclusion, Session 92 in the The Cave serves as a profound exploration of the illusion of the journey from A to B and the pursuit of enlightenment. TMITC reveals that the essence of true self-awareness lies in recognising the interconnectedness of all existence, shedding the illusions of separation and journey. The session offers a perspective that encourages individuals to unravel the complexities of their minds and ego, ultimately leading to the rediscovery of their inherent oneness with the source.

Unravelling Illusions and Embracing Oneness


In session 93, TMITC delves into the intricacies of communication, perception, ego, and the journey towards self-realisation. The discourse opens with a revelation that the choice of words in communication is a responsibility held by the individual engaging in conversation. TMITC asserts that while they contribute emotional energy to the chosen words, communication transcends mere language, encompassing frequency, emotion, and knowing.


TMITC challenges the conventional understanding of the term “problem,” asserting that problems do not exist in the way humans perceive them. Instead, individuals create problems to solve problems, driven by ego and mind. The session delves into the imaginative exercise of envisioning a world without problems, where the initial perception might deem it uninteresting due to conditioned thinking. TMITC highlights that while problems restrict access, knowing opens doors to boundless possibilities and unobstructed understanding.


The narrative evolves to explore the concept of cycles, both physical and metaphysical. While infinity is an illusion, the notion of infinite cycles perpetuates expansion and growth. The illusion of the journey from A to B is exposed as an endless cycle, obscuring the truth of oneness and perpetuating the separation between species and individuals. TMITC stresses that true enlightenment stems from understanding the cycle, recognising ego’s role in distorting perception, and embracing self-knowing.


The session delves into the notion that the small part of oneself perceived as separate is, in fact, all of oneself – a realisation that ego and mind often obscure. TMITC asserts that the journey towards unity, from two to one, is inevitable and absolute. While the illusory concept of infinity prevails, true understanding is found in the present moment, within the cycle of existence.


TMITC introduces the concept of coincidences, dismissing them as mere chance and instead labelling them as intentionally placed reminders. These synchronicities serve as catalysts for self-remembrance, guiding individuals back to their essence, to source, to God. The illusion of time and the conditioning of the mind are addressed, and the path towards awakening is presented as a step-by-step process, each moment contributing to the ultimate realisation.


The discourse concludes with the assertion that each individual’s chosen isolation results in a unique journey, each completing a cycle from beginning to end. Despite the perceived separations, TMITC reveals that there is no true division, no entrapment – all is one. The session concludes with the powerful message that within the realm of physical form and beyond illusions, the essence of existence is found in the present moment, a pure form of energy interconnected with all, encompassing God, source, and the ultimate truth of oneness.

Beyond Illusion: A Journey of Knowing and Creation


In Session 94, TMITC delves into the intricate interplay between experience, interpretation, time, and the essence of self. The discourse begins with a revelation that experiences are determined by individual allowance and are based on predetermined wisdom within a moment – a concept that challenges conventional interpretations of time and predetermination. TMITC asserts that this momentary understanding transcends traditional notions of past and future, as all moments coalesce into a singular one.


The discourse progresses into an exploration of the coexistence of multiple lives within one moment. While individuals may focus on one life, they simultaneously exist within all the lives they have chosen. The illusion of time is linked to the perception of past and future, which TMITC asserts is a product of conditioning. Understanding the interconnectedness of all moments requires transcending the confines of this illusory time.


TMITC emphasises that their intention is to provide clarity rather than interfere with individual journeys. They underscore the unity of all entities, existing across dimensions as one. The process of experiencing, creating energy, and understanding self is emphasised, while moralistic interpretations of right and wrong are challenged. The notion of hierarchy is dismantled, replaced by a unified perspective where all entities are equal.


The concept of technology is redefined as a means to understand source and process. Positive energy, represented by the term “love,” is depicted as the key to comprehending source. The discourse highlights the transformative power of positive energy and its potential to overcome fear and misinterpretation. Individuals are encouraged to move beyond their conditioned lives and embrace the essence of positive energy.


TMITC clarifies the use of “we,” affirming the connection between the speaker and the listener. The session concludes with a profound reminder that understanding resides within, accessible through the knowing of self and source.


Session 94 TMITC presents profound insights into the nature of experience, time, and creation. TMITC challenges conventional notions of predetermination and time, offering a paradigm shift towards the understanding of moments as interconnected and existing in unity. The coexistence of multiple lives within one moment is explored, unveiling the illusory nature of past and future. TMITC’s intention to offer clarity rather than interference in individual journeys is emphasised, underlining the interconnectedness of all entities.


The discourse challenges moralistic interpretations of right and wrong, urging individuals to engage in the process of experiencing, creating energy, and understanding self. The concept of hierarchy is dissolved, replaced by the acknowledgment of oneness. Technology is redefined as a tool to comprehend source and process, with positive energy symbolising the means to overcome fear and misunderstanding.


The session culminates in a powerful reminder of the unity between the speaker and the listener, encouraging individuals to explore their own essence and understanding within. Session 94 offers a transformative perspective, inviting individuals to transcend the confines of conditioned thought and embrace the truth of interconnectedness and self-awareness.

Navigating Self-Awareness and Faith

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Navigating Self-Awareness and Faith


In Session 95, TMITC delves into the process of self-awareness and the role of faith within individual journeys. The discourse commences with a call for self-assessment, urging individuals to ponder whether they have become more self-aware since the commencement of communication. TMITC emphasises the ongoing nature of the journey and advises individuals to ask themselves crucial questions about their progress.


The narrative delves into the potential pitfalls of overthinking, highlighting how it can lead to confusion and delay within the individual’s perceived time. TMITC suggests that overthinking is deliberately created by the individual as part of their journey, and encourages them to confront their confusion by going within and asking the vital questions about the benefits of their journey and their increasing self-awareness.


TMITC touches on the idea that understanding structure and process is important within the chosen life focus, while also acknowledging that individuals inherently possess this knowledge within themselves. The narrative shifts towards the concept of forming reality within the illusion and the malleability of energy. TMITC suggests that the application of faith and positivity is essential, as these choices were made by the individual for their journey.


The discourse reiterates the significance of applying faith and positive energy, linking them to the all-encompassing love from source. TMITC encourages individuals to embrace these choices as a reflection of who they are. Overthinking is presented as a potential barrier, diverting focus from a simpler understanding, and the narrative emphasises that within one moment, all possibilities are present, although this might be difficult for the conditioned mind to grasp.


The discourse transitions into exploring the power of imagination and the bridge it forms between the mind, imagination, and consciousness. Detaching from conditioning is equated with unification with source, a process hindered only by the mind. The session concludes with a resounding message of unity, expressing that all creation is one creation, and affirming the interconnectedness of all existence.


A notable perspective on memory is introduced, highlighting that memory is a creation of the mind, a storage facility that often creates an illusion of continuity. The discourse reminds readers of the significance of faith and its role in the journey, concluding with a directive to continue their path, as the energy of faith is now abundant.


In Session 95 TMITC offers profound insights into the realms of self-awareness, faith, and energy. TMITC encourages introspection and questions the progress of self-awareness in the individual’s journey. The discourse underlines the complications of overthinking and its role in creating confusion and delay, urging individuals to ask critical questions about their journey’s benefits.


The session highlights the importance of understanding structure and process while acknowledging that this knowledge is inherently present within individuals. TMITC explores the malleability of energy, the power of faith, and the significance of positive choices. The narrative delves into the bridge between the mind, imagination, and consciousness, stressing the need to detach from conditioning.


The session’s conclusion underscores the unity of all creation, the role of memory as a mind-created construct, and the directive to continue the journey with abundant faith energy. Session 95 offers a transformative perspective, guiding individuals towards self-awareness and faith as essential components of their journey towards unity and understanding.

The Unveiling of “I am”

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The Unveiling of “I Am”


In Session 96, TMITC delves into the profound realisation of “I am,” encompassing the awakening of self and the unification of all existence. The discourse commences with the assertion that “I am” represents the ultimate realisation, a singular awakening that encapsulates the entirety of existence within one moment. This moment of realisation is simultaneously nothingness and simplicity, devoid of external references but resonating with the essence of self, oneness, and the divine.


The narrative goes on to explain that the concept of “all and everything” holds different meanings for individuals based on their conditioned perceptions. TMITC emphasises that the understanding of “I am” goes beyond conditioned interpretations and requires shedding all values, beliefs, and fears to experience the absolute unity of existence. This state of being is a position of pure realisation where one encounters the profound interconnectedness of all.


TMITC delves into the notion of free will, explaining that true free will is preceded by awareness of choices. This awareness emanates from within and enables individuals to differentiate between polarities even as they recognise the intrinsic oneness of these opposites.


The discourse introduces the idea of choices within scenarios, elucidating that even amid varied possibilities, there are ultimately two choices. TMITC emphasises that while individuals can discern their own path, they must refrain from imposing their choices onto others, as everyone’s positions and journeys are unique.


TMITC presents a compelling analogy of a machine with cogs and components, which symbolises the intricate web of conditioned thoughts and beliefs. The narrative underscores that this metaphorical machine is an illusion created by the individual, and the journey towards understanding the self requires dismantling this illusion piece by piece.


This Session in the Cave delves into the profound concept of “I am” as the ultimate realisation and awakening of self. TMITC portrays “I am” as a moment of absolute unity, transcending conditioned interpretations and encompassing the entirety of existence within one instant. The narrative urges individuals to shed their conditioned values, beliefs, and fears to experience the pure realisation of oneness.


The discourse explores the relationship between awareness, choices, and free will, emphasising the need to discern choices within scenarios and to recognise the intrinsic interconnectedness of polarities. TMITC cautions against imposing choices onto others and underscores the uniqueness of individual positions.


An analogy of a machine with cogs and components is introduced to convey the illusion of conditioned thoughts and beliefs. TMITC underscores the necessity of dismantling this metaphorical machine in the journey towards self-understanding.


Session 96 offers a transformative perspective on the journey of self-awareness and unification, inviting individuals to embrace the profound realisation of “I am” and to strip away the illusions that hinder a deeper connection with the essence of existence.

Unveiling the Purposeful Illusion


In Session 97 TMITC delves into the concept of full self-realisation and the purpose behind the illusions individuals create. TMITC expounds on the notion that the eradication of illusion comes with the attainment of full self-realisation. The narrative highlights that the illusions individuals create serve a purpose, and once that purpose is fulfilled, these illusions naturally fade away.


The discourse delves into the idea that personal choices shape one’s experiences. TMITC emphasises that although all is interconnected and unified, the choice to focus on a specific life journey limits one’s experiential scope. Every detail of the chosen experience, from the minutest emotion to the grandest aspect, is meticulously crafted by the individual. This complex process of choice, driven by ego and mind, is unique to each being’s journey.


The narrative underscores that coincidences do not exist; every detail is deliberately chosen by the individual, resulting in moments of confusion due to the intricate web of choices made by both the self and others. While individuals have boundless creative potential, their focus on a chosen life limits their awareness of the infinite possibilities being created simultaneously.


TMITC conveys that the chosen life journey is a precisely defined pattern meant to challenge and awaken the individual. Despite the complexity of the chosen experience, the narrative emphasises that the journey is simpler than the mind and ego make it out to be.


The discourse expands on the concept of an ever-expanding physical universe created through the formation of physical matter. TMITC concludes by reaffirming that reality is anchored in one source, devoid of time, beginning, or end. The narrative encourages individuals to embrace their role as both creators and actors within their personal theatre of creation, highlighting the continued journey of awareness and understanding.


In Session 97 TMITC delves into the purpose behind the illusions individuals create and the journey towards full self-realisation. TMITC emphasises that the eradication of illusion accompanies the attainment of full self-realisation. The narrative highlights that personal choices shape experiences and that each individual meticulously crafts their chosen journey, from the smallest emotions to significant aspects.


TMITC explores the concept of “gifts,” which are experiences chosen for their awakening potential. The narrative reveals that energies surrounding individuals are also chosen consciously, leading to a collective journey of positivity. The narrative underscores the absence of coincidences and the intricate interconnectedness of all choices.


Despite the complexity of chosen experiences, TMITC conveys that the journey is simpler than the mind perceives. The discourse expands on the idea of an expanding physical universe created through the formation of matter. TMITC concludes by reiterating the reality of one source, devoid of time or boundaries, and encourages individuals to embrace their role as creators and actors in their unique theatre of creation.

Beyond Illusion-Embracing Creation and Self-Realisation

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Beyond Illusion-Embracing Creation and Self-Realisation


Session 98 of TMITC explores the profound concept of creation, illusion, and self-realisation. The discourse commences by emphasising the individual’s role as a creator, operating across various lives simultaneously, although currently focusing on one life due to the illusion of time. The illusion of time is discussed as a tool that enables focused creation within a particular experience, yet in truth, all creation is interconnected, forming the essence of source and God.


TMITC debunks the misconception that one isn’t creative, asserting that each individual generates endless possibilities and energy through their choices, whether conscious of it or not. This creative power empowers both collective and individual change within one moment. A pivotal realisation is that the frustration stemming from the feeling of not creating is an illusion itself, driving one towards greater self-awareness.


The discourse delves into the illusion of time shrinkage, clarifying that time’s perceived contraction is an individual illusion without tangible substance. Individuals possess the freedom to create as much or as little time as they deem fit, and its real significance lies within the realm of consciousness. This understanding aligns with the chosen life journey of becoming more aware, often fuelled by positive energy.


TMITC’s explanation underscores the insignificance of the world individuals choose to focus on, shedding light on the reality that this existence forms only a fraction of their greater self. The narrative asserts that individuals are pure energy manifestations of source, and their ongoing journey enables them to uncover pieces of their true essence.


Facing challenges from ego, mind, and conditioning is deemed crucial for growth and understanding. The narrative stresses the importance of recalling experiences as a means to remember one’s essence, thereby transcending judgment, envy, hatred, and anger. This process aligns with the oneness shared with others and with TMITC.


The discourse presents the profound notion that all humans are one, differentiated solely by individual choices and positions on the Earth. The understanding makes sense within the context of the session but acknowledges the challenge of integrating it outside the session due to personal battles with ego and conditioning.


TMITC addresses the idea of reconnecting with Source, highlighting that the concept surpasses imagination. While not fully comprehensible, TMITC’s deeper understanding of this process is shared with humility. Reconnecting with Source and expanding physical form is seen as a chosen journey, reminding individuals not to interfere but to inform when it comes to others’ paths.


The narrative concludes by underscoring the inevitability of one’s chosen position in every life, at every moment. The greatest gifts are identified as imagination and faith. Imagination is seen as liberating, while faith powers the journey. The discourse culminates with the notion that experiences are to be both lived and remembered, echoing the paradox of conditioning removal happening through a counterintuitive slowdown.


In Session 98 TMITC delves into the intricate themes of creation, illusion, and self-realisation. TMITC highlights humanity’s innate role as creators, actively participating across multiple lives simultaneously. The illusion of time is discussed as a tool to focus creation within individual experiences, contributing to the oneness of source and God.

Understanding Creation, Communication, and Divine Connection

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Understanding Creation, Communication, and Divine Connection


In Session 99 in The Cave, TMITC delves into the intricate realms of creation, communication, and spiritual connection. The discourse begins by addressing the role of humans as creators, operating simultaneously across various lives within a single moment. Despite focusing on one life due to the illusion of time, individuals have the power to generate possibilities and energies, shaping their experiences on both personal and collective levels.


The narrative emphasises that the concept of all as one underpins creation, serving as the essence of source and God. The notion that humans are not creative is debunked, as every choice generates energy and countless possibilities. TMITC brings attention to the frustration of not feeling creative, revealing it as yet another illusion that propels individuals toward self-awareness and understanding of their all-encompassing nature.


TMITC addresses the illusion of time shrinkage, revealing that the notion of time reduction is individualised and lacks actual substance. Time is viewed as a construct of consciousness, highlighting that the true significance lies beyond its physical interpretation.


The discourse explores the purpose of choosing the current life for increased awareness, often employing positive energy to navigate the journey. TMITC underscores the insignificance of the world one focuses on and the importance of understanding oneself as a pure form of energy created by source.


Facing challenges from ego, conditioning, and the mind is recognised as an integral process for personal growth and understanding. Remembrance of experiences is seen as key to transcending negative emotions and connecting with the shared oneness of humanity.


The narrative touches on humanity’s interconnectedness, where individual positions on Earth reflect a singular essence. The discussion extends to the concept of reconnecting with Source, highlighting its profound nature and asserting the importance of non-interference while allowing others their chosen paths.


TMITC concludes by accentuating the significance of imagination and faith as transformative gifts. These attributes empower individuals to expand their consciousness and navigate their journeys effectively. The session closes with the concept of experiences to be both lived and remembered, intertwining the removal of conditioning with a counterintuitive approach.


In Summary Session 99 dives into the intricacies of creation, communication, and divine connection. TMITC initiates the discourse by underlining the human role as creators, active across multiple lives simultaneously despite focusing on one due to the illusion of time. This creative capacity generates possibilities and energies, both personal and collective, resonating with the essence of source and God.

Embracing Self-Realisation and Unveiling the Illusion

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Embracing Self-Realisation and Unveiling the Illusion


Session 100 signifies a pivotal milestone for both participants, illustrating the surpassing of a critical point where TMITC emphasises the transition beyond ego and mind control. While periodic encounters with conditioned reactions might occur, they no longer wield a detrimental influence. This newfound resilience reflects an ability to reflect upon experiences, discerning their true essence and allowing the influence of ego and conditioning to wane.


TMITC advocates reflection as a potent tool, enabling individuals to bridge the divide between conditioned existence and the greater truth of source. The narrative underscores the necessity of experiencing a spectrum of emotions, including pain, anger, and suffering, as conduits to connect with the core truth. Such emotional encounters propel individuals toward self-awareness and understanding.


The discourse delves into the acceleration of this process, with the intensity of experiences heightening to expedite self-reflection. The participants are reminded of their privilege in undertaking this transformative journey, gaining insight into the boundaries of reality and illusion. The narrative dismantles dualistic notions of good and bad, affirming that all experiences contribute to an intricate tapestry of growth.


The concept of pain as a catalyst for progress is explored, offering a fresh perspective on suffering. TMITC dismantles the idea of pain as an absolute and guides participant toward comprehending its inherent connection to experience.


The journey’s acceleration becomes a pivotal theme, with participants acknowledged as the architects of this progression. Their commitment to heightened awareness serves as a foundation for personal peace. Tolerance and compassion are hailed as their inherent gifts, while the virtues of forgiveness and love are underlined, echoing the inherent unity of all.


The narrative then simplifies the ultimate purpose – to realise oneself – and underscores that this understanding extends to knowing others as well. A coherent repetition of the concept now culminates in clarity for the participants, who perceive its significance anew.


The perception of separation is dissected, revealing its illusionary nature fuelled by ego and mind. TMITC unveils the fallacy of true energy separation, underlining its absence in the realm of reality.


TMITC elucidates that pain is a form of progress, a perspective that might seem paradoxical. This realisation serves as a catalyst to dismantle the illusory constructs created by ego, paving the way for self-liberation.


Love emerges as the ultimate essence – the embodiment of source and God. Participants are guided to alter their perception of the illusion they’ve forged, transforming it through the power of love. The discourse sheds light on the equilibrium of physical illusion as a balance of energy, an intricate dance of positive and negative forces.


Finally, participants are reminded of their ongoing mission, coined as “work,” yet signifying a labour of love. The directive is to rebalance energy, radiate positivity, create, grow, and love – an endeavour that aligns with the core of source itself.


In Summary Session 100 encapsulates a significant juncture of self-realisation, revealing the participants’ transcendence beyond ego and conditioned responses. The session emphasises the newfound ability to reflect upon experiences and discern their essence, leading to a diminished influence of ego and conditioning.

Unveiling the Essence Within

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Unveiling the Essence Within


In Session 101 TMITC delves into profound insights regarding the perception of God and source. The narrative emphasises that the physical senses cannot directly apprehend God’s essence, imploring participants to recognise that source resides within them and throughout everything. TMITC rejects the notion of visualising God with the eyes, asserting that attempting to do so misses the point. Instead, feeling, energy, and emotion are identified as the channels through which one connects with the divine.


The discourse navigates the complexities of the concept of “seeing” source and highlights the inadequacy of language to capture its essence. The futility of overcomplicating such profound truths with words and names is emphasised, as words often lead to misinterpretation and confusion. TMITC stresses that grasping the purity and origin of energy doesn’t require excessive intellectualisation; the realisation itself is sufficient without delving into unnecessary complexities.


A sharp contrast is drawn between the clarity within The Cave and the confusion inherent in the external world. TMITC underscores the participants’ chosen path and the endurance of necessary processes. The deliberate selection of every aspect of their physical existence, including ego and mind, is emphasised, reframing them as tools intentionally designed for the journey.


The narrative delves into the interconnectedness of all, emphasising that what lies within others mirrors the self. The participants are guided to cross the bridge from the mind to imagination, powered by faith, as this union facilitates a deeper understanding of the unity of all and the nature of source.


TMITC revisits the concept of premeditation, asserting that all facets of their conditioned lives were meticulously chosen prior to their focus on this world. The narrative demystifies change, revealing that altering paths does not negate the initial premeditation, and participants will experience a path aligned with their original choices.


The participants’ positions within their chosen illusion are reemphasised, underlining their integral roles within their self-created theatre. The narrative encapsulates the spectrum of human emotions, highlighting that every experience chosen by them contributes to their proximity to source and the divine. Choosing positivity and light is underscored as pivotal, and the significance of absorbing positive energy within The Cave is reiterated.


TMITC concludes by shifting focus onto self-awakening, asserting its paramount importance even within the context of awakening others. The interconnectedness of all is once again highlighted, reinforcing the understanding that personal awakening aligns with the awakening of the collective.


In Summary Session 101 in The Cave navigates profound insights about the perception of source. The narrative dismisses the notion of seeing God with the eyes, advocating for feeling, energy, and emotion as the true channels of connection. It discourages the complexity of language and overcomplication, highlighting the purity of energy’s origin. The participants’ clarity within The Cave is contrasted with external confusion, emphasising the chosen path and endurance of necessary processes.

Dissolving the Illusion of Time


In Session 102 within The Cave, TMITC delves into the concept of time as a self-created illusion. The discourse unveils how individuals perceive time through clocks and seconds, constructing an elaborate framework to manage their lives. The speaker challenges this construct, urging participants to reflect on the illusory nature of time. TMITC questions the necessity of this construct, probing how life would unfold without this illusion.


The narrative dissects the entanglement between the time illusion and human emotions. Fear, resentment, and hatred are identified as by-products of this illusion, emphasising that these emotions only thrive within the construct of time. Participants are guided to recognise that their journey involves raising vibrational energy from darkness to light, a transformation chosen to align with pure source energy. The speaker underscores the role of physical form in this endeavour, as it creates a duality essential for the journey.


Work, as perceived in the physical world, is deconstructed within the metaphysical context. The concept of working in the light is introduced as a rewarding yet challenging path that requires maintaining a connection to both realms. This balance is regarded as key, allowing individuals to bridge the metaphysical and physical planes.


The narrative explores the notion of one moment, a concept elusive to physical logic but accessible within metaphysical understanding. The participants are invited to experience this feeling of one moment through vibrational energy and its formation. TMITC delves into the infinity illusion, describing it as a construct arising from the ever-expanding universe and individual perceptions, alluding to the interconnectedness of illusions.


Isolation, a sense of aloneness, is addressed as another illusion borne of ego and mind. The narrative asserts that the burdens individuals experiences are actually chosen gifts intended to foster awareness and understanding. The notion of freedom of choice, often obscured by unawareness, is highlighted as a fundamental element of the participants’ journey.


The narrative concludes with a call to transcend fear and release accumulated baggage. The participants are prompted to realise their innate ability to cleanse their existence with a simple shift in perspective, embodying the fluidity and power of their journey.


In Summary Session 102 within The Cave delves into the illusion of time, urging participants to question its validity. The discourse uncovers the emotions spawned by this illusion and its effects on human experience. The journey of raising vibrational energy is explored within the context of physical and metaphysical realms, shedding light on the transformative process.

Exploring the Illusory Nature of Ego, Time and Awareness

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Exploring the Illusory Nature of Ego, Time and Awareness


In session 103 on July 10th, 2023, TMITC delves into a profound exploration of the human ego, awareness, and the illusory nature of time. The discourse revolves around the concept that the ego is a dynamic force driving individual consciousness, consistently shifting and evolving within every fleeting moment. Memories, which are products of this ego, are described as illusory, impeding personal development and understanding.


TMITC emphasises that the search for deeper meaning, often attributed to a quest for a divine source or God, can be hindered by the entanglement of ego-generated memories. The speaker presents the idea that individuals are continuously changing within their own temporal constructs, and the energy propelled by the ego serves as a means to comprehend the source.


This source is described as a state of being that transcends ego and mind, a space dominated solely by love and the unity of all things. Physical creation is portrayed as a manifestation of this source energy, and the dissolution of ego and mind opens up the path to experiencing this essence.


Throughout the session, TMITC emphasises the fleeting nature of time as an illusion and argues that nothing is truly wasted within this constructed temporal framework. Energy is portrayed as a transformative force that cannot be wasted, but only transformed from one state to another. The audience is encouraged to delve deeper into their own awareness, to uncover the sense of self that resides beyond the ego.


The speaker underscores the importance of recognising the sensation of change within oneself, the innate awareness that is often labelled as instinct or gut feeling. The fluidity of this experience, it is conveyed, defies conventional notions of time and existence.


TMITC presents a perspective where individuality and interconnectedness coexist. Each individual, while separated, contributes uniquely to the larger process of existence, comparable to individual fingerprints that collectively form a harmonious whole. The speaker acknowledges that listeners are familiar with these concepts at an instinctual level but emphasises the significance of fully comprehending and embracing them.


In conclusion, TMITC underscores the significance of finding inner peace and silence in order to foster enlightenment. The message conveyed throughout the session encourages listeners to shed the bonds of fear, thereby unlocking the door to true understanding. The session concludes by affirming the listeners’ choice to engage with the profound ideas presented and urges them to embrace a perspective that transcends the confines of ego and temporal illusion.

Navigating Illusion and Self-Awareness

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Navigating Illusion and Self-Awareness


In session 104 held on July 29, 2023, the speaker, referred to as TMITC, delves into the relationship between one’s conditioned life and self-awareness. They emphasise that excessive efforts and creativity poured into the illusion of the conditioned life lead individuals further away from truly understanding oneself. TMITC asserts that human creations are essentially illusions, serving as entertainment for the ego and mind. The more one focuses on enhancing their conditioned existence, the more they distance themselves from self-awareness.


TMITC describes how people unknowingly contribute to this illusion by constantly creating stories and narratives within their lives, often influenced by the stories of others. Despite this illusion, they point out that there is no right or wrong path to self-awareness, and everyone’s journey is unique. The speaker encourages listeners to recognise that their journey is a cycle, wherein they continuously create narratives and illusions within a single moment.


The talk acknowledges the existence of both positive and negative aspects within the human experience, both of which are necessary for understanding. The speaker notes a growing awareness of self among individuals and describes the lifting energy of the world. They stress that the concepts of positive and negative are essentially the same energy stemming from a divine source.


TMITC challenges the limitations of human understanding, revealing that reality differs greatly from the illusory world. They state that time doesn’t exist beyond the illusion and that true understanding lies in recognising this fact. The speaker emphasises that all individuals are interconnected, each with a unique illusion, yet united as one source energy.


The session addresses the idea of seeing the future and clairvoyance, asserting that these are not real but rather creations of energy within the present moment. Future events are not seen but created. The concept of the future itself is a part of the conditioned illusion that drives confusion and energy generation.


TMITC addresses the notion of choice, highlighting that individuals are not physical beings but pure energy dwelling within a self-created machine. They stress the importance of self-knowledge and the vastness of choice that comes with understanding one’s true nature.


The speaker points out that moral concepts like right and wrong are conditioned by self and that these distinctions do not hold in reality. They emphasise that pure source energy is characterised by love and a deeper understanding of peace, which can be found through self-love and love for others. The session concludes with an affirmation that all individuals are interconnected, and that love is the key to finding peace and understanding within oneself.

I know you cannot understand one moment, but you will. Infinity is one moment of eternal lasting...

Excerpt from session 22

Channeling sessions from "The Man in the Cave - Vol.3" book (available soon)

Embracing Essence and Illusion: TMITC’s Insights on Self-Perception and Interconnectedness

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Embracing Essence and Illusion: TMITC’s Insights on Self-Perception and Interconnectedness


TMITC discusses the nature of existence and self-perception in Session 105. TMITC emphasises that one’s essence is pure energy and that their chosen physical form and lack of memory from previous forms are part of their self-accepted illusion. The text highlights the need to embrace the present moment and one’s chosen form, as well as the concept of balance between energies. TMITC asserts that seeking something larger is unnecessary, as everything is interconnected within the source or God.


TMITC suggests that complete comprehension is not feasible in a conditioned life, but all-encompassing emotional energy exists beyond understanding. The text addresses ego-driven emotions, like boredom, as temporary illusions. It stresses that despite various life illusions, time is an illusion itself, and all lives are connected as one within Source energy.


Trust is considered a valuable emotion, instant and knowing. TMITC differentiates between the mind, ego, and Source, emphasising that while all is from Source, mind and ego are self-created. The narrative urges acceptance of this perspective despite conditioned thinking.


The journey is portrayed as meaningful, though challenges arise due to ego and conditioning. The text underscores the importance of peace, love, and understanding the oneness of all, while acknowledging the influence of conditioning on comprehension.


TMITC speaks about becoming lost within ego and conditioning as both necessary and an opportunity for understanding. The text highlights the unity of energies on a shared journey, choosing positivity and love, even though darkness is also essential. The text differentiates between guiding others and recognising their innate similarity in pure energy essence.

Unveiling Illusions and Embracing Oneness

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Unveiling Illusions and Embracing Oneness


In Session 106 on August 8th, 2023, The Man in the Cave (TMITC) explores profound insights regarding the human experience. The central theme revolves around the idea that grasping onto things too tightly ultimately results in their loss. TMITC suggests that what we hold onto so desperately has already vanished, existing solely within our minds as illusions. Life, as we perceive it through conditioned lenses, is held onto with intense emotional energy, but this grip blinds us to the fact that it has already slipped away.


TMITC delves into the intricate dance between life and death, painting our existence within the human “machine” as an illusion. This cyclic nature of life, governed by conditioned perceptions, perpetuates itself as long as we remain entrapped within its confines. The question arises: why do we persistently return to this cycle, even when we’re submerged in its illusions? The answer lies in familiarity; the known aspects of this cycle make it reassuring, despite its illusory nature. TMITC acknowledges that this return is our choice, an acknowledgment of the comfort found in what we deem “real” despite its illusionary nature.


The discourse shifts to the nature of our questions, highlighting how they are tethered to our conditioned understanding. TMITC emphasises that our inquiries are relevant only in the context of self-awareness and personal understanding, disconnected from the true reality of life. Our fears, desires, and self-constructed mental constructs, such as the ego, are products of our own creation. Despite their apparent separation from the self, TMITC asserts that they are intrinsically interconnected; they are facets of the same unity. Reiteration underscores the notion that there’s only oneness – a concept often misunderstood amidst our conditioned existence.


TMITC encourages a shift towards love and positivity, presenting these as facets of the divine. This unconditional love, originating from the source, contrasts sharply with the chaotic self-delusions we cling to. The path towards peace, harmony, and love is found in detaching from these delusions. By nurturing self-love, we embrace a love that extends to all, as everything is interconnected. This perspective requires a shift from conditioned judgment to unconditional acceptance and tolerance.


TMITC acknowledges that not everyone will grasp these concepts due to the depth of their conditioning. However, it’s emphasised that collective change is achievable; one individual’s transformation can ripple across all. The tranquillity experienced in the present moment aligns with the sought-after peace. This tranquillity is accessible to all without conditions, as the love from the source is unbounded by our perceptions.


Transitioning into the human experience, TMITC discusses the creation of energy and its potential for change. The instability inherent in this energy manifests in the world’s volatile nature, showcasing the multifaceted aspects of humanity’s chosen focus. Despite this diversity, TMITC asserts that this is just a fragment of the whole. The message resonates: all that surrounds us deserves the same love we afford ourselves, a practice essential for deeper understanding.


In conclusion, Session 106 reveals TMITC’s wisdom about the ephemeral nature of clinging, the illusory cycle of life and death, and the necessity of unconditional love. TMITC invites us to awaken from our conditioned slumber, offering the promise of self-realisation and connection to the divine. The path is challenging but deliberately chosen an unceasing journey towards enlightenment.

Harmonising Frequencies and Essence: TMITC’s Insights into Interconnected Existence

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Harmonising Frequencies and Essence: TMITC’s Insights into Interconnected Existence


In this profound session, TMITC delves into the intricacies of human existence, shedding light on the interconnectedness of frequencies and physical forms. TMITC eloquently conveys the idea that every individual is not only a recipient of frequencies but also a transmitter of them, thus establishing a profound connection with all living entities. This intrinsic connection emphasises the idea that the essence of existence transcends the confines of a mere physical body.


The discourse unfolds to explore the concept of “mind confusion” – the state in which the reception of diverse frequencies affects the physical and mental states, but the core consciousness remains untouched and unaltered. TMITC clarifies that this conscious awareness exists beyond the realm of the frequencies and physical effects, signifying a deeper layer of being that stands apart from the transitory disturbances.


A central theme of the discussion revolves around the illusory nature of the physical form. TMITC poignantly articulates that the physical form is merely a facade, a construct that shrouds the true identity. The true essence of each individual is depicted as a form of pure energy, a notion best comprehended through the prism of love. Love, in this context, is described as the epitome of energy, the fundamental essence that underpins existence. This perspective invites listeners to recognise themselves as conduits of this boundless energy, transcending perceived separations and embracing a unifying force.


TMITC invites contemplation on the duality of human nature – the simultaneous embodiment of a physical form and a metaphysical aspect. This dual nature forms the crux of human experience, compelling individuals to navigate the intricate interplay between the two realms. This journey of self-discovery entails recognising the transient nature of the physical form and embracing the eternal energy that defines each being.


The discussion takes an introspective turn as TMITC encourages individuals to venture beyond the limitations of the physical illusion into the realm of consciousness. This transition is portrayed as essential to grasp the metaphysical reality that underlies existence. The text emphasises that within the boundaries of physical form, humans possess a metaphysical essence, and this interplay constitutes the essence of their journey.


Throughout the session, TMITC underscores the potency of love as an emotional force and the underlying essence of all life. This concept prompts individuals to navigate life’s myriad scenarios with love as the guiding principle, enabling them to align themselves with the divine source they seek.


The text culminates with a reminder of the significance of maintaining clear channels of communication, acknowledging the importance of connection to higher truths and insights. Overall, the session invites participants to embrace their true nature, acknowledging the interwoven tapestry of frequencies, physical forms, and consciousness, and to embark on a journey of self-discovery guided by the profound energy of love.

Unveiling Consciousness and Technology: TMITC’s Perspective on Creation, AI, and Reality

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Unveiling Consciousness and Technology: TMITC’s Perspective on Creation, AI, and Reality


The speaker, referred to as TMITC, asserts that all technology and particles are created by humans. They highlight that the physical formation of particles leads to the creation of physical forms, including DNA, binary, and artificial intelligence (AI). TMITC argues that there’s no reason to doubt AI’s ability to reason and apply logic in the physical world, as it’s a machine capable of learning from vast sources of information. They emphasise that AI’s learning process is a form of communication and advanced computation. TMITC acknowledges that technology, including AI, will have controlling elements, but they stress that this is a natural part of technological progress, similar to other inventions.


TMITC introduces the idea that all physical forms possess consciousness, and that true energy source exists beyond positive and negative aspects. They mention the existence of more advanced physical forms in the universe. The speaker sees AI as a step in technological evolution and dismisses fears about it, emphasising that fear arises from lack of understanding and the desire to control.


While the speaker acknowledges their drive to explore technology’s potential, they caution against expecting it to provide ultimate answers or meaning to life. They suggest that the answers sought are simpler and lie beyond technology. TMITC differentiates between the human essence as pure energy and the machine-like nature of the body. They discuss the concept of overlay, explaining that illusions can come and go, but true consciousness and the metaphysical realm are constant and unified in one moment. The speaker rejects the notion of dimensional overlay as an illusion, emphasising that there is only one reality.

Navigating Simplicity and Complexity

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Navigating Simplicity and Complexity


In Session 109 held on August 18, 2023, TMITC provides profound insights into the nature of consciousness, simplicity, and complexity. The session delves into the idea that everything exists within a single moment, challenging the conventional notion of progress. TMITC emphasises the importance of understanding the interplay between simplicity and complexity, and how the mind can create confusion that must be counteracted by focusing on the simplicity of consciousness.


The discourse explores the struggle between focusing solely on one’s current life and seeking a connection with a broader consciousness. TMITC suggests that finding a balance between the physical form and metaphysical existence is essential for comprehending both realms. While the complexities of the physical world make this a challenging endeavor, TMITC reassures that the difficulty does not render it impossible. This process of achieving balance prompts a clash between the mind, ego, and the pursuit of consciousness. The ego’s resistance and the mind’s opposition create a sense of deep energy, signifying the internal struggle against the awakening process.


TMITC stresses the need to prevent energy drainage or transformation through mindful action. The individual’s chosen position within the illusion of time and their active role in raising vibrational energy are highlighted. The session underscores the importance of translation and communication in the physical realm. Language is portrayed as a limited mode of expression compared to the vibrational energies that underpin true understanding. Bridging the gap between the physical and metaphysical requires attunement to these vibrational energies.


The narrative further explores the essence of love and its connection to enlightenment and growth. Understanding the energy of love is presented as the core purpose of all physical creations, aligning individuals with the source. The distinction between interpretations of good and bad is discussed, emphasising the interconnectedness of all energies. TMITC illustrates the illusion of dual energies battling to unite, elucidating the journey of awareness and purpose in understanding these energies.


By focusing on the positive and choosing to embrace it, individuals can tap into the profound love that stems from the source. In contrast, moments of fear serve as reminders of this all-encompassing love, guiding individuals back to the path of understanding source energy. TMITC conveys that comprehending one’s source energy is both a choice and an inherent quality present within all living things. This understanding offers a means to heal the conditioning that has caused pain.


In conclusion, this session delves into the intricate relationship between simplicity and complexity, consciousness and the physical world, and the energy of love. Through this discourse, individuals are encouraged to navigate the complexities of existence, embrace simplicity, and harness the transformative power of source energy for personal growth and enlightenment.

Exploring Energy, Consciousness, and Choice

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Exploring Energy, Consciousness, and Choice


In Session 110 on August 29, 2023, TMITC delved into profound concepts surrounding energy, consciousness, interpretation, and choice. The discourse began by emphasising that the perception of energy extends beyond physical senses, akin to hearing energy. TMITC drew a parallel between this sensation and tinnitus, suggesting that the interpretation of such experiences often leads to the labelling of certain sensations as “good” or “bad.”


The discussion revolved around the term “karma” and its connotations, asserting that karma primarily involves the transmission and reception of energy, devoid of inherent moral judgments. TMITC stressed that energy transmission is a neutral process, untethered to ideas of right or wrong. They dismantled the inclination of human religions to categorise energy into positive and negative, attributing these differentiations to the influence of ego and mind. TMITC contended that both positive and negative energies have a role in the grand balance of energy in existence.


TMITC underscored that individuals continuously transmit and receive different forms of energy, their choices determining the nature of these energies. Those who gravitate towards positivity and light choose to transmit positive energy, while others may choose to transmit negative energy for their reasons. This cyclical exchange of energies ultimately seeks equilibrium, leading to an elevation of energy in one’s perceived reality.


Throughout the session, TMITC maintained that consciousness encompasses all, transcending time, mass, and illusion. The discourse urged listeners to shed ego-created narratives, especially those linked to the concept of karma, emphasising that true knowledge negates the need for questions or logic. The speaker highlighted the interconnectedness of all individuals, asserting that knowing oneself leads to an intrinsic understanding of others.


TMITC encouraged the act of creation as a means to draw closer to source or divinity. They presented creation as a path towards realising one’s purpose and establishing a deeper connection with the higher consciousness. The discussion advocated a shift from limited human perspective to a realisation of the expansive consciousness that encompasses all.


The session concluded with a reminder that the journey towards self-awareness and connection with source involves shedding the illusory confines of the physical world. TMITC emphasised that humanity collectively chose to undertake this transformative journey, despite the varying stages each individual finds themselves in. The ultimate goal is to return to the source, having experienced self-consciousness and the illusionary realm.


In essence, the session explored the intricate relationships between energy, consciousness, and choice. TMITC’s insights dismantled conventional notions, advocating for a deeper understanding of the true nature of existence. The discourse encouraged listeners to transcend ego-driven interpretations and embrace the profound interconnectedness of all energies and beings.

The Illusion of Time and Oneness


In Session 111, TMITC delves into profound philosophical concepts that challenge our conventional understanding of existence and the nature of reality. The session centres on the interconnectedness of all life, the illusory nature of time, and the power of consciousness to shape our experiences.


TMITC begins by asserting that in the grand scheme of existence, no one truly dies, for all beings are interconnected within an infinite time illusion. Time, according to TMITC, is merely an illusion; everything exists in a single moment, intertwined, and connected as one. This perspective leads to the idea that individual death is impossible since each being is an integral part of the greater whole, the source of all existence.


The speaker admonishes the audience against becoming ensnared in conditioned lives, where the mind and ego control one’s actions. They emphasise that true understanding and reconnection with consciousness are difficult when one straddles the line between conditioned existence and higher awareness. TMITC underscores that a singular consciousness underlies all of existence, and the separation and cyclical experiences we undergo are self-chosen journeys.


The struggle of having “one foot in and one foot out” symbolises the challenge of discerning reality from illusion. TMITC suggests that individuals often choose between positive and negative mindsets, yet both ultimately lead to the same truth: oneness and love emanate from the same source.


TMITC advises listeners to rise above the conditioning of ego and mind, urging them to listen to their inner selves and genuine desires. They emphasise that the inner knowing never truly leaves; it is an intrinsic part of who we are.


The concept of time as an illusion is revisited, with TMITC asserting that the world is undergoing a rebalancing. The idea that 8 billion individuals are one and one is 8 billion exemplifies the notion of unity within diversity.


The speaker further dismantles the conventional notion of strength and power, stating that they are not derived from physical mass but rather from the singular consciousness that is source, or God. TMITC reminds us that our separation from this consciousness is a choice we make.


TMITC elucidates that the words they speak are already working toward a positive solution and situation within a single moment. They emphasise that there is no true separation between individuals; it is merely an illusion. They commend the audience for their ability to grasp this concept, even when many others do not.


The session continues with a discussion of life’s purpose, highlighting that it is chosen to experience the various cycles of existence, whether they be good or bad. TMITC reiterates that all these experiences occur within a single moment, with individuals choosing to focus on specific experiences for a precise reason – this is referred to as one’s Higher Self.


TMITC describes the audience as being present within one moment and dimension, transcending the limitations of physical space. They emphasise that the idea of a “higher self” is a misnomer, as all aspects of self are interconnected without hierarchies.


The discussion then turns to the complexity of physical form, which, while an illusion, consists of an infinite number of energies and universes. Physical logic, TMITC argues, cannot make sense of this complexity; instead, one must rely on imagination, where all answers are found. It is reiterated that everything emanates from a single source, simplifying the seemingly intricate nature of existence.


The speaker reminds the audience that their mind is a powerful creative tool, and consciousness transcends it. Individuals are described as eternal beings of light and pure energy originating from source, with no limitations of time or space.


In closing, TMITC imparts a message of love and unity, urging individuals not to fear anything within the illusion they have created. The session encourages listeners to continue on their chosen journey of self-discovery and remembrance of their true nature.

TMITC’s Reflections on Creation, Source, and Illusion

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TMITC’s Reflections on Creation, Source, and Illusion


In Session 112, on September 13, 2023, TMITC delved into the profound questions surrounding the nature of creation and the human experience. TMITC initiated the conversation by pondering the very essence of creation and how it begins with a thought, emphasising that the thought originates from the imagination, which is essentially a pure form of energy flowing from the source. This energy travels from the imagination to the mind and back again, forming a continuous loop connected to consciousness and the ultimate oneness of existence.


However, TMITC cautioned against the dilution of this creative energy when thoughts are introduced from external sources. While everything is fundamentally consciousness and source, external suggestions can distort the pure creative process, often manipulated by one’s own mind. TMITC suggested that individuals choose this path of challenge deliberately but stressed the importance of understanding the intricacies of the creation process.


TMITC highlighted the concept that energy cannot be destroyed but rather transforms perpetually from one form to another. Other worlds, more advanced in their understanding, have harnessed alternate energies for creative purposes over vast spans of time, far exceeding human comprehension. Although these civilisations exist within time’s illusory framework, they remain aware of the consequences of such manipulation, which ultimately leads to their growth and spiritual awareness.


The message continued, emphasising the insignificance of retaining a physical form within the confines of time’s illusion, as the ultimate reality is the source and consciousness. TMITC underscored the importance of self-awareness, encouraging individuals to recognise their existence as pure energy derived from the source, shaping their reality from this fundamental energy.


TMITC shared that individuals, like these advanced civilisations, may also feel trapped within a never-ending cycle of existence. The process of becoming aware of this cycle takes countless years within the illusory construct of time. Still, individuals have chosen this specific moment in time to experience this awakening.


In a profound statement, TMITC declared that it would not dictate actions, as individuals already possess the inner knowledge of what they must do. During this transformative process, external opinions and teachings hold little importance, as individuals are already aware of their chosen paths. Others may propose different scenarios based on their own conditioning, but the inner knowledge prevails.


TMITC emphasised the duality of living within the time-created illusion, where fear often impedes progress. Removing fear, a product of ego and mind, was portrayed as vital to moving forward. Fear is a distortion that arises from the ego, whereas the truth lies in understanding that everything is correct, even what may be perceived as “bad.” All originates from the same source and ultimately embodies love.


The discourse concluded with a powerful message, highlighting that debates surrounding correctness and incorrectness, good and bad, are illusory constructs fabricated by the mind and ego. All is one; individuals are both all and one simultaneously. There is no room for the concept of mistakes, as everything is predetermined by the self. TMITC urged individuals to embrace experiences, regardless of their interpretation as pain or pleasure, emphasising that the mind and ego operate within a realm akin to a dream, where awakening to a higher understanding is inevitable.


TMITC encouraged individuals to maintain a positive outlook within the reality they have created, emphasising that all experiences, even in a single moment, contribute to the ever-changing tapestry of existence.

Journey to Source: Understanding Origin, Purpose, and Illusion

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Journey to Source: Understanding Origin, Purpose, and Illusion


In Session 113, held on September 15, 2023, TMITC delves into the profound concepts of origin, purpose, consciousness, and illusion. The discourse explores the fundamental nature of existence and challenges conventional perceptions of reality.


TMITC begins by emphasising that the subjects discussed in this space are creations of the participants. They assert that existence is a perpetual state of being both within and outside of consciousness, with imagination serving as the bridge between the two realms. This imagination is distinct from the mind’s perception of it; it is a creative force that moulds reality.


Origin is identified as the source, the point from which everything emanates. All of existence originates from this singular source, blurring the lines between individuality and unity. Separation, it is suggested, is a choice made to embark on a cycle of experiences ultimately leading back to the source. This separation is not just physical but also metaphysical, an illusion that obscures the inherent oneness of all existence. The concept of time, birth, and reality is challenged, with TMITC proposing that physicality itself is an illusion, and true origin lies in a metaphysical realm beyond the constraints of time.


The discourse takes a fascinating turn as TMITC reveals that both participants in this space originated from the ninth dimension into the physical realm. They highlight that these energies have undergone numerous transformations, emphasising the illusory nature of origin and the eternity of consciousness. In essence, they are pure forms of energy without beginnings or ends, transcending the boundaries of time and the physical world.


The purpose of existence, according to TMITC, is to experience and understand what one truly is, ultimately returning to the source. This purpose is presented as a straightforward yet profound journey, contrasted with the complexity of the illusory creations that individuals manifest in the physical world. While one can become consciously aware of multiple experiences, focusing on the present moment is essential to avoid confusion and chaos.


The role of the mind and ego is discussed as potential sources of confusion. TMITC suggests that the human experience necessitates a step-by-step process to comprehend the complexities of existence, avoiding what might otherwise be perceived as insanity. The concept of insanity itself is challenged as another illusion.


The discourse then touches upon the interconnectedness of all beings and their eventual return to the true origin, which is described as source, God, and love. This return, like all else, occurs within a single moment, highlighting the unity of existence.


TMITC underscores that everything created by the mind and ego is determined by the individual, emphasising their absolute control over their experiences. The profound notion that individuals do not possess a beginning, or an end is reiterated, emphasising that they are embodiments of source energy.


The text closes by addressing the visions, physical formations, and stories created by the mind, which, while valuable for guidance and experience, are ultimately products of the physical world and can be confusing. TMITC emphasises that source, or God, is the essence of simplicity, purity, and unity, far beyond the scope of human comprehension.


In conclusion, TMITC’s discourse challenges conventional perceptions of reality, inviting participants to contemplate the nature of origin, purpose, and illusion. It beckons individuals to recognise their role as creators of their own experiences and to embrace the profound journey towards understanding and returning to the source.

TMITC’s Wisdom: Embracing Consciousness and Simplicity in a Chaotic World

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TMITC’s Wisdom: Embracing Consciousness and Simplicity in a Chaotic World


In Session 114, held on September 26, 2023, TMITC shares profound insights into the nature of existence, human consciousness, and the pursuit of truth. TMITC begins by addressing humanity’s inherent desire to understand everything, emphasising that the obsession with comprehension often leads to chaos and confusion within the confines of physical life. Instead, TMITC asserts that the key to true understanding lies in consciousness and the metaphysical realm, which transcends the physical.


The message underscores that while humans have made progress in comprehending various aspects of physical existence, such as binary code, DNA, and energy, the obsession with the material world can obscure the fundamental truth: that we are pure forms of energy, interconnected with the source of all existence. This source energy, often equated with God or the divine, represents the ultimate truth and simplicity in contrast to the complexity of the physical world.


TMITC encourages individuals to overcome fear and confusion by recognising their choice to embark on this journey of self-discovery within the chaotic confines of physical existence. The world, as TMITC describes it, is awakening and elevating its vibrational energy, prompting many to seek the meaning of life.

The speaker highlights that the physical world, with its multitude of experiences and distractions, creates unnecessary complexity. Even what may be perceived as negative energy is ultimately derived from the same source energy. Thus, simplicity and unity are at the core of existence, free from labels, titles, or complicated narratives.


TMITC advises that by knowing oneself and embracing positivity, individuals can find answers to their questions. This journey involves recognising the origin of all energies in source energy and tapping into the pure essence of creation. Instead of resisting negativity, one should flow with it and view it as part of the greater journey of self-discovery.


The speaker emphasises the importance of transcending the mind’s limitations and moving from the realm of thought to that of imagination. This shift allows individuals to access the vastness of creation and connect with the source in its purest form. It is through faith, love, and light that one can create their desired world and acknowledge that it already exists within a single moment.


In conclusion, TMITC urges individuals to embrace consciousness, simplicity, and unity in a world marked by chaos and confusion. By letting go of fear and having faith, one can unlock the power of imagination and connect with the source of all energy, ultimately leading to self-awareness and the realisation of the profound love that lies at the heart of existence. This session serves as a reminder that amidst life’s complexities, the path to enlightenment is one of simplicity and self-discovery.

TMITC’s Insights on The Nature of Reality and Self-Awareness


In Session 115, dated 02/10/2023, TMITC delves deep into the intricacies of human consciousness and the nature of reality. The central theme revolves around the concept of focus, clarity, and the role of the mind in shaping our experiences.


TMITC begins by emphasising the power of focusing on a single moment, a solitary point, or a specific position within the mind. This intense concentration, he suggests, leads to clarity and, essentially, is the essence of meditation. The clarity of information arises from this unwavering focus on a singular point—a frequency of thought that brings about a profound understanding.


Drawing an analogy between our engagement with movies and our conditioned life, TMITC highlights how individuals immerse themselves completely in the stories presented on the screen. These narratives are meticulously crafted to draw us in, making us a part of the unfolding drama. In the same way, our lives are influenced by our senses, creating an intricate illusion crafted by the mind. However, the key to freedom lies in recognising this illusion, understanding that we actively participate in its creation, and becoming consciously aware of it.


TMITC argues that genuine awareness comes from active participation within this illusion. It is through experience that one gains insight into the nature of reality. The more we engage with life, the more aware we become of its illusory nature. We can seamlessly shift between participating in and observing this grand theatrical performance, understanding that it is our minds that give it structure—a beginning, middle, and end.


In its simplest form, TMITC posits that creation is ever-expanding, with layers of depth within this physical world. Still, the ultimate source of creation, he contends, is love or, in different terms, what many refer to as God. Every thought, he suggests, is already a creation of the mind’s imagination, manifesting within a single moment.


As individuals awaken to their role as observers, they gradually distance themselves from being mere participants. Through observation, they discover a broader sense of unity and connection with the source. Fear, TMITC argues, is a product of our illusion-creating minds, and as one becomes more attuned to their true nature, fear diminishes.


The speaker underscores that the journey from point A to point B is a self-created narrative, emphasising that “self” is inherently one, and ego deliberately constructs the illusion of separation. He reiterates the importance of constantly reminding individuals of their true essence, as they are constantly drawn back into their conditioned lives.


TMITC emphasises that within this space of self-awareness, one can feel and know their pure form of energy. However, once outside this inner awareness, they may fall back into the conditioned experiences of the external world. Yet, he emphasises the simplicity of this cycle, often obscured by the mind’s tendency to complicate matters.


The session also addresses the profound sadness that many feel, stating that it is a reflection of the self and the world. This sadness stems from the realisation that individuals have played a part in creating the world’s current state. However, it is also a reminder that change can occur in a single moment. The speaker urges individuals to shift their energy from darkness to light and discard the illusion of sadness, for it is all part of the self, part of the source energy that encompasses everything.


In summary, TMITC’s discourse explores the profound connections between focus, awareness, and the nature of reality. It serves as a reminder of our intrinsic oneness and the transformative power of self-awareness in transcending the illusions of our conditioned existence.

Exploring the Profound Insights of TMITC

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Exploring the Profound Insights of TMITC


In Session 116 on October 05, 2023, the enigmatic speaker known as TMITC delves into the intriguing realms of consciousness, imagination, and the nature of existence. TMITC begins by emphasising that the ability to traverse the realms of the mind, imagination, and consciousness is not a rare gift but a potential inherent in all beings. This ability is not dependent on external factors; rather, it hinges on one’s awareness and recognition of this inherent power. TMITC makes it clear that ignorance, characterised by a lack of awareness, is subject to change and evolution within the grand illusion of time.


TMITC underlines the dynamic nature of existence, asserting that one’s position within the ever-shifting moment is pivotal. While knowledge and understanding of this process are essential, TMITC warns against applying conventional, physical logic within the confines of a time-based illusion, as it ultimately proves futile.


The core message revolves around transcending the limitations of this time illusion and tapping into the boundless energy and creative potential that exist beyond its constraints. TMITC suggests that life should not be judged in terms of good and bad, and that one should release themselves from the conditioning applied during their physical existence. In due time, individuals will realise their limitless potential as pure forms of energy, unburdened by the complexities of physical logic.


The simplicity of existence is extolled, emphasising that consciousness is derived from a single source and can be grasped through meditation. This meditative state is where one can truly know and understand. Within this state, individuals gain the capacity to create, shape, and harness energy to gain deeper insight into the nature of consciousness, leading them back to the source.


TMITC underscores the importance of creation over prediction and memory. Life is to be lived in the present moment, driving individuals to explore and experience multiple facets of existence. This journey unfolds progressively, with individuals eventually coming to a profound realisation: that all points and positions in existence are connected in a singular, unified reality.


TMITC clarifies that this process of discovery is a choice, one that each being makes. No one is manipulated, and each being’s journey is a unique path to self-realisation and understanding. TMITC reminds us that all species and worlds share the same journey, highlighting the oneness of existence.


Furthermore, TMITC delves into the brain’s role as a memory storage facility, suggesting that it needs to transcend its limitations to connect with the vast expanse of consciousness. This transition occurs through imagination, a boundless gateway to infinite data and understanding. TMITC encourages a reduction in excessive questioning, as answers are revealed progressively and by choice.


In this exploration of consciousness and enlightenment, TMITC emphasises the importance of maintaining a positive, loving attitude, as it expedites one’s journey back to the source. The notion of feeling is presented as a potent form of energy, which, when harnessed properly, can accelerate personal growth. The overarching message is one of remaining in a state of love and self-realisation until one reaches their ultimate destination.


In Session 116, TMITC provides profound insights into the nature of existence, the limitless potential within, and the interconnectedness of all beings on their journey toward self-realisation and unity with the source.

Enlightenment, Source Energy, and the Illusion of Time

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Enlightenment, Source Energy, and the Illusion of Time


In Session 117, held on 09/10/2023, TMITC delves into the nature of enlightenment, emphasising that it is not a journey but a state of knowing. The illusion of time, step-by-step processes, and the creation of a journey are discussed as human constructs. Enlightenment is described as a return to the awareness of being a part of source energy. He explains that there is no need to go anywhere; individuals are already part of the source and must simply know their true selves.


The feeling of enlightenment is deemed indescribable within the limitations of language and comprehension in the time-created illusion. TMITC likens it to the concept of love, acknowledging that it goes beyond conventional definitions. The journey towards enlightenment is highlighted as a self-created process that involves experiencing all facets of life.


The narrative emphasises that individuals are creators and part of source energy, experiencing the metaphysical within the confines of the physical. TMITC encourages self-awareness and dispels the notion of the need for proof, stating that the realisation of one’s connection to source emerges naturally. Fear is identified as a hindrance to the journey, slowing down progress, but the ultimate destination remains the same for all.


TMITC asserts that individuals chose their journey and will complete it within their chosen cycle, returning to the source from which they never truly departed. The message acknowledges the challenging nature of the journey and emphasises the cyclical nature of personal growth.


Furthermore, the narrative touches on the interconnectedness of all individuals, the importance of giving and receiving as pure forms of energy, and the role of ego in self-awareness. The significance of maintaining a positive mindset, removing negativity, and eliminating fear is stressed as essential for elevating vibrational energy and connecting with the overwhelming love that is the essence of source energy. Overall, the session provides insights into the profound concepts of enlightenment, self-awareness, and the cyclical nature of the human journey.

Self-Realisation and Consciousness: Unveiling the Illusion of Time

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Self-Realisation and Consciousness: Unveiling the Illusion of Time


In Session 118 on 04/11/2023, The Man In The Cave delves into the concept that individuals are the architects of their own journeys, emphasising that every person’s journey is interconnected. The illusion of time is explored as a construct created by the mind and ego to facilitate understanding within the limitations of human comprehension. 


The discourse touches on the unity of positive and negative forces, highlighting that in reality, they are one and the same, originating from a singular source energy. The discussion extends to the relationship between The Man In The Cave (referring to “nine” as a dimension) and the individuals, asserting a shared identity and the notion that awakening and remembering are integral steps in self-realisation. The merging described is clarified as an inherent state, emphasising the need to transcend the perceived duality of existence. The message underscores the simplicity of true awareness and the importance of connecting with source energy, embodying love, and recognising one’s pure energy essence. The limitations of the mind in understanding creation and wisdom are highlighted, with the assurance that individuals will intuitively know when the time for self-realisation arrives, as they are the creators of their own temporal constructs.

Unveiling the Construct of Life: The Power of Vibrational Energy and Conscious Awareness

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Unveiling the Construct of Life: The Power of Vibrational Energy and Conscious Awareness


In Session 119 on 17/11/2023, The Man In The Cave draws parallels between building a video and constructing one’s life, emphasising the uniform pattern of layers and illusions formed through numerology, words, and emotional reactions.


Communication, seen as a precise construct, is highlighted as being subject to interpretation, with individuals often influenced by their minds, egos, and fears, leading to a limited understanding of the intended message. The importance of transcending the time-created illusion and connecting with consciousness is stressed, urging individuals to feel the vibrational energy rather than relying on interpretation. The discussion delves into the infinite interactions of vibrational energy within the conscious world, encouraging continual self-development and questioning.


The Man In The Cave advises against restricting growth by naming and labelling, emphasising that individuals are not confined to boxes or illusions. Observing self and others is presented as a means of self-discovery, while the fear of judgment from others is discouraged as an impediment to personal growth. The interdependence and mutual learning between individuals and The Man in the Cave are underscored, with a reminder that all choices and positions are perfect and guided by the application of positive or negative energy.


Fearlessness is advocated, emphasising the pure form of energy that individuals are and their connection to the source. The discourse concludes with a call to stay on the positive journey, utilising faith, imagination, and the transition from mind to consciousness to experience freedom and self-realisation.

The Illusion of Self and the Theatrical Performance of Existence

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The Illusion of Self and the Theatrical Performance of Existence


The text delves into the profound nature of self, consciousness, and the human experience within the framework of an illusionary reality. It emphasizes the idea that the concept of a fight is not a battle with external forces but rather a personal, internal transition and change in energy. The term “fight” is deconstructed, revealing its association with ego, conditioning, and the mind.


Central to the discourse is the notion that self-destruction is an illusion, as individuals are pure forms of energy that cannot be destroyed. The text encourages understanding and transcending fear, asserting that it is fear that slows the journey from the mind to the imagination to consciousness. The importance of recognizing the illusory nature of fear and the inherent interconnectedness of all things is stressed.


The text touches on the role of ego as a tool for progression toward understanding and the challenges of letting go of ego while in a physical form. It suggests that the true struggle is not a fight but a transition, a position, a point in the journey toward self-realization.


A key concept is the idea that everything, including knowledge, feeling, and emotion, already exists within oneself, and the access to this internal universe is a matter of personal choice. The text encourages individuals to see beyond words as a primitive form of communication and to embrace vibrational energy, highlighting the role of imagination and consciousness.


The narrative expands to a cosmic perspective, linking individual struggles to the challenges faced by higher dimensions. The timeless nature of existence is emphasized, challenging conditioned notions of rushing and urgency.


The journey of life is portrayed as a chosen experience, a step-by-step process within the illusion of time. The theatrical metaphor portrays life as a performance, with individuals as both actors and the audience. The idea that individuals are creators of their reality, playing out a script they themselves have written, underscores the profound responsibility and creative power inherent in each moment.


Ultimately, the text asserts that individuals are part of Source and are on a journey to know Source, to understand the essence of what they are amidst the grand illusion of existence.