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Self-awareness and spiritual awakening, this is what it is about!

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If you are reading this words, you are on your spiritual journey already, consciously! Deepen your experience and your understanding, listen to what The Man in the Cave has to say in Sessions page! It is for us an incredible journey of self-awareness, and we’d like to share it with you!

The mind will always choose the easiest route, the consciousness will always choose the hardest route. So many people have chosen the easiest route. They are only the same as you, but they have made a different choice.

Excerpt from session 8

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Presentation by A.J. PARR - 22/05/2023

An evening with Marilynn HUGHES - 24/03/2023

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Presentation by Marilynn HUGHES - 13/02/2023

Part 1

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Self-awareness - Spiritual Awakening - Channeling

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