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Who am I? What am I? Who are we? Does God exist? Is there another reality, or realities, other than the one I am aware of? What are metaphysics, spirituality, consciousness?

A fascinating channeling experience

Channeling Higher Self - Spirituality - Consciousness

For all the explorers of consciousness, you’ll find here a mine of information, through channeling our higher self, about the metaphysical world, about spirituality, consciousness, self-awareness, energy, source energy, frequencies, physical creation, emotions, communication, time, extra-terrestrial life, physical and metaphysical dimensions, freedom and conditioning, meditation… You’ll also learn about imagination, about faith, about Knowing, about God, The Source, the Source Energy…


A key explanatory for a better understanding of what we really are, as well as of what is occurring in the world today! Who am I? What am I? Who are we? What is God?

Throw away your crutches that you have created, for an illness you don't have, and see how fast you can run.

Excerpt from session 9

Live video with French subtitles – Session 144 – 20/04/2024

More than 45h of audio channeling !!!


Audio + Transcript + Translations

Everything is connected to the source. You are not a physical being. You are a metaphysical being. You are a being of thought, a being of emotion, a being of frequency. You are energy. We are the same. We are you, and you are us, all connected, all one. When you know this, your world will be totally different.

Excerpt from session 19

Channeling our higher self refers to tapping into the deeper aspects of our consciousness and connecting with our true nature. This process can be immensely beneficial for your spiritual journey. By channeling our higher self, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our purpose in life. It allows us to connect with our inner wisdom and intuition, which can guide us towards a higher level of consciousness.


Our experience can be useful in helping you on your spiritual journey by sharing our insights and knowledge. By sharing our experiences, you can gain a greater understanding of your own spiritual path. This can help to raise collective consciousness, which is the collective awareness of humanity’s spiritual connectedness. Ultimately, channeling our higher self allows us to transcend our limited ego and connect with something greater than ourselves, which can lead to a deeper sense of personal fulfillment and a greater sense of purpose in life.


Enjoy the teachings and the wisdom of The Man in the Cave!

Presentation by Philippe

A fascinating channeling experience…


I quickly sensed that an incredible phenomenon was developing during our meditations. It was no longer John expressing some ideas but a third party taking an active part in our sessions! The choice of the words spoken, without ever the slightest hesitation, this intonation, this fantastic metaphysical information, but also this proximity, since the entity which spoke through John’s mouth was also speaking directly to us…


Our meditations had just taken an extraordinary turn! And we began to record them… 


The emotion contained in the voice transmission makes the audio recordings the purest and most authentic material. The original audio recordings are now accessible here! You’ll find the original transcripts also, supplemented by some contextual notes that are personal to me. The French audience will also find my personal translations.


What is spirituality? If spirituality is contact with our higher self, then here we are!


What is it about?

What or who is speaking through John’s mouth?

Whom is this material destined to?


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You choose to live outside of the source as I do, as so too does Seth… So, yes, I do know Seth, as you do...

Excerpts from session 4


Meditation – Spirituality – Channeling – Self-awareness – Consciousness – Metaphysical – The Source

Channeling Higher Self - Spirituality - Consciousness

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A fascinating channeling experience into consciousness
New audios and transcripts available