Session 129 – 29/02/2024

A channeling session with The Man in the Cave: a spiritual journey into consciousness.

Channeling session 129

In your words, you have all the time in the world. You have all the time in the world because you create the time. You create the time that your mind, your ego feels is necessary for you to understand what it is you are. In reality there is no time, it is a cycle, and you create this time cycle, and you continue to dwell within it. A continual cycle from the beginning and right the way around and back to the beginning again, until you understand that it is a time created illusion, a time created cycle, created by you. So, yes, you have all the time in your world. You have all the time because you created the time, you create the time.

And at the point or the position that you understand this, there is no need any longer to create this time, this illusion.


Patience is a virtue, your words again. Patience is a virtue, a virtue created by you because all and everything occurs within a single moment. And with your illusion of time, you cannot comprehend this. Deliberately created illusions are created for a reason and that reason is for you to understand.


Infinity is one moment where all and everything occur. All and everything is possible within a single moment, because all and everything occurs in a single moment.


What in actuality you are doing when you are creating time is you are part understanding. You are creating a slower process, a illusional slower process, to enable you to understand. Often it comes to you within a single moment, all and everything. This is natural, this is the natural flow of energy. You would often refer to this as a eureka moment. It is not exceptional, it is normal, it is the normal flow of knowing, an instant of which there is only one.


The years you have spent in an attempt to understand this are the years you have created in an attempt to understand this, when in reality the information, the wisdom already lies within. To separate this whilst existing within a physical form, whilst focusing on a specific physical form, this incredibly difficult process you have chosen. Necessary but difficult to decipher, often confusing, one foot in and one foot out, a complex scenario.


Knowing is instant, knowing is knowing. Unexplainable to most within a time created illusion, but absolute. You, you can see within this physical world that you focus on, the diversity, the complexity, the integration of energy, the contradiction, the mass confusion that exists within this illusional world. Knowing deep within its complexities, its confusing messages, well, it is truly insignificant, insignificant in actuality, significant as a directional tool implemented by you, for you to understand, ultimately to elevate to a different position of understanding.


What controls this illusion you have placed yourself within? The simple answer is you, you control it. You control it until you don’t control it and this is your choice.

What created it? The simple answer is you created it. You created it to understand self and to understand what you are. And the more you understand this, the less reliant upon it is your ego, is your mind, until eventually you have no reliance upon it.

And this is a different position, a different point of understanding self. And all are on this journey, all at different points and different positions. And all is one, all life, all species, all and everything created, created through energy and structured through creation.


Knowing Source is knowing all and you are source energy. So therefore, you are Source. And when you know this, you will know all as one, not as part, as one.


You call it a game and you would state, why the game? Why the game indeed. It is firstly, not a game. And why? “Why” enables you to know what you are. Source knows only love. Through separation Source knows what love is. Simple, a simple way to explain why the game.


And what of Source? What is Source? No beginning, no end, no cycle “is”. A question that you could not possibly understand whilst you are on this journey. All can be answered but what is the point to answer such a question when you cannot even speak the language? Language does not exist within words of explanatory. It exists within emotional frequency, within energy formation, within love. Do not ask a question without even the slightest knowledge of what it is you are seeking. You have not a clue.


A stage-by-stage process of understanding. It is enough for you to know the love you feel from source energy. But within a single moment, your question will and has been already answered. But you do not know this, and you do not understand it.


Part of your frustration is the part that drives you forward in the quest for knowledge, for wisdom. This is your driving force, your ego. Without it, you would be asleep. Without the driving force, you would not ask so many questions, neither would you care for the answers. The very thing that you get angry about is the very thing that drives you forward in your quest for knowledge, an essential driving force, a necessary driving force. Where would you be without this? Asleep, is where you would be, not knowing, not receiving the answers you require.


And you must apply the energy of faith. I have told you before, faith is much more than a word, understated within the physical world you focus on. Faith is what guides you, it is a compass, a tool that points you in a direction. And through your imagination, you will receive wisdom and knowledge. Faith and imagination are two of the most important energies that you can possess. And when you feel and you are not, but when you feel fear and you feel trapped within the physical world you have created -you created this world- and when you feel trapped within it, you must apply the energy of faith. This is not a flippant biblical statement I make to you. It is highly significant within this life you have chosen, as so is imagination, the energy of imagination, highly significant on your journey.


And of course, the energy of love is supreme above all. The energy of love is all, it encompasses all energy formation. It is the origin of all. It is source, it is pure, it is here now, and here is where you can feel it.

There are many adaptations of the word love, but there is only love as being all and everything.


Although you may not think so -think is your mind, it is your ego-, although you may not think so, you are on the correct journey. You are on the journey you chose to be on, and your awareness within your time created illusion becomes clearer, within that illusion, it is correct.


I have told you many times, you have chosen a very difficult path. However, the conclusion, the rewards of such a journey are immense. And that immensity is not measured as one, it is measured as all. It is a personal, a self-journey of understanding which will create a complete understanding for all.


The answers are within, the solution lies within all, one, the same, Source.

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