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A fascinating experience!!!

I quickly sensed that an incredible phenomenon was developing during our meditations. It was no longer John expressing some ideas but a third party taking an active part in our sessions! The choice of the words spoken, without ever the slightest hesitation, this intonation, this fantastic metaphysical information, but also this proximity, since the entity which spoke through John’s mouth was also speaking directly to us…

Our meditations had just taken an extraordinary turn! And we began to record them…

The emotion contained in the voice transmission makes the audio recordings the purest and most authentic material. The original audio recordings are now accessible here!!!

You’ll find the original transcripts also, supplemented by some contextual notes that are personal to me. The French audience will also find my personal translation.

What is it about?

What or who is speaking through John’s mouth?

Whom is this material destined to?

If you haven’t already started asking yourself existential questions like “Who am I?”, “What am I?”, “Is there another reality, or realities, other than the ones I am aware of?”, “What is this concept of God?”, “What are metaphysics, spirituality, consciousness?”, you will find this material quite strange, somewhat hermetic, far removed from your daily concerns. You are unlikely to continue reading and listening. Let’s say your time has not come yet.

But for those who have begun this exciting journey, for the explorers of consciousness, it is a mine of information, about the metaphysical world, about spirituality, consciousness, energy, frequencies, physical creation, emotions, time, extra-terrestrial life, The Source… A key explanatory for a better understanding of what we really are, as well as of what is occurring in the world today! A fascinating point of view from elsewhere.

But from where? From the 9th dimension he tells us, a non-physical environment… He also says that beyond is the Source, what some would call God, others All-That-Is.

He doesn’t give himself a name, he chooses not to call us by ours, and will explain why.

He says that he is us, that he is Seth… Sometimes he expresses himself as ‘I’, other times as ‘we’, revealing his universe in the course of the sessions… and his interest in us!

We don’t need to formalise questions, and we usually don’t, the Man in the Cave answers our concerns directly. When we welcome someone into the cave with us for a session, it turns out that the transmission is largely dedicated to them. And yet, the message given always seems to be for everyone…

In fact, these transmissions are for those who find them; it’s as simple as that. The Man in the Cave will describe this process…

Unlike Seth’s books, the evolution of these sessions is a real-time reflection of John’s and my level of awareness. But what must resonate with each reader or listener will, no doubt, resonate. The Man in the Cave will often have to find different angles of attack to explain certain concepts to us, until we have integrated them. These transmissions, when put together, clearly seem to follow a didactic logic. We would not be able to properly understand what is being said now in the cave without having heard the previous sessions.

I hope that what you hear and read on this site will serve your spiritual journey.

It is an ongoing process… The sessions continue… The website is continually updated…


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New audios and transcripts available